Make Me a Deal

Promise me, and make it real.

Don't look at me like I am betraying you

Don't ask me why I say we're threw

Just give me the hard looks you're so used to giving

Be cold, mean, and unforgiving

Go ahead and break me for all I care

It would be both releaving and fair

Don't hold back; say what you think

Be cruel and just let me sink

Make me a deal

Promise you'll make it a permanent seal.

Don't act like I'm hurting you, don't be fake

Don't say that this is a some big mistake

Just give me that rechid speech you gave before

Be terrible, horrible, and give me war

Go ahead and shatter my dreams

It would be both natural and satisfying to the extreme

Don't restrict yourself; say what you want to

Be vicious and say "I never needed you!"

Make me a deal

Promise me...

Promise to tell me how you really feel.

Look at me like you want to

Ask me why I don't need you

Just wrap me in your arms

Be comforting and keep me from harm

Go ahead and whisper in my ear

"I love you, I'm so glad you're here"

Don't let me get you off track

Be understanding when I cry

"Darling I want you back!"

I'll make you a deal

I promise this will be real

If you promise to always be true,

I know I'll always be in love with you

You can be loving or horrible,

Or that kind of sweet and terrible

Just never be that kind of fake

That's going to make this a huge mistake

Love me if that's how you feel

Speak with conviction when you say