Tap tap tap

If anyone were to delete the roaring in the school hallway and train their ears, they would be able to hear the faint tapping of metal on concrete. No one bothered to look as a tiny girl, who looked too young to be in high school, shuffled her way through the obnoxious crowd. She was shorter than most girls her age, so she could be easily overlooked, and her black hair and dark clothes made her fade into the background.

The only thing that made anyone aware of her presence was the tap tap tapping of her walking stick and the way she trailed her left hand along the wall. Just then the bell rang, and the other teens filtered out. A couple of jocks who were busy shoving each other accidentally rammed into the girl, sending her crashing to the floor. Neither took notice as they rounded the corner and left, continuing to shove and laugh at each other until even the noises of their incessant snorting faded away.

Meanwhile, the girl sat on her hands and knees, her right hand outstretched and sliding along the ground. Just then she heard footsteps coming her way and felt her nerves build. Nevertheless, she kept on feeling around for her walking stick, hoping the person would just walk past her like everyone else. She felt the presence come closer and heard the ruffled of clothes, as if they were kneeling, and then heard the sound of metal on concrete.

"Hey " It was a male voice, sounding her age or older. The girl automatically flinched, holding her hands in front of her face.

" is this yours?" She hesitated before reaching out a timid hand. Her fingers brushed against metal and a small smile spread on her face for just a millisecond. Her walking stick! She grasped it and lifted herself up carefully, setting the tip of the walking stick on the ground and grasping the handle firmly, determined not to let go of it again.

"Are you ok?" The girl jumped a bit when the voice came to her, reminding her that she wasn't alone. She felt her face grow warm and ducked her head as she nodded.

"Well, you know that bell already rang, right?" The girl nodded, almost sighing as she realized she would be in trouble, if not from the teacher than from her dad.

"So what's your name? Or uh, can you talk?" She hesitated. Should she tell him? He had helped her, but she usually didn't talk to anyone. The boy seemed to take her silence differently.

"Oh, that was probably a bad question to ask," he said, and she heard him shuffle his feet uncomfortably. A small smile spread on her face.

"Sarah," she whispered. The boy paused, seeming surprised.

"Alright then," he said in a happy tone, and she could tell he was smiling, "We should probably get to class, huh?" Lilly smiled and nodded. They slowly started walking down the hall, and while he walked next to her, Lilly was thankful when he didn't try to help her walk.

"Oh! I didn't tell you my name, did I?" he exclaimed suddenly, making her jump, "It's Nick. Nice to meet you!" He grabbed her free hand and shook it. Her eyes went wide behind her sunglasses at the sudden contact. Nick let go and she heard a rustling that sounded like he put his hands in his pockets, but she couldn't be sure.

"Well, Sarah, I think I'm going to like you!" He exclaimed, and her face reddened before he continued to talk about high school and other random things. Sarah felt another smile creep onto her face. Maybe she was going to like him, too.