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Chapter Seven

It's been a few days since the dancing now, and I still haven't seen Leona. Arlen and Laren have purposely been keeping us away from each other, making sure that we wouldn't be able to go anywhere with each other without them knowing about it. The day after, Arlen had lectured me for almost two hours, in which Ceris walked through about five times, telling Arlen how ridiculous he was being and that Laren had only lectured Leona for thirty minutes.

Adelian, I said, do you know where Leon is right now?

Yes. He and Slyder are out flying at the moment. Arlen and Laren have carefully laid out plans, but they cannot separate you two for all that long. You have to return to training in a week, Adelian said. I sighed.

Ugh. I don't want to go back and face all of those complications, I said.

Neither do I, my little one. But, we must. It is our responsibility, Adelian replied. I made a face and rested a hand on his side. He hummed contently, which turned into a slight growl. I looked up at him, confused.

What's wrong? I asked.

That, he replied, jabbing his snout in front of us. Then, I spotted Mynor, who was walking tall, his nose in the air as if he was very important. As he came to a stop in front of us, a small smile played at his lips. I glared back, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Hello, Eliana," Mynor said to me, smiling. I rolled my eyes.

"Mynor," I replied, letting some acidity come through in my voice. Mynor looked at me.

"Why so rude?" he asked. I rolled my eyes again.

"You really just asked that," I said. "After everything, you really just asked that?"

"Yes. I thought we were still friends," Mynor said, tilting his head to the side as if he were confused. I looked up at Adelian, who huffed a sarcastic breath.

"What brought this all on?" I asked. "Was it because of Leona and me the other night? Because if it is, this is really low, Mynor."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Mynor replied. I rolled my eyes, shifting my weight to my other side.

"Yes, you do. And you know you are just trying to pull me away from Leona," I said. Then, I leaned forward slightly, my eyes narrowed. "Well, guess what, Mynor? It's not going to work. Now, go run along with Arianna."

"Eliana, I honestly have no idea what you are talking about," Mynor said, trying to look confused. Then, I heard a roar over head. I looked up and a smile broke across my face as I saw Slyder. I immediately jumped up onto Adelian's shoulders and he took off. My face fell as we reached Slyder and Leona was not upon his back. Slyder snorted a laugh and looked back at me.

Do not worry. There is a plan between Adelian and I, he told me. I just smiled and giggled, knowing that Adelian and Slyder had been planning something along these lines for days.

Aw, I love you guys, I told them, hugging Adelian's neck. They both began to hum.

And we love you, they replied as they turned sharply. I just smiled and held onto Adelian's sides with my knees tightly. Then, we began to approach Leona's house.

Um, I don't get it… I said. Slyder chuckled.

Aileen and Laren are not home at the moment, he told me. I smiled.

Wow, you two really did think this through, I giggled as Slyder spiraled towards the ground and Adelian hovered next to the patio by Leona's room. I smiled and climbed off his back. I kissed his snout. Thank you so much. I love you.

I love you too, my little one. I will come and get you when Aileen and Laren are approaching, Adelian replied before flying towards the ground to sit with Slyder. They both lay down, humming contently since they hadn't seen each other in a few days. I just smiled and then quietly walked into Leona's room, not sure if he was in there. As I closed the patio door, I saw he wasn't. I almost went to walk out of his room when he walked through the door, running a hand through his wet hair. I could tell he'd just bathed from his scent and also from the fact that his chest was bare.

Then, he looked up and saw me. A smile broke across his face, his dimples showing as the smile even reached his eyes. I giggled and he brought me into his arms, holding me tightly to him. I smiled, my cheek pressed to his bare chest as I took deep breaths, taking in his smell.

"I've missed you," he whispered, the tip of his nose touching the top of my head.

"I've missed you too," I replied, my arms tightening around his waist. "What have you been up to?"

"Nothing, sitting in my room really because every time I tried to sneak out, Laren caught me," Leona replied. I giggled.

"Likewise. Arlen was lecturing me for about two hours the day after," I said, closing my eyes as he held me close.

"Oh, I'm sorry," he said. I giggled.

"As Adelian told me, do not regret your actions, no matter what may become of them," I said. Leona chuckled.

"Adelian is very wise," he added as I looked up at him, my chin rested lightly on his chest. He smiled and I smiled back before pushing away from him slightly, making sure to stay in his arms. Then, he leaned down and pressed his lips to my forehead. I smiled and closed my eyes, savoring the moment. When I opened my eyes, I inspected his bare chest. I smiled again and began to run my hands over his chest. I felt his lips turn up into a smile against my forehead as I explored his bare chest with my hands. Then, I lifted my face up to look at him. I smiled and he smiled back, looking right into my eyes.

Then, I leaned up and my lips met his, my hands still on his chest. He smiled as he took control over my lips, his hands traveling down my sides until they found the hem of my shirt. I smiled as he lifted the edge of my shirt and his hands rested on my hips, pushing the waistband of my skirt down slightly to expose my hips to the touch of his hands. Then, he forced my mouth to open slightly with his and his sweet breath filled my mouth as he exhaled. I smiled and moved my hands over his chest again. He chuckled against my lips and then began to explore my back with his hands, his touch gentle. Then, we both heard what we didn't want to hear at the moment.

Eliana, you must leave now unless you want to be in trouble with your father, Adelian told me. We both sighed and held each other tighter. Slyder must have told Leona the same thing because his lips became more urgent against mine.

Eliana, now, Adelian's voice said sternly. I sighed and pulled my lips away from Leona's. He sighed and pressed his forehead to mine. I sighed also, wanting to just stay with him. He kissed my forehead and then hugged me.

"We'll find a way to see each other later, I promise," he whispered to me. I just nodded and ran my hands over his chest again before pulling myself out of his arms. I smiled.

"There's always the bonfire tonight. They can't keep us away from each other the whole night," I added as I backed up towards the door. Leona smiled and chuckled, walking towards me slowly. I giggled as he pressed my lightly up against the doors and pressed his lips back to mine softly.

Eliana, we must go now if you do not want to be seen. You will see him later tonight, Adelian scolded. I sighed and pulled away, waving as I walked out onto the patio and then climbed onto Adelian's back. Leona waved back, a small smile on his lips as Adelian looked around quickly before flying up and bursting through the trees. I giggled and threw my hands up into the air. Adelian rolled his eyes.

Do you want to get in trouble? He asked me. I rolled my eyes.

Adelian, what is life without a little risk? I asked in response as he flew above the trees. He smiled and rolled his eyes.

A little risk is good, but your fathers would have it out with you if they found out about just now, Adelian replied. I rolled my eyes.

Maybe they should wake up and realize we are not the little elves we used to be, I added. They still see us as little Eliana and little Leona who used to run around and jump in mud puddles to make trouble. Now we can make trouble in a whole different way and we see each other in a new light.

Thank you for the lecture, Adelian snorted. I just giggled and rested my elbows against his neck as he began to soar to the ground, spinning in slow, tight circles.

See, now it was my turn to give you some insight, Mr. Wise Dragon, I laughed as he landed and I slid off his back. He just hummed and touched his snout to my forehead.

Just be responsible and be careful, he told me. I smiled and hugged his snout.

I will, I promise, I said before heading up to the house. As I walked through the door, Arlen was standing there, arms crossed over his chest as he looked down at me. I smiled innocently.

"Hello, Arlen," I added before trying to walk past him and to my room, but he caught my shoulder, pulling me back towards him.

"Where have you been?" he asked me. I sighed.

"Adelian and I were walking around and then Mynor walked up to us and was being really stupid so we flew off," I replied. Arlen looked down at me seriously.

"Tell the truth," he ordered. I looked up at him.

"I am telling the truth," I told him.

"Eliana, I saw you and Adelian flying off towards Leona's house with Slyder," he said to me. I sighed.

"I swear, I didn't see Leona. Adelian and Slyder just wanted to say hello to each other. You are keeping them apart as well. May I remind you, they've grown up together also and have gotten used to each other's company and now you are forcing them apart," I said, looking up at Arlen seriously, talking about Adelian and Slyder as well as Leona and me. Then, before he could open his mouth to respond, I pushed passed him and walked to my room, closing the door behind me. Adelian's head appeared on the porch and I walked out to sit with him.

It took a lot to stand up to him like that. I am proud of you, my little Elia, Adelian told me. I smiled and leaned forward to press my forehead to his snout.

Thank you, I replied. Adelian just hummed and flicked his tongue out to lick my cheek. I giggled and hugged his snout. I hope you know, I love you with all my heart.

And I love you with all of mine, little one, Adelian replied, humming. I just smiled and then we sat there, talking to each other.


We were all sitting at the bonfire, and Arlen made sure I was sitting in between him and Ceris, making sure I wasn't able to slip off. I sighed and leaned against Ceris's side as he looked at the fire in the middle of the circle of all the elves and seven humans. He looked down at me and smiled. I smiled weakly back at him.

"It'll be okay. You guys get to go back in a week," he whispered to me. I sighed again.

"And you don't understand that that's a long time for the two of us. We have spent every day with each other since we were little," I whispered back. Ceris just smiled and rolled his eyes before looking back at the fire. I looked at the fire as well, and then looked over it. Leona and his parents were sitting directly across from us. Arlen and Laren had planned it that way so they would notice if we got up at the same time. I sighed and then Leona looked up, as if sensing my gaze. He caught my eye and smiled slightly to the side of his mouth, making sure Laren wouldn't notice in which direction he was smiling. I smiled back, my stomach constricting. We were so close, yet so far. I sighed again and Ceris squeezed my arm lightly.

Do not worry, my little Elia. Things will not stay this calm for long if I know elves, Adelian chuckled from behind me. I smiled and nodded once quickly.

Things can get pretty chaotic at the bonfire. You just wait, I told him, smiling at some of the memories. He chuckled again.

See, everything will work out just fine. Just make sure you do not get in trouble, Adelian said. I rolled my eyes.

You worry too much. Even if we get in trouble, they can't ban us from going back to training. It's something we have to do, I said.

Yes, I know, Adelian replied, shifting his position behind us. Arlen looked back at him seriously, as if daring Adelian to try and defy his orders of keeping Leona and me apart. I smiled and rolled his eyes, leaning my head on Ceris's shoulder. Ceris looked down at me and chuckled.

"Something will start up soon most likely. And when it does, grab him and bring him to where I brought you the other night," Ceris whispered to me. I nodded once, showing I understood. Then, a few minutes later, Tanag stood up.

"Okay guys, let's dance!" he exclaimed, throwing his hands into the air. I smiled, he might be old, but he was quite lively. Ceris and I immediately stood up. I looked over at Leona, my gaze telling him to get out into the middle of things. He nodded once and then I made my way towards Jaysin, who was laughing as he watched his little sister dance with one of her friends.

"Jaysin, get me over to Leon," I whispered in his ear. He looked down at me and smiled.

"You got it, Elia," he whispered back, taking my hand and spinning me around, moving towards the center of everything before heading towards Leona. I giggled and waved to people as they said hello to me as I passed. Once we got closer to Leona, I let go of Jaysin's hand.

"Thanks so much, Jaysin. I owe you," I told him before crouching down slightly, making sure I would be out of Arlen's sight. Then, I made my way over towards Leona. As I reached him, I grabbed his hand, pulled him down, and then lead him out of the crowd, being careful to avoid Laren as we went. He chuckled and followed me closely, his hand wrapped tightly around mine. Once we broke free of the crowd of bodies, we hurried to the cover of the trees. I giggled as we ran through the trees, my spirits high. As we reached the spot Ceris had showed me the other night, Leona brought me into his arms and kissed my forehead. I smiled and wrapped my arms around his hips, burying my face in his chest and inhaling his scent.

"I can't believe we actually just got away," Leona chuckled as he hugged my shoulders. I smiled.

"I know, but Arlen and Laren are being ridiculous," I replied. "Arlen almost caught me today. He saw Adelian and me flying towards your house with Slyder. I got out of it though."

"Good," Leona told me as he sat down on the ground, pulling me down with him. I smiled and leaned against his chest, closing my eyes. He held my shoulders tighter and touched the tip of his nose to the top of my head, each breath he took ruffling my hair slightly. I smiled and shifted in his arms slightly, my face turned towards the base of his neck. I moved closer to him, my nose skimming his neck lightly. I heard him chuckle quietly as he pressed his lips to the top of my head. Then, we sat there in silence, his arms wrapped around me, the tip of my nose touching the base of his neck.

Then, his hand slowly moved towards my neck and caressed it. I smiled, nuzzling his neck again. He chuckled as he ran his fingers over my cheekbone and jaw line. My smile broadened and I moved my face to kiss his neck softly. He responded by moving his hand down to my hip and lifting up the side of my shirt lightly to press his hand to my skin. I giggled and moved one hand up to caress his neck as I kissed it. He chuckled again and moved his hand along my skin to rest on the small of my back. I smiled and then lifted my face from his neck. He took advantage and pulled my face to his, his free hand cupping my cheek.

I smiled and kissed him back in the silence, no other sounds other than our irregular breathing. Once again, he forced my mouth open slightly as his hand squeezed my side, his touch gentle against my bare skin. I giggled slightly and moved my hand to his hip, sliding my hand beneath his shirt as he had done to me. He smiled against my lips as I did and I smiled back. Then, we heard something heading our way. We both sighed, but did not pull away just yet. As I listened closer, still kissing Leona, I heard the sound of scales against tree bark. We both sighed, Leona obviously hearing it also. His breath filled my mouth as he sighed and I smiled slightly, his lips becoming softer but more urgent against mine as we knew this time was coming to an end.

Eliana, Leona. You must get back. Kausta noticed Eliana's absence, which caused Arlen to immediately look for Leona, only to notice both of you were nowhere to be seen, Slyder told us. We both sighed and then broke apart.

"You go back the way we came with Slyder. I'll head in the other direction so it looks as if I was over by the houses when I get back," I whispered to Leona. He sighed and kissed my forehead.

"I'll see you later," he added before walking off, touching Slyder's side as he reached him. I sighed and then began to walk off in the other direction, already sick and tired of having to sneak around just to spend time with my best friend. Then, I jumped as someone touched my arm. I turned quickly, ready to fight back.

"Eliana! Calm down! It's just me!" Ceris said to me. I relaxed slightly.

"Don't do that! You scared me!" I told him as he appeared at my side.

"Sorry, but I figured if you showed up walking with me, Arlen and Laren might be a little less suspicious," Ceris told me as we began walking again. I smiled.

"Good idea," I told him. He chuckled.

"I know," he added as we reached the edge of the trees and began walking between houses. I just smiled and hugged him as we walked.

"Once again, I owe you, Cer," I said. He chuckled.

"Not really. I'm just helping you so you don't have to go through some of the same things as I did at your age," he told me, tapping my nose lightly. I giggled and rolled my eyes.

"You make it sound like it was a really long time a go," I said. He chuckled.

"It was. Six years is longer than you think, Eli," Ceris told me as we walked back into the crowd. Arlen immediately walked up to us.

"Eliana, where have you been?" he asked me.

"I went back to the house to use the bathroom and Ceris followed me like a stalker," I replied, giggling.

"I'm not a stalker," Ceris laughed. I looked up at him.

"Sure you're not," I said. Ceris just smiled and rolled his eyes. Arlen was still looking down at me, his expression serious.

"Eliana, tell the truth. Leona was not here either," Arlen said. I sighed.

"What are you talking about?" I asked before pointing in the other direction. "Leona's right there, talking to Jaysin."

Arlen turned around, expecting to not see Leona there, only to see Jaysin sitting with him, both of them laughing as they threw rocks into the fire, Leona a little moodily. He looked back at me, his eyes suspicious as he looked me over. I sighed and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Can I please spend some time with him, Arlen?" I asked. "I haven't seen him in four days."

Arlen sighed and crossed his arms over his chest as he looked down at me.

"As long as Jaysin is there, or someone else," he told me. I smiled and rolled my eyes before walking over to Leona and Jaysin and sitting by Leona's side, leaning lightly against his arm. He looked at me out of the corner of his eye and smiled. I smiled back. Jaysin chuckled.

"The moment of bliss didn't last, huh?" he asked. We both shook our heads.

"Kausta just had to notice I wasn't right there with them," I sighed, picking up a pebble from the ground and inspecting it before tossing it into the fire. Everything had calmed down and everyone was sitting back down on the logs again. Leona sighed.

"At least we get to leave in a week. No more Laren and Arlen having to watch over us all day," he said.

"Way to look on the bright side of things," Jaysin chuckled, throwing a twig into the fire. I just smiled and rested my chin on Leona's shoulder. To the ones who were not around us all the time, it still looked as if we were just friends.

"I never thought I'd want to get away from home so badly," I said. "But I'm tired of this. How do you think Arlen would react if we tried to keep him and Kausta apart?"

"That would not go down so smoothly," Jaysin said.

"Exactly," Leona and I agreed, sighing. Then, Adelian and Slyder lay down behind us, resting their chins on their feet and blowing warm breaths onto us. Leona and I smiled and looked back at them. They smiled back before closing their eyes. Leona and I both turned back around to face the fire.

"So, what has been going on at home?" Jaysin asked us. We both sighed.

"Arlen watching over me all the time, and when he's not there, he usually has Aynor keeping a close eye on me. It's frustrating. I can't do anything. It's like I'm in jail or something," I replied.

"Pretty much the same here, without a dragon watching me as well as Laren," Leona added.

"That stinks," Jaysin sighed, diggin the tip of his shoe into the ground. Leona and I just nodded. Then, Rian joined us, flopping down onto the ground in front of Jaysin and leaning against his legs.

"Busted, huh?" she asked.

"Close," Leona replied. Rian rolled her eyes.

"This is the craziest I've ever seen Arlen or Laren, and it's not a big deal…at all," she said.

"I know," we agreed as Jaysin began to run a hand through her hair slowly. She smiled and rolled her eyes. I giggled.

"You better watch yourself, Rian," I said.

"I know. I could end up in the same situation…though Haldor isn't so strict. He's really laid back," Rian said, leaning her head back against Jaysin's knees as he splayed her golden hair across his lap.

"Aren't you lucky," Leona mumbled, pulling my hand into his lap and playing with my fingers. I smiled and tilted my head just right to nuzzle his neck with my nose in a way that neither of our parents would be able to tell. Jaysin chuckled.

"You two were just, oh so fortunate to have the strictest parents around," he told us.

"Yeah. We're so lucky," I said, rolling my eyes. Leona just smiled and rested his head lightly on top of mine. Then, Tanag walked up to us.

"Hello kids," he said. We all looked up at him and smiled.

"Hey, Tanag," we replied. He chuckled.

"How has it been going?" he asked.

"Okay," Rian and Jaysin replied while Leona and I just sighed. Tanag looked at us.

"Ah yes. Your fathers had a slight problem with your dancing the other night," he said, tapping his chin lightly with his finger. Leona and I just nodded.

"They've been trying to keep up away from each other," I added. Tanag sighed as he looked down at us.

"Well, maybe I can convince them to loosen up a little. We don't need to have people worrying about you when you sneak off," he told us, winking. Leona and I looked up at him and he chuckled. "I saw you two sneaking off into the woods. Don't worry, I will not tell your parents."

"Thanks," we replied as he walked away and winked at us again. Rian giggled.

"Is that what the uproar was about before? Because you two snuck off?" she asked.

"Yes, it was," Jaysin told her. Leona and I just smiled as she whistled.

"Isn't it ridiculous?" Leona asked.

"Mhm," Jaysin and Rian agreed as he continued to play with her hair.

"Oh man, he really did mean he was going to talk to Arlen and Laren. This is just going to make them even angrier," I sighed as I spotted Tanag talking to Arlen and Kausta. Jaysin and Rian laughed while Leona ran a hand over his face, sighing.

"Yeah, this isn't going to go over well," he added as I rested my head back on his shoulder. I shook my head and sighed, closing my eyes.

"Aw, come one. Be positive," Jaysin said.

"I would be, if I didn't know Arlen better. Kausta is more sympathetic, but if Arlen is convinced of something, she has no say," I said.

"Yeah. I've seen that over the years," Rian agreed. I just nodded.

"Depending on the situation, Laren is the same way. And he's like that right now," Leona sighed.

"Mmh, that stinks," Jaysin sighed as he began to braid some of Rian's hair.

"Yep," Leona and I agreed as he wove his fingers through mine and played with my fingers. I smiled slightly and kissed his neck softly, causing him to chuckle. Then, we all watched as Tanag chuckled, clapped Arlen on the back, and then walked straight over to Laren and Aileen. Leona sighed again as he peeled a bit of bark off the log and looked at it before throwing it into the fire.

"Calm down. It's going to be fine," Rian said, closing her eyes as Jaysin continued to braid her hair.

"Mmh, maybe," I said, pulling my hair over my right shoulder. Leona smiled and reached over with his free hand to pull lightly on the end of my hair. I smiled and reached up to pull lightly on the tip of his ear. He chuckled and moved his head away from mine, sitting up straighter and shoving me lightly. I sighed and sat up also, seeing Arlen walking towards us. Jaysin and Rian exchanged looks, and then continued what they were doing, acting as if they weren't there. As soon as I saw the look on Arlen's face, I got up and backed up towards Adelian, pulling Leona by the hand with me.

"He's fuming," Leona whispered.

"I know. I knew nothing good would come of Tanag talking to him," I whispered back as both Adelian and Slyder shifted, ready to jump up if need be.

"Eliana, come on. We are going home," Arlen said. My eyebrows rose as I looked at him.

"No. We're not," I replied, crossing my arms over my chest. Arlen glared at me, his expression serious. "Arlen, I'm seventeen, not seven."

"I know perfectly well how old you are, Eliana," Arlen said.

"So why are you treating me like a child?" I asked in response, taking a small step back towards Adelian, ready to jump onto his back to fly off.

"I'm not," Arlen replied. "Now come on."

"Arlen, no," I said, crossing my arms over my chest stubbornly and looking at Arlen seriously.

"Eliana," Arlen warned, but he was cut off as Adelian growled, his upper lip curling up to expose his teeth. I looked back at him, appalled, and Arlen took a cautious step back.

"Adelian," I said urgently. He just looked at me quickly before looking back at Arlen, his lip still curled up.

Do you want to be able to spend time with Leona or not? He asked me. I could see that once Tanag started talking to Laren that he would loosen up. The case is not the same with Arlen.

Fine. No physical harm please, I replied, watching Adelian carefully as he glared at my father, a steady growl still escaping from his teeth. He rolled his eyes at my last statement before returning his gaze back to Arlen. I eyed Adelian, and then slowly made my way over to Leona's side. As I reached his side, Leona pulled me closer to him, looking at Adelian also as he growled and took a defensive stance in front of us.

"He's never gotten like this before," Leona whispered.

"I know," I agreed as we watched Arlen to see what he would do as he watched Adelian, who was crouched in front of us. Then, soon enough, Leona, Rian, Jaysin, and I were not the only ones watching the confrontation. Many of the other elves gathered around, curious to know what was going on. I swore under my breath.

Adelian, can we try not to attract everyone's attention? I asked as Leona squeezed my shoulders lightly. Adelian just rolled his eyes. Then, I stepped forward. Leona grabbed my wrist, making sure I didn't go too far away from him or Slyder.

"Arlen, you're being ridiculous," I said. "We're not little anymore, we're growing up."

"Eliana, I know perfectly well that you two are not little anymore," Arlen replied as a few more elves joined the crowd around us. I rolled my eyes, squeezing Leona's hand.

"Then treat us so," I replied, my eyes narrowed. Then, Laren walked up behind Arlen and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Arlen. Let it go. I realize now that we were being over protective. As she said, they are not little anymore. We need to let them go their own ways now," Laren told him. Leona and I both smiled and Leona brought me slightly closer to him. Arlen turned towards Laren to look at him. Then, they began whispering to each other. Adelian eyed them the whole time, his upper lip still curled and exposing his teeth in case Arlen tried anything. Then, Arlen sighed and looked over at us, and then walked away. I smiled and giggled, jumping slightly in place. Leona chuckled and I threw my arms around his neck. He just smiled and kissed me, his arms around my waist. I kissed him back, my arms tightening around his neck.

"Hey, you two, you're not alone," Jaysin chuckled. We both just laughed and then broke apart and looked over at Jaysin and Rian. There was still a small crowd, consisting of mostly the elves around our age. They all whistled, laughed, and then walked away. Leona and I laughed and then walked back over to Jaysin and Rian to sit back down where we had been sitting before. Adelian relaxed and lay down, his head rested on his feet.

"That was special," Rian said, leaning back against Jaysin's knees again. Leona and I just nodded as I leaned against his side and he wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

"It was weird how everyone started gathering," I said. Jaysin laughed.

"What did you expect? Adelian was growling his butt off at Arlen," he added. I smiled and rolled my eyes.

"He was just trying to stand up for us," I said.

"Mhm," Leona replied, picking up a stick and beginning to draw absentmindedly in the dirt, a small smile upon his lips. Adelian hummed behind us, shifting his position so that he was lying on his side, his and Slyder's backs just touching. I smiled as I looked at them, feeling as if everything had finally fallen into place.