A/N: Ok, I'm not really this cynical, or not-caring, either. But, I felt like writing something harsh, for a change. This is not directed at you, or anyone, for that matter. This is merely a piece that has been bugging me for some time. Enjoy!

Hunger is as hunger does. It will not vanish, like a wisp on the wind, but merely stay and claw at your belly, a hungry beast.

If you feed the beast, it will be soothed for a while, but as soon as you leave it for minutes, the monster will flare and beat it's breast.

Have you ever been really hungry? You, with bellies always round, with rich cars, and even your animals drink gold. You white people, who live in big cities, with fresh pastures, and always food in the larder.

I despise you. Despise you all. How can you look down upon starving boys on African plains, large bellied with strange plagues and diseases, foreheads too large for their old man, shrunken bodies? How can you live with yourselves, knowing that someone is dying of lack of food, right on your doorstep?

Well, at any rate, it's the back doorstep, the one you never let visitors see for they would be plagued with flies, and pictures of deformed, malnourished babies. The back doorstep you leave your dirty washing outside. How can things like that be dirty? Barely a spot on them, and yet you still waste valuable money, time, on vanishing specks of dirt and flaky skin.

You humans really are masters of destruction. I do not group myself in a single race with the vermin.

When will you see that your own children are dying? Dying, locked away in their bedrooms, playing on expensive 'toys', smoking drugs, drinking alcohol and sniffing glue. "Just try it," their equally dead friends will bleat, and like sheep they'll drown themselves in a mess of cocain, sugar, and beer.

And us? We must stand aside, unable to help the lemmings.

Poor lemmings, I say.

Love, next. Why do you push your children away? We only want you, their faces cry out, but still you resolutely ignore them. All they want - all they need - is a simple hug. That's all that's needed. But yet you think abandonment - yes, abandonment will make men out of them. How is letting a child weep, feeling

alone, afraid, secluded, making 'a man' out of them? How is helping your daughters into tight dresses 'love'?

What is this 'love' of such you speak? Is it something you humans created? Something you created to ease the way, so we feel we have something to look forward to?

And, yet, what is it you are living for? What is the enternal reward? the light at the end of the tunnel? Is it, merely, rest? Is that what you are searching for? Peace.

Peace seems too low a price to buy yourselves back for.