Moonlight shadow

I'm finally, nearly there. The place I belong. Hell.
Ok, maybe that's a bit harsh but, I think it's the truth. Especially after all that's happened...

This is the truth. This is my story.

I guess this all started that day in the library…

I'm sick of it, sick of cold rainy days of February, sick of school.
But most of all, I was sick of them. And that's why I'm in the school's library.
Plus, I like reading. Though I think I've read most of the books in the whole library, due to all the time I'm in here.

People (My Aunt Sara is who I'm personally thinking about) might say 'hiding from my problems will never solve them.'
I know that, but there are a few problems with her phrase in this context.
First, I'm not 'hiding', I am simply staying out the way.
Second, there is nothing to 'solve'. They just need to leave me alone. I never did anything against Karin and Jean.

One day, in primary school, they just shoved past me and I grazed a knee. Since then, practically every day I've had some sort of horrible interaction with them.

Ok, yes, it's bullying. But unlike most stories involving bullying, I did tell someone. I told my guardian Gabriel.
He even told the school, but school being typical, they ignored him. So I lived through the torment for a couple of years and I didn't react (or at least I attempted not too).

Then let's say I did start reacting, sharply.

Not the greatest year of my life… and I wasn't going back.

So now I just stay out of the way as much as I can.

Oh and guess who's just walked in? The wicked witches of the west side of the school, that's who.

Though my 'bad days' are over, I still call them names in my head.
No one can stop me doing that.
My personal favourites were Mother Karin Ribbony Rose and Peggy Jean.
They don't sound too bad really.
However, Mother Ribbony Rose is an old malevolent witch and Peggy is a lying little brat, from a book of fairies by Enid Blyton. I think they suit quite well personally.

Ok, back to the point. Staying away. Now I only way I can do that is by finding another route round. Unfortunately I can't, so I'll have to face them…

"Oh THERE you are Abnormal Apple." Jean purred.
That's one thing that never fails to annoy me.

Avalon is a legendary island from Arthurian legend, famous for its apples. But no one would know that if our English teacher hadn't made us research the meaning of our names and then made me read mine out to the whole class. Oh well Avalon, walk away. Just walk away.

They walked on as well, as if I wasn't seen.

Something tripped me up as I brushed past them.

I fell onto the carpet in a heap (also gaining some major carpet burns!). I twisted my head to see Karin's shoe pointing awkwardly out to the side. They snickered and walked on. I got up and walked out.

I didn't think about stopping till I saw the far benches on the far side of the school. I decided that I was going to sit there.
"It's freezing" My teeth chattered. Maybe I should have brought a coat to school today. Smart move.

I stared out at the distant field under the sky of grey. All alone…
okay, technically not correct.

This might sound weird but, I swore I saw a figure right at the end of the field. 'It's only a dog walker' I tried telling myself, though they were a few flaws in my idea.

First, no dog; second, the figure wasn't walking. They just stood there. As if they were watching the school like a look out.

I tried to focus my eyes to see them better, but before I got a proper look. They were gone.

Like darkness fleeing from the light, they were quick in leaving. But who was it? And why were they here? They might seem like impossible questions to ever answer.

However I've been known to be undaunted be even the most impossible task.

I know, I come out tomorrow and try and find them. If I can't find anything I'll try the next day, and the next day, and the next day. Even if it takes all year! It's not really like I got much better things to do.

The bell rang and as we all knew gave us five minutes to get to our torture, I mean lesson.

I'm quite fortunate really; I had a half decent lesson next. Textiles, I'm quite good at sewing and stuff like that and the teacher likes me. But then I have real torture.


It isn't the fact I hate the lesson it's self. I actually like music. It's mainly due to the people in the lesson with me, just two particular people really.

Yep, if you guessed the two most evil, most mean and most nasty people ever (and note major usage of superlatives—yeah, I listen in English sometimes), you're right. Karin and Jean.

Someone up there, Help me. Please!