Roses are blue,
Violet's are red.
If I'm saying that,
Something's wrong with my head!

My friends say I'm crazy,
But that couldn't be true,
If I knew that pink elephants
Have tails that are blue!

They say that my home
is a nut house, for sure.
and a sign marked "insane,"
hanging on our front door.

"AAAAGGGHHHH!"is my motto.
It is what I say.
it helps me get through
each mad passing day.

I'll say it in public!
I really don't care.
My only question
Is why people stare.

This poems almost over,
and though I'm sad to say,
I really can't help it,
I'm gonna ruin your day!

The last thing that I'm saying,
though you may not know what it means,
is that poems are quite tasty
When put between two bread.

Aha! I tricked you again!
Although You didn't know.
You thought that this was over!
But that just isn't so!

When was the first?
You have a right to ask.
The truth is that I'm CRAZY!
And wearing a leaf mask!

Goodbye. Adios! Good day sir.
I thought I said Good Day!
You say I did? Well dandy!
I'm leaving now, Okay?