"If you only knew how much I try

I try, and yet all I do at night is cry

Cry because no one listens when I speak

They don't understand all the secrets that my heart keeps

They can't comprehend that I have a life that only I know

A world that is comepletely my own

In this world, I'm alive.

I live.

Not the kind of living where I breath

And merely walk through the motions

But the living where I love the actions.

I dream in this world where

There's no one left to crush and break them.

I don't have to hide, or pretend to be fine.

I can smile, and I can cry.

If you only knew how much I try

Try to make this world a reality."

This girls says naturally.

No one understands this broken young lady

Who, in the midst of tears, and hard looks,

Is trying to glue herself together

Piece by piece.

It's impossible, some say

Because they can't comprehend

Why someone like her would try to be

Anything but a disaster

Anything but a slave to her master.

But she's a fighter, and her goal is to win.

She doesn't know it yet,

But her world lies in him.

The guy who understands why she hides,

And who tries to uncover this world she calls


He pushes her to accomplish her dreams,

And to realize that all the hateful looks

Are oh so mean.

She finds herself happy and joyful

Wondering how this man turned her into

This girl he calls "Beautiful"

Slowly she forgets about her world

Not knowing that a year down the road,

Without a wake up call,

She'll be shaken from sleep

Finding him by her side

Whispering "My world's complete"