The transformation has been hard to handle. It seems as though I get a new talent every day. Some of them are dangerous, even fatal. Yesterday, I found out that I shoot out lightning whenever I get angry. I got in touch with Max, who talked to the dragons. None of them would say anything about the transformation, except for Zzilx, who replied in a single phrase: "The worssssst is yet to come". This frightens me, but I don't think I should rely on her. Zzilx is the most evil and cunning dragon of all of them. She rarely speaks the truth, and when she does, it comes out twisted and only partially true. I need to find out more about this transformation, but my only options are to either risk going back to the dragons, or risk setting foot on Dilzal's sweet-smelling, flower-blooming, beautiful-looking, underwater island paradise in the middle of the Atlantic, the place that no one can see unless their eyes have been opened to magic, the place where no one suffers, the place that most people try to come up with a scientific explanation for, like calling it the Bermuda triangle. Yes, it's dangerous, but once you get on the island, you'll be perfectly safe. There I go. It's hard to stop talking about such a beautiful place. Before I say too much, I should probably get going. Once I really start writing, I won't be able to stop. I don't want to harm anyone by writing important information in here, just in case the wrong person gets their hands on this.

As I started to turn to the next page of my great grandpa's personal journal that I had found in the attic two months ago, my younger brother, Jack, came into the room.

"Don't you know how to knock?" I asked.

"I used to, but lately I've been hanging around you a lot, so you've been rubbing off a bit." He said casually. "Anyway", he continued. "Eric is back. He says he has some important news, so you should come downstairs."

I followed him down the stairs, into the living room. Before we get to Eric's big news, I should probably tell you something, as a heads up, you know. My family and I live in a place called Azilx. However, Azilx is not a place like San Francisco, or Chicago, or Dallas. Instead, it's full of magical creatures like centaurs, fairies, goblins, etc. It's located in southern Arizona. In Lukeville, to be more exact. I think this place was made here so that not too many people would come vacationing and stuff. You know, considering the fact that the only cool thing here is our own "farm". Anyway, when we found that journal that I was reading, we wanted to get some more information on my great grandpa. So, we sent Eric to try to find some things, while I kept looking through the journal. I hope he found some useful information. When we entered the living room, the brown-haired, average-weight, 29 year old Eric stood up and greeted us.

"Hey Liz, Jack. Make friends with any trolls lately?" he said.

"Yeah, one: Lizzie!" Jack said.

"Ha ha ha, very funny, Jack!" I replied.

"Well done, Jack. I've taught you well." Eric said, grinning. "Anyway, before I get you two riled up, I wanna share what I found out. Take a seat." He gestured to the big, overstuffed armchairs on either sides of the sofa.

"Okay, so after being gone for so long, I finally got some information out of someone. Apparently, this guy is the son of one of your distant cousin's grandfather, whose father knew your great grandfather very well. He said that your great grandfather, Marvin, went through some change that happened when he went to Kuzuz, some enchanted place where dragons live. Wanting to know more about it, he went back to Kuzuz, and never returned. That's all; No one was willing to say much about it. Liz, you find anything in that journal of yours?" he asked.

"I didn't find anything useful in the ones I looked at in the beginning. After you left, we found several more journals. I think there are, like, what, 14? Not counting the first one we found, so then there would be 15, I think. I'm reading the last one right now. The entry I just read before I came downstairs said something about a transformation and a dragon named Zzilx. He says that he was getting new "powers" every day, like shooting lightning when he got mad. He also said something about, um, I think the name was Dilzal; it had something to do with the Bermuda Triangle. I still have some more reading to do, though." I replied.

"Kay, do you mind bringing it down?" he said.

"Sure", I replied as I started to leave the room. Once I brought it down, I gave it to Eric. He opened it to the first page.

"This has no words". He said, flipping through the pages. "Yeah it does. There are words everywhere. Don't you see them?" I asked. "No, I don't. Hmmm….I wonder why only you can see them. Anyway, can you read whatever you had left? Out loud, I mean. Doesn't matter where you start, just read where you left off." He replied.

"Kay." I said.

Lately, I've been having strange dreams that seem to be coming true piece by piece. I don't know how they happen. It may have something to do with my recent transformation, but none of us know how it could possibly be happening. Maybe this is what Zzilx meant by the worst. The dragons must have linked my subconscious mind with the world or something. To understand this, I must go back. I need to reverse this, or else I will never be able to sleep, which we all know is impossible. Once I fall asleep, whatever I dream about will come true, including my nightmares. Stan gave me a potion to make sure I don't fall asleep for at least three days. It won't be easy to get to the dragons again, but I'll bring Carl with me. He'll know what to do. Just in case, though, I'm leaving this journal behind. If I make it back, I'll retrieve it. If not, let's just hope that the next person who finds this has enough sense to read it, and will be able to handle the fate of the world without me. Good luck.

P.S. If I don't make it back, I want whoever reads this to come to Kuzuz, and find out everything that happened. Just say my name, Marvin Ferguson, and they'll know what to do. As a final word, here is a secret. Whoever is able to read this is the "chosen one", whether you are evil or good. I can't exactly explain right now, but if you are reading this, you are the only one who can enter Kuzuz without help. However, you must still enter with caution, for the dragons will not be very hospitable. Bring with you a group of two adults, and one child. Only five people are allowed into Kuzuz at a time. I am still very much alive, so take into account the fact that I am one of those five people. You can bring one child, not including you. Also, find and bring the statue of the dragon king to present to the dragons. It is somewhere on the property, but nowhere near the house. Good luck. I am still alive.

"Whoa", Was all that Eric could say. Finally he said, "That answers a lot of questions. Don't know why I ever even left! This thing has it all. Hmmm….guess your great grandfather used to be a bit dramatic, wasn't he? Is there anything else he wrote?"

I flipped through the rest of the book. "No, don't think so". I replied.

"So, does that mean that you're the chosen one, since you're the only one who can read that thing?" Jack asked, staring at me.

I glanced at Eric for help, because I really didn't know what to say. He shrugged. "I guess."

Now it was my turn to say "whoa". Instead, I said, "Ummmm…..I'm 14. I'm not the 'chosen one'. Maybe it's just some trick of the light. Here, try sitting where I'm sitting."

Eric came over and sat in my spot. He picked up the book and started to flip through the pages. "Nope, still no words, Liz. Looks like Elizabeth Ferguson is the 'chosen one'. Whoa….I was just out-awesomed by a 14 year old. Nice. Congrats." He said, grinning and shaking my hand.

The "chosen one". It does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Oh, what am I thinking? Jack's been around me way too much lately. I don't want to be the chosen one. What if that means getting eaten by dragons? Aren't they, like, the most powerful of all magical creatures? Well, besides terrible demons, of course, but they have no chance of escaping any time soon. We have several spells and guards at the entrance. The guards are mostly dragons. Dragons….see! They're powerful! Hmmm…guess that dramatic portion of my great grandfather is somewhere in me,too. Suddenly, Jack came into my room. "Don't you know how to knock?" I asked for the second time that day.

This time, though, he said, "Nope. Are we gonna' have to go through this whole thing again? Sheesh. Anyway, we're having a family meeting in the living room. I don't get why we have to call it a family meeting. Eric, Emma, and Justin are always there, so what's the difference?"

"They're family, too, you know" I replied.

"Exactly!" he said.

"You know you don't make any sense, right?" I asked.

"Duh", he shot back.

I sighed. I've been through this before. He just comes up with new things to say until finally, you can't take it anymore and you realize that he just wants you to stop talking. Normal? No. Everyday life for the Fergusons? Yes. You'll get used to it, don't worry.

When we entered the living room, everyone else was already there. Justin, Emma, and Eric were on the sofa, brown-haired, average-weight, 30 year old Justin on the left, blond-haired, average-weight, 29 year old Emma on the right, and Eric in the middle. (Justin and Emma are brother and sister.) My parents were in the big armchairs in front of the sofa. The only seats left were the same armchairs we sat in earlier, the ones on wither sides of the sofa. Jack favors Justin over everyone else, so he sat in the seat nearest to him. I claimed the other one, next to Emma.

"Hey, heard you're the 'chosen one'. Sounds cool, right?" she whispered as I sat down.

"Yeah, I guess." I replied, a little unsure. I wonder how she found out so fast. Did Eric tell her? No, I don't think so. Eric wouldn't say anything about me without asking me first. Then I understood. Jack. Oh, well. It doesn't really matter. Once I had seated myself, my dad started talking.