"The Shadow Slayers. Most just know it as the name of the rebellion. But we know better. The Shadow Slayers are a special group within the rebellion, made up of the best of the best. They specialize in the most important and dangerous jobs, such as infiltration, assassinating extremely important people, or stealing important documents." The man whispered, grinning as the hooded figure sighed in response.

He knocked the man out with a single blow, before signaling to the others hidden behind the corner. 3 or 4 other hooded figures, varying in height, quickly followed the first into the building.

"There, it's that jewel in the center. The blue one." Whispered the lead figure, pointing from a dark, hidden hallway.

"Oh! Here comes the crowd!" Whispered another hooded figure.

Groups of people started passing through the security, after having been checked for anything potentially dangerous. After a sizable crowd had come in and was browsing around, the hooded figures in the hallway through off their cloaks and joined the crowd. Kaden, Lona, Lewis, and a young girl of about 13 entered the room, looking like normal civilians. In order to hide Kaden's scar, they bloodied up the area and wrapped it in bandages.

"Hello there. How do you like the exhibit so far?" Asked a plump, middle-aged man.

"It's really cool!" The 13-year-old girl replied in an excited voice.

The man bent down slightly so he could speak to her face to face. "Really? And what's your name, miss?"

The girl held out her hand and smiled sweetly. "I'm Meria Werner."

The man shook her hand. "It's nice to meet you Ms. Meria. I'm Mr. Hyze, the owner of the Silver Raindrop." The man stood up and looked at the others. "And who might you 3 be?"

Lewis held out his hand. "I'm Lewis Werner, and these are my teens, Lora and Kyler." Both 'children' nodded in greeting.

"I see. What happened to your eye?" Mr. Hyze asked, pointing to the bandage around Kaden's scar.

Kaden touched it gently. "Oh, this? I was carrying a knife over to sis here for the steak and I slipped. The knife hit my eye around here." He lied, keeping up the act.

"Oh, I'm so sorry."

"No, it's okay. It's not your fault; I was the one being clumsy." After a few more minutes, the man finally left, and was soon chatting with other families.

Lona bent down in front of Meria angrily. "I thought we told you not to use your real name!" She seethed quietly to the brunette. Defiant green eyes stared back at gray ones.

"Well? Too late now, anyways. If they find out I don't have to go to school." She smirked, but her smile slowly fell when she saw the evil grin on Lona's face.

"Oh, I'm sure. We'll just have to teach you at HQ then." Meria gulped, eyes wide.

"Excuse me, but may we have a moment?" A tall, serious-looking officer stood behind the group.

He led them to a small room, where a few other officers stood. "I'm sorry, but we'll have to do a body check." The man said, his expression not changing.

"Alright, but why?" Lewis asked, glancing at Kaden.

"It's just a precaution. You never know where the Shadow Slayers might be. I deeply apologize for anything uncomfortable."

Tugging on the man's uniform, Meria gave him the puppy eyes, and asked, "Do I have to do a body check too?"

The man's face softened a bit, and he shook his head. "Of course not, miss."

She grinned, and raced out of the room. "Thank you mister! Daddy, I'll see you later!"

The man's face hardened again as he turned back to the others. "I'm sorry, but can you remove that bandage?" Kaden stiffened for a moment, before slowly unraveling the bandages. Lona looked away.

"Oh… wow. Um… I'm terribly sorry you had to show that." The officer mumbled, dumbfounded.

The fake blood had dried, leaving a large, fake scab. It apparently looked quite real, as even the officer seemed to have trouble looking at it. Kaden slowly rewrapped the bandages, smirking inwardly. After the body check proved all 3 clear, the officer apologized profusely as he led them out of the room, before he finally left.

"Good thing we gave all the stuff to Meria." Lona muttered, feeling quite violated.

"Good thing we took the extra step to cover my scar with fake blood. I'm going to have to thank Malory after this." Kaden grumbled, also feeling quite violated.

"Just deal with it. It was a simple body check. We're undercover right now anyways, so it couldn't be helped." Lewis replied, obviously completely used to the procedure.

"The others are ready. We should probably get in position." Meria whispered, walking up to the others.

"Great. Thanks." Lewis muttered, already heading over towards the Silver Raindrop.

The Silver Raindrop was a giant aquamarine in the shape of a teardrop, and when under moonlight, had a silver glow.

"Pretty big, there." Kaden muttered, raising an eyebrow.

Meria looked at her watch, and said just loud enough for the others to hear. "And we're starting in 3… 2… 1."

At that moment, the whole building went black. They could hear the screams and shrieks as people panicked, while officers were shouting for people to calm down, and for others to go check the breaker. In this moment, Lona silently cut open the glass, and quietly reached in and took the jewel out.

Tucking the jewel into a secret pocket in her coat, Lona said, "let's go" and Kaden, Lewis, and Meria followed her through the panic-stricken crowd and out through the same hallway that they entered.

When they got into the alleyway, they were greeted by Garrison and another man. This man had dirty blonde hair styled in a curtained hairstyle, where his long fringe was parted in the middle. Hazel eyes twinkled when they saw the blonde girl grinning as she gave the jewel to Kaden. "Lona!"

Looking up, Lona grinned and kissed the boy on the nose. "Great job, Marc! Everything went perfectly." She smiled, before hugging the blonde.

"If it isn't the tech dude. I should've known it would be you." Lewis grinned ruffling the boy on the head.

Marc swatted the man's hand away, but he couldn't help grinning. "That's Marc Brandy to you."


"Anyways, you stole the van, right Garrison?" Kaden looked at the boy, who grinned.

"How rude. Unlike sis, I borrowed the van. But yes, nonetheless, it's right at the end of the alley. Des and Malory are waiting inside it."

They all raced into the van, where a teenage girl opened the door for them. Her dyed black hair matched the black clothes she wore, and the eyeliner made her amber eyes all the more noticeable.

"Thanks Des!" Garrison said as he hopped into the vehicle.

"It's Desdemona." She muttered quietly, even though Garrison couldn't hear. Lona, Marc, Meria, and Lewis followed him into the van, Kaden following them calmly.

"Thank you Des." Kaden smiled at the girl, who smiled back and nodded. He got into the van, before Desdemona Malloren shut the door and climbed into the front.

"So how'd it go guys?" Asked the young woman in the driver's seat. She had bright red hair and bright green eyes, which went with the unusual outfit she wore.

"Great. That extra makeup came in handy too. Thanks Malory." Kaden replied, taking off the bandages and wiping off the fake blood. The woman beamed proudly.

"Malory Ouida's talent never fails!" She proclaimed laughing.

"Yeah, yeah, just keep your eyes on the road." Lewis muttered.

"Anyways, Marc, later can you get the Silver Raindrop to Reider? He'll be able to exchange it for money. The rock should be worth quite a bit." Kaden muttered as Lona handed her boyfriend the gem.


"God frick! Look at all those military vehicles!" Meria shouted, pointing out the window to the left. Everyone looked where she was pointing. Hundreds of vehicles were racing by, heading towards the building they had just left. Garrison and Meria made faces at the vehicles while Lona laughed.

"Garrison, you're acting like a kid." Des muttered under her breath from the front.

"Guess what! We got almost $1.5 million for that gem!" Lona called, running into the lobby. Marc and Meria followed close behind.

"Nice! Hey, come check out what's on the news! Looks like we're on TV!" Garrison called. The 3 flopped onto the couch as Kaden turned the volume up.

"…and it is believed that these 4 are the culprits as well as part of the Shadow Slayers, a rebel group. They called themselves the Werners, and upon further investigation, this 13 year old girl is indeed Meria Werner, a student at Hart Middle School. It is also believed that this boy, who called himself Kyler Werner, is actually known fugitive Kaden Pallaton. After a blackout at an exhibit featuring the Silver Raindrop, both the Werners and the gem was gone. The 3 older members had undergone a body check, but the girl was allowed to go without this procedure. The police believe that this girl was the one holding the knife found at the scene. This is the knife used to cut through the glass in order to get the gem. The military, as well as the police, are still looking for them."

Kaden turned the volume back down, and Lona smirked. "Looks like you're going to be homeschooled here after all."