I stare up at the sky, searching for the one thing that keeps me going, but it's as black as the night sky itself. Under the invisible moon, I wait patiently for it to shine.

Jet black hair. Midnight blue eyes. A giant scar from the forehead to the lower cheekbone made the face unmistakable. This same person snuck through the back door of a club, clutching his side.

He hid behind a corner, eyes searching the room. The dancing lights and the colorful costumes amidst the dark room only made it harder on the eyes of the sleep-deprived teenager hidden from view. He finally spotted what he was looking for at one end of the room, working behind a bar.

Bleach-blonde hair lined with several streaks of different colors was tied back into a partial side ponytail framed the slender face of the gray-eyed girl behind the bar. She wore a simple white blouse under a black vest, which matched well with the black miniskirt and boots that looked brand new. She smiled as she talked to a drunken costumer at the bar.

Making a soft, bird-like whistle, the boy breathed in sharply, clutching his stomach even tighter.

The woman stealthily glanced in the boy's direction before turning back to the customer with a smile. "I'll be right back. I need to get some more wine." The woman hurriedly walked into the boy's direction, grabbing him by the arm and dragging him into an unused room and shutting the door.

"Dude! What're you doing? That man I was talking to was a government official! What would happen if he had seen you?" She hissed, rummaging through a nearby drawer. Grabbing some painkillers and bandages, she gently pushed the boy, and he sat on the bed without protest. "Now take off your shirt." She ordered.


"So I can bandage that injury. What else?" The bartender retorted, forcing off the bloodied shirt. She winced inwardly as she cleaned off the blood with a wet towel.

Smeared black marks surrounded a giant, roundish, bloody area measuring almost 3 inches wide. The teenager muttered something about it 'burning like hell'.

"Ouch. You get hit by a sicro?" She asked, thinking of the electronic spear with enough voltage power to kill a person if hit in the right spot. "You're lucky it hit you in the side here. Any closer to your stomach and you could have an almost fatal injury."

The younger boy before her bit his lip as she finished up bandaging the wound. "Bloody hell, can't you be a little more gentle?" He muttered loudly.

"There, now be more careful next time. Oh, and you should stay here for awhile. I'll drive you over to HQ after work." She ordered, ignoring the earlier comment.

The woman walked briskly out the door, shutting and locking it quickly before she stepped back into the loud main room of the club.

"Hey, bartender." Mumbled the drunken government official, face flushed and hand clutching a beer bottle.


"Do you know who the Shadow Slayers are?"

The bartender, not letting her guard down, shook her head. "No, sir, I haven't."

"They're a rebellion that have been causing the government trouble lately. Their leader is Kaden Pallaton, a famous fugitive. I heard he's got several spies around the town. Now you're not gonna tell are you?"

"Of course not."

"Well, I guess a girl as pretty as you couldn't be a dirty rebel."

The bartender just smiled sweetly, waiting patiently for her shift to be over.

"So, Kaden, how exactly did you get hit with a sicro of all things?" Asked the blonde bartender as she waited for the red light to turn green.

The teenage boy lay down in the back seat, feeling sick. "I was trying to find something." He muttered, closing his eyes.

The girl looked at him through the rearview mirror. "Kaden, I understand you care about the others, but you shouldn't be so reckless. You're only 17." She lectured, muttering a 'hold on' as the car made a sharp turn.

"Just because you're a year older than me, Lona, it doesn't mean you can boss me around."

"I'm not bossing you around, I'm just worried. And for your information, I'm 19, so I'm 2 years older than you."


"What is wrong with you? You're a known fugitive! You can't just go walking around wherever you want!" Screamed the hysterical boy, his gray eyes narrowed dangerously. Sighing, he ran a hand through his blonde-brown hair before letting fall back into place over his eyes.

"Look, Garrison, I'm sorry, alright. But you know how Cillian gets without his mom's ring. He's useless!" Kaden protested, his shaggy black hair once again getting into his eyes. He brushed it away and sighed.

"I don't care about that brat! He's a momma's boy and a kid! I don't care if he's our top marksman or not!" Garrison screeched.

"Garrison! We need every person we can get. You know how dangerous they are. We lose someone every day. We can't afford to lose anyone else." Kaden replied calmly.

"And that makes it okay for you to risk your life? You're our leader!"

"Garrison! Calm down!" Lona shouted, butting into the conversation.

"But… sis…" Garrison protested quietly.

"The Hilliard siblings at it again?" A middle-aged man strolled calmly into the room, grinning. His greased-back black hair was swept back in a neat fashion, and you could tell that he needed to shave. Laughing brown eyes twinkled mischievously as the man plopped onto a nearby couch.



"What're you doing here, old man?" Garrison asked, sitting in a chair across from Lewis.

"Hey, hey. I'm only 35." The man laughed heartily, before he noticed Kaden. "What's wrong with you kid?" He asked, seeing the ill expression on the boy's face.

"He was being reckless and he got hit with a sicro." Lona explained, poking Kaden in the stomach.

"Ow!" Kaden yelled, swatting her hand away.

"Ouch, don't tell me you really went to get that ring?"

"Yeah, so what? I got it, and I'm still alive right?" Kaden muttered, slowly laying back onto the couch. "And I know it's kind of late to ask this, but how did you get this fucking giant place in the first place?"

"That's a secret." Lewis grinned and winked.

The HQ was a huge base under the city. It took up the area under 4 or 5 office buildings and it was filled with high-tech equipment. Kaden, Lona, Garrison, and Lewis were all in the lobby, where all entrances and exits to the base led.

In the center of the lobby was a huge couch that took up 2 sides (and a corner) of a long glass table. Lewis sat on the shorter side of the couch, while Kaden lay on the longer side. Across the table from Lewis, was a comfy arm chair, where Garrison sat. In front of the side of the couch where Kaden lay, was a big flat screen TV. The remote lay on the glass table.

Around the group, were several doors leading to other rooms.

Kaden reached for the remote on the table and turned the TV on. He flipped through the channels lazily. "Lona, can you get me a soda in the fridge?" He called when he noticed the girl getting up.

"Anything else?"

"Some crackers. I think I've got a stomach ache." Sighing, the blonde walked over to a nearby kitchen, opening the brand new fridge, she grabbed a ginger ale, and tossed it towards the couch.

Kaden caught it easily. "Thank you." He finally chose a channel, and grinned as he heard the reporter on the news. "Looks like we've got our next mission."

Got this while watching The Bourne Identity. Great movie.