As If This Pain Was Bearable

I am fading;
My heart hurts because it breaks.
My eyes burn with tears that cannot fall
And the fire that once ran through my veins is gone:
Turned to ice.

My body fails me;
My bones feel weak with age.
My legs are weighed down by a heavy heart
And any will I once had to stay in this world is gone:
Taken by love.

My ears deceive me;
There is no joyful sound of birds in song.
There is no gentle rushing of a stream
And the joys of music no longer have meaning:
I can no longer hear life's lullaby.

My eyes no longer see;
There is no beauty in the stars.
There are no memories in the trees,
And I fear I will never look upon the Burning Skies again:
This has been stolen from me.

My life no longer holds meaning;
This is not a choice I make.
This is the curse love has brought upon me,
And I know now, that to fade is not a choice:
Ha! As if this pain was bearable…

I'm not entirely sure about how this poem will come across to be honest, it makes perfect sense to me but that's because I wrote it. So if this doesn't make sense it's because I wrote it for my story Burning Skies, I was having trouble writing something so I did it in poem form and this is what I got. If this doesn't make sense for you, go and read that and it should do. Actually, it'd be nice if you just read it XD