My name is Tori. I live in Kansas and I am not giving any more info away… for now. I'm writing this story to record all of the strange events that has happened in my small town that is greatest excitement is a water park and mall. Boring I know, but whatever it's not like we're trying to be a boring city. I was not completely sure about writing this but let me begin.

I was walking to Science class at Pondtree High School. It was my second period and the farthest class away ever it was in the 200 pod which is the width of a football away from the 300 pod which I had just exited. We have 4 minutes to get to class and my English teacher had held us behind a minute so I was in a huge rush to get to Science. I stood in the line outside the door and looked over to my friend Xanedran she was wearing a kitten jacket and her I Pod was stashed in her pocket her brown curly hair with the black and yellow hair was cut to her shoulders. She turned when I tapped her on the shoulder.

"Hi Xanedran!" I said

"Hi Tori." She replied.

"So a bit more exciting today going on a hike in the Pondtree Park rather then taking notes and listening to lectures." I said.

"Sure." She said turning to her friend Alice.

Xanedran was not the girl to be outside with a class, she prefers walking by herself or with 1 or 2 friends. I heard the bell ring and I shifted my book and binder and walked in the classroom. As it turned out when I sat down that we would need to take notes so I walked over to the composition storage cabinet and grabbed mine and moved before I was trampled by the other 21 kids trying to get theirs. I opened mine to a fresh page and walked out the side door following the teacher. I listened to the lectures about find animal life and jot down 30 notes on habitat to get an A+ more for extra credit.

I had 30 notes jotted down in 3 minutes which left me 7 minutes to talk to my friends. Xanedran had seemed annoyed when I talked to her so I went over to Gabe and Canton. Those two are best friends and I went over to Gabe who was balancing on a fallen tree that stretched over a pretty deep ditch and was jumping around on it. Canton was sitting down playing a DS which you're not allowed to have at school but he brings it anyway.

"Hi, Gabe done with your notes already." I asked.

"Yup now move I'm going to jump down because I'm a hyper active squirrel." She replied.

"What's up with Gabe?" I stepped out of the way and asked this question to Canton.

"No idea." He replied.

Now some of you are probably thinking back to the fact that I called Gabe a she and that is because she is. She has a boy haircut, she wears boy clothes, and she can jump, run, and hit like a boy. Her face looks like a boy and she is always mistaken for a boy. She scared all the girls the first day of seventh grade when she walked into the girls bathroom because they thought she was a boy.

I heard our teacher calling us in and I walked to the door and turned in the composition book to the teacher before walking to my next class, P.E. I got there and scowled we were playing Kickball. I went to the locker room and put my binder in the big locker and got my P.E. clothes out of the smaller locker. I dressed into it not joining in the conversation. Katie and Becky were having about boys. Yuck, like I want to talk about that.

We did our warm-ups before joining up with the 11th graders. Today was also girls versus boys' kickball so we were playing with the 11th grade girls. I got in the back of the batting line because I suck at kicking the dumb ball. I turned because another girl was behind me it turned out to be Hannah an 11th grader that did drugs and carried a pocket knife but otherwise that she was a very nice girl. She held a boy down that was a perverted friend of Xanedran why another girl kicked him. What lovely students we have.

"You don't like kickball either." I asked.

"No, of course I don't like f***ing kick ball who ever invented it is an a*****e I hope there in h**l."

Hannah sneered.

Like I said this girl is really nice to people sometimes as long as you're on her good side.

A few minutes later it was my turn to kick the ball and I struck out and the game ended the boys won and now we change.

Band isn't that exciting today so I'll briefly talk about it here are the key events: Tyron starts saying these rude things about me to his cute friend Zane and I shot him a death glare to make him shut up, we get a new song, crap I'm on the snare drum I hate that instrument I prefer all other percussion instruments especially the timpani, I get a warning for reading my book during class but personally he was giving the trumpets a five minute lecture about good posture why do I have to listen. Here is the most exciting point. On my way out the door, I was the last one to leave; I spot a tiny piece of paper sticking up from under a tile. I look to make sure is in his office before I reach down and lightly pull at the tile, it comes off the ground. I grab the piece of paper and put the tile back. I realize I only have two minutes to get to my next class and stash it into my binder and run.

My fifth hour teacher was late so he did not notice that I was late. I sat down next to my friend Brittany and when we had free time I pulled out the note. It read this.

Detintion Slip

Name: Bad Boy (the original name had been crossed out)

Cause: Disrespect to teacher's and violence

"Not important, not at all."

Brittany turns to me and looks at it. She whispers in my ear.

"That's what the new boy goes by and no one know's his real name."

"How do you know?"

"He's in my first hour."

"I want to meet him and when can you introduce me to him."

"He wasn't here today and nore was his buddy T-Bone also wasn't here today the both ditched school."

I smiled and day dreamed about him until it was 5 minutes before class ended.

I sighed and was starting to pack my stuff up when I heard a noise. CRACK. Everyone looked over. One of our class mates lay dead blood pouring from a wound. I gasped and almost fainted until Brittany helped me move out the door. Our class stood in the hallways why teacher's organized a evactuation. Fire alarms were going off and we were just about to exit forward until we heard more noise. CRACK. CRACK. CRACK. CRACK.

The teacher's told us all to stay put until they found a safe route out of here.

"This is dumb." I whispered to Brittany

"Why is this dumb."

"I mean they left us standing here when there are killers amock."

She nodded and then looked around.

"What if we don't survive."

"We will Brittany besides were both really fast runners and all we need to do is run faster then everyone else."

Then we both laughed but then we heard screams. It was one of that girl's friends I think the girls name was Kylie and that girl was Petunia. She was looking at the body in shock and I couldn't blame her and then she walked back over to us. I mean I can see how she is shocked I mean her friend was just shot and killed and were just standing here right next to...unlocked doors.

Then I looked over at Kylie who was talking to a new kid. Actually there was a lot of new kids, all boys there was more then 50. They conversed about something then I looked at someting. Some of the new kids were older then me but all of them were wearing jackets in weather that doesn't require heat. The one tallking to Kylie reached into his jacket and I saw something dark colored and I froze.

I didn't know what guns looked like but the 2 new kids pulled what I think are guns. I froze up until my friend Brittany tugged on my arm. She looked at me worriedly.

CRACK. CRACK. . CRACK. It was the same noise as before, gunshots. What the heck this boring town Kansas not New York. This is reality not a book. My friend Brittany was already running. Well I can't blame her she must have been worried that she could be killed. I guess when it comes to life or death you don't want to choose death so I guess you might have to abandon your friends. I unfroze and started running. I ran into the first place I could find, the bathroom. Lucky for me it was the girl's bathroom. I don't think it really matters in a time like this when there are gunshots, but the boy's bathroom stinks. Whatever happens today I don't think I will be taking the Seedfolks test in reading. I suddenly realized that if whoever has a gun came in here there would be no escaping or living.

I ran into the stall with the vent over it. A classic I thought climbing into a vent to escape bad guys if I live I'll laugh at this but since the battle is pretty girl with brains and sarcasm against big men with guns I don't think I will live so I'll laugh now HA. Climbing into vents is not as easy as it looks in the movies. That little metal thing came down and my body looked small enough to fit but it was hard to get a grip climbing. I eventually pulled myself in and started puffing and heaving until I heard men and guns.


"Are we going to save this girl?" A man asked.

"No." Another answered.


"Why didn't we want her?" The first man asked.

"She isn't pretty," The second one replied gruffly

"Check the girls bathroom I'll check the boys," He continued.

"And kill boys if seen and if the girls are pretty, alive, cuffed, and knocked out is how they will be." He finished.

"Gosh," I thought. "If I stay quiet I won't become a victim like those others."

I heard footsteps and I crawled forward just enough to peak slightly through the bars of the vent opener I crawled into. I saw a guy that looked sixteen holding a gun wearing a leather jacket and pants and was buff. Not too much muscle he was somewhat cute. I smiled. I can admire this guy's cuteness can't I? If I die today I want to see one angel at least. I held my breath but in the vent it sounded like it was creaking slightly then a bit more my heart thudded. What if this vent couldn't support me? I looked at the guy he looked around then started to leave. He was just about out the door when I breathed in a sigh of relief and the vent broke. I ended up falling sideways so I grabbed on to the wall of the stall and I heard my left hand snap before I landed standing.

"Crap!" I said loudly.

The guy walked back in and came to stand in front of me gun pointed at me. I stood and stared at the gun. He looked at me sizing me up and down taking in my body and face. Lucky for me I wore a shirt that fit right to my skin showing my natural curves and healthy body. His eyes lingered at my chest and you know what guys look at I don't really want to say it. It's just ug. His eyes looked at my face and my straight brown hair that fell perfectly around my shoulders and my perfect face.

"If you heard us talking you probably can already guess what's next pretty girl." He said.

I wasn't going to let this guy have me captured and sent to his ownerships that easily. I wasn't going down without a fight…and sarcasm.

"I'm not going anywhere with you buddy. Take your sorry self-back to where you came from and then slap yourself silly." I sneered.

He smiled and laughed softly before looking up.

"If I were to go back to where I came from your, coming with me whether you like it or not." He replies

I scowled and tried to think of something. I moved one step closer to him.

"Well at least if I go I won't be having guilt like you will after all those people you killed." I said with honey all over it.

He lowered his gun and looked taken a back. He was just burned by me. I took two steps closer. Bingo target is within groin kicking range.

He recovered and said this. "I'm a rookie at this I'm not the one of this operation that does the killing."

"How many of you are there 5, 10."


Now I bit my lip this was a bad situation if I ran I could come by more dangerous fiends but I did not like this one no matter how cute he was.

"Guns equal death." I mumbled.

He looked at me and laughed angrily letting out his steam and then his laughing turned evil.

"It's people who kill people missy, guns don't kill people."

You say "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." I sneered" Well I think the guns help. If you stood there and yelled BANG, I don't think you'd kill too many people."

He laughed softly this time pleasantly.

"My, oh you are feisty I guess I'm going to have to make sure I get you for myself." He said with so much honey I think he drowned in it.

I lashed out and kicked him in the groin.

He doubled over and dropped the gun. I grabbed it and stepped back and pointed it at him.

He got up and he laughed at me.

"Oh how cute we have such a smarty and so feisty." He cooed

"Okay I surrender little girl."

He then pulled out a Taser and before I could react he zapped my arm that had the gun. He grabbed the gun and put it behind his back and clipped the cuffs across my by wrists so my arms were stuck behind my back. He had a rag in his back pocket and I had a good feeling for what it was for. I pushed my way out of his grip and got my back near the wall so if I needed to I could kick.

He regained his stance and wearily kept away but then smiled and that other guy came in. The other guy looked just like Corbin Blue on face and skin color and muscle. His hair on the other hand was shoulder length and black and looked like the black eyed peas that one guy who did the first fight move in the song Pump It. He was awesome looking too but also here to kidnap me. He smiled and scanned me up and down.

"She's a fighter." First guy said.

"But her body is so… it's too good to describe." Black Eyed Pea Corbin Blue Guy said.

He whispered something in the guy that I met first and they relaxed there weapons.

"I guess we can introduce ourselves to you missy and you can tell us your first name."

"My name's Tori." I said with as much defiance you can put in your voice after #$

falling out of a vent

#getting shocked

$being hand cuffed

They looked at each other and smiled.

The first guy went first. "My name's Brady." Said Brady?

The other guy went "My name is Trenton." Trenton said.

We stared each other down for a little while before they advance to two feet away from me.

"Now come here so we can knock you out…Tori" Trenton said.

"Never you're insane." I yelled.

They laughed.

Brady and Trenton inched forward to a foot away.

"Her words are actually starting to hurt me." Brady joked.

"It's not my words that are hurting you it's your insanity in fact you're suffering from it." I yelled at Brady.

I ran around the both of them and then dumbly like the reality of life faces you. I tripped on a piece of the broken vent. Trenton grabbed me and held me still and then Brady held my head still and reached for the chloroform rag. I struggled but man did Trenton's arms bulge with muscle and now I saw why, I couldn't move an inch.

Brady stared at me our faces only a few inches away and he said:

"I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it!"

This is what he said before he put the chloroform rag over my mouth and nose. For some reason It didn't knock me out quickly and my eyelids closed and I couldn't open them and I felt limp but otherwise that I could feel and I could partly hear. I felt Brady pick me up because I smelt his breath when it was inches away from my face and it had been minty fresh. That was what I could smell. He carried me nicely for a kidnapper. I could tell they were talking but I couldn't make out the words. I heard what sounded like a car door. I was put in the back of I think a van. I then slowly faded into unconsciousness.