Author's Note: This is the second story in the ongoing Jayy and Adam series. It's through Adam's eyes this time because I thought it would be fun to get into his head for a bit. Sorry for the delay, meant to put this up a lot earlier but there's been a lot going on in my life lately. Anyways, thanks for reading and remember to review.

Lilac Swan Riddle

The Last Barrier

By: Lilac Swan Riddle

You'd think breaking up with Shannon would make things ten times easier, right? To a certain extent you'd be right. Jayy and I are finally together and I'm happier with him than I could have ever been with Shannon. That part of life is pretty amazing. But there's still that ten percent of my life that's ruled by my parents. Neither of them know that I'm dating a guy and I have no idea how I'm going to tell them. I come from a family of religious freaks and 90 % of them would either have a heart attack if they found out that I'm gay. Well, mom would have a heart attack. Dad would more than likely pull out the bible and start preaching to me about the horrors of homosexuality. This is exactly why I don't plan on telling them any time soon. Of course, like everything else in my life, my plans were sent straight to hell. I should've known I couldn't keep something like this a secret for long, not in my family at least.

On Sunday mornings, while my parents and their "perfect child" (A.K.A. my older brother Blake) go to church I usually head over to my cousin Andrew's place to work on stuff for his band. This particular Sunday, he was at his parent's place in North Dakota, so I headed over to Jayy's place instead. We were doing what we usually do when we're bored which is lie in the bed of his truck and mess around. (He lives on the outskirts of town, no one's really around to complain besides his sister Kristen and she just kids around with us.) I don't really know how long we were laying there, time tends to become nonexistent when I'm with him, but I definitely did not hear my dad's car pull up next to Jayy's. I did, however, hear my mom's scream of shock. When Jayy and I pulled away from each other my parents were standing next to the car.

"Oh shit." Was all I could say. Brilliant I know.

"What's going on here?"

My dad was using his patented "angry preacher" voice. Usually, that voice pissed me off to no end. Today I wanted to curl up and die. However I'd pictured my parents finding out about this it was definitely not like this. Before I could even think of anything to say, dad spoke again. His words banished any feelings of guilt I might have had.

"Get in the car, Adam. We're going to the church and you're going to pray that God can forgive you for this. I'm not having a faggot as my son."

"I ain't goin' anywhere with you. If you can't accept me for who I am that's your problem. I love Jayy and I'm not about to walk away from him just because my dad's a homophobic asshole."

If my dad's face had been red before, it was double that now. It was obvious by the way he was staring at me that he'd expected me to do whatever he said without argument. Why he thought that I have no idea because I've always made it a point to do the exact opposite of what he said.

"Adam, honey please just come with us." My mom said, her voice tearful.

I glared at her, knowing that she was purposely using the "hurt mommy" card to guilt me into doing what she wanted. She did that every time I wasn't doing what she wanted to do. It had worked until I figured out what she was doing. Now, it just pissed me off.

"Cut the guilt trip. I said I'm not going anywhere and I meant it." I said at last.

It was quiet for a few minutes. Dad was still glaring at me but I turned my attention to Jayy. Jayy was sitting behind me, watching the scene before him. You'd have to know him to know how angry he was. His dark blue eyes were like ice, his hands clenched into tight fists at his side. It took a lot to make him mad but when he did get mad he could only take so much before he exploded and he was really closed to that breaking point. I turned back to my dad just in time to see his arm shooting out towards my face. As his palm collided with my face I felt Jayy stand up.

"Get outta yard before I make you. That's the last time you're gonna hurt him, you hear me?" Jayy growled, shoving my dad back towards the car.

Dad didn't say anything, thank God for that. He backed towards the car and opened the driver's side door. After barely waiting for my mom to get in he drove off. Jayy stood for a few moments, watching the car drive away, before he turned towards me. Hopping out of the truck bed, I walked over to him and took his hand. He pulled me against him, holding me tightly. I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face in his shoulder, taking a deep breath.

"What am I gonna do now?" I asked after a few minutes.

"You'll come and live with us. I ain't lettin' you go back there. Not with him puttin' his hands on you."

"Are you even going to ask your parents if it's okay?"

"No. Mom and dad love you. Kristen thinks of you like a brother. They'd rather have you here with us than over there. I'll take you over to get the rest of your stuff later. Right now I just want to hold you."

"All right."

Pulling me back against his chest, Jayy tightened his arms around me. I don't know how long we stood like that but when we finally pulled away I felt a hundred percent better. My parents may never talk to me again but I had Jayy and as long as I had him I knew everything would be okay.

Author's Note: Just a note, the title refers to Adam's parents. They were the last barrier that kept Adam from true happiness. Thanks for reading and remember to review.

Lilac Swan Riddle