For Mason Fabray, life couldn't have gotten better. He was the star athlete with the hottest girlfriend in school. But things can only go so far up before they come crashing down. The day his parents get his report card in the mail and decide to send him to an all boys boarding school to keep him on track, is the same day he finds his girlfriend and best friend having sex behind his back. Now Mason must endure an all boy's school with no chicks to keep him interested. However, once he meets the sexy and alluring Jade LaBelle and starts to fall for him, he begins questioning everything he has ever known. Including his gender choice… SLASH. mXm.

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~Chapter One: So Long~

I sat in the living room, listening to the pitter patter of the rain drops against the window. It was raining… again. It was almost the end of summer and I had been forced to watch the rain poor down outside my window almost every single day. Do you have any idea how many baseball games that left me playing? One to none. Talk about a tragedy.

However, I couldn't say I was one of those people who were upset at the end of the summer. In fact, if anything, I was giddy with excitement. The end of summer meant soon, I would be returning to my kingdom. My wonderful and ever so populated high school.


I turned my gaze from the window and to my mother. I smiled at first, that is, before I saw her expression. She was standing there, hands on hips, glaring down at me with one of those "your mom is royally pissed right now" looks. Holy shit this could be nothing good.

"Uh… yeah?"

She cocked her head toward the kitchen and gestured for me to follow her. Oh god… This was a kitchen discussion? Had I gotten Natalie pregnant?

…Oh god. I probably did. I probably got Natalie pregnant and now her mom was calling my mom and my life was going to officially end. I was about to become a father! Oh god. Oh god. I've always wanted to name my kid Charlie. That way I could still name it that even if it was a boy or a girl… I wondered if Natalie would like that name—


I looked up at my mom, finding myself in the kitchen. She must've called my name three times now because she was fuming; her face had turned from its normal tan to a dark shade of scarlet. Yep. No doubt. I got my girlfriend knocked up.

"Have you seen your grade card?"

I practically choked on my own spit. "Excuse me?"

She grabbed a paper off the counter and shoved it in my hands. I just kept staring at her. What did this mean…?

"You had three D's in your last semester of junior year!" She screeched.

I wanted laugh and say: well yeah, obviously. But my heart was beating so fast. And then, somehow, I just kind of spit it out…

"So Natalie isn't pregnant?"

There has never been a longer silence between my mom and me. For a moment it looked as though she was beginning to calm down. Her muscles grew less tense and her face was returning back to its normal shade of honey tan. And then… slowly, but surely, her lips trembled up into what I thought looked like a smile.

"And why would you think that, Mason?" She asked, without moving.

I ran a hand through my hair. I couldn't exactly tell if she was overwhelmingly furious or actually remaining calm. Considering it was my mom… I was going to take bets on the first one.

"Well, uh, you looked so worried. So I thought… Uh… Oh man! Natalie must be pregnant because when someone is that pissed… Well it just seems like 'I knocked up my girlfriend' is the obvious answer."

Wow. I was really great at getting myself out of bad situations, right? Haha. Note the incredible amount of sarcasm in that sentence.

"Mason James Fabray!" She started to scream and suddenly her face was red again and her entire body was shaking with fury. I think she screamed at me for about five minutes, but I kind of blocked her out. Every once in a while I heard 'sex' and 'unprotected sex' and 'irresponsible.' And those words certainly did not give me any reason to listen on.

"Are you listening to me?"

However, those words did…

"Uh… yes. Yes! Yes I am listening!" Yes I know. I am just so articulate.

She just stood there for a moment, pursing her lips and glaring at me. "I'm done," she finally said and turned around, grabbing the phone off the wall.

A shot of horror swam through my body. Was she going to send me to foster care? Wait… She couldn't do that! I just turned eighteen… Oh god. Was she going to kick me out on the streets?

"W-what are you doing?" I asked, watching her with wide eyes.

She sent me another cold look and punched numbers into the phone. "Upon seeing your report card we thought about sending you to boarding school."


"But we both decided that we would give you another chance. But now that I know how incredibly splendid your unprotected sex life has been lately. I think your father and I will both agree that boarding school is the best option for you to remain successful and focused during your senior year."

Boarding school? Okay, I thought. Okay… I could deal with that. After all, I'll be living on a campus surrounded by girls each day. I would be sleeping in the same campus they were. I'm sure I could continue something pleasant there.

"Don't look so happy," she hissed, holding the phone to her ear. "It's an all boys' boarding school."

And that is when all hell broke loose.

For a second I just stared at her. This couldn't be happening. Yep, it was all a joke. No mother of mine would willingly send her adolescent son into the hell hole he feared most. I mean, how the hell was I to survive an entire year without any girls? And Natalie. Oh god. What was I going to do without Natalie?

"You can't do that!" I said, pleading with her with my eyes. "Mom please—"

"Hello?" She turned away from him, speaking into the phone. "Hello Headmaster Bellinger! Yes this is Richelle Fabray! I'm good, how are you?" She paused and smiled.

I wanted to get up and slap that smile off her face. But I supposed I wasn't that kind of guy. I didn't slap my mom… Even if she was about to basically end my adolescent life.

"Oh my goodness!" She continued. "That's wonderful! Anyway, I actually called to enroll my son at Augustine Academy."

Wait. Wait. My mom was about to send me to Augustine Academy? Not just any dead beat all boys' boarding school. But it had to be Augustine. Out of all the boarding schools she could have sent me to and she decided on the one three cities over that would be at least a five hour drive. Wow. Thanks Mom.

"Are you kidding me? Augustine, Mom? Really?" I said aloud and she shot him a cold look before turning back to the phone with a bright smile.

"You are the best," she said through a fit of laughter. "What day do classes start? Oh! Well we'll get him there right away then. We'll leave tomorrow in order to get all the paper work in."

Tomorrow? No. They weren't actually leaving tomorrow.

"Okay," she said, smiling. "Bye."

And with that she hung up. She gave me a pointed look and then her lips folded into a narrow grin. My evil mother. She really did hate me didn't she?

"Why Augustine, Mother? Why? Out of all the places—"

"It's right by the beach, Mason. Don't you like the beach?" Her grin never faltered.

"Yeah… well tell me a time when I will ever have the opportunity to go there."

Mom gave me a mock sorrowful look and then walked over to me, ruffling my hair. And then she pulled me into a tight hug and said, against my ear. "We're leaving tomorrow."

Damn it.

I pulled away sharply, not wanting to look at her. "Yeah," I said; my voice was like acid. "I gathered that. Thanks."

"You know," she said, setting her hands on her hips and giving me one of those infamous 'mom' looks. "This hurts me more than it—"

"Like hell it does!" I snapped. I couldn't hold it any longer. I couldn't believe my mother was doing this to me! My parents rarely ever punished me! It didn't matter what I did or how a situation happened, everything always ended in my favor. It was just the way my life was. But this? This was going to kill me.

"Language, Mason," she said after a moment of just looking at me.

She did look rather sad. The kind of sad that someone gets when they knowingly push someone into a lion's den.

"So I guess I should go pack," I muttered. I started to turn around and leave. It took me all the way until I got up to my room and shot the door to realize she wasn't going to call me back down and say she was just kidding. This was actually happening… I was actually going to boarding school.

Since elementary school, I had always been the king. For some reason, popularity just came easily to me. I was an agile athlete and had played baseball as pitcher for as long as I can remember. I was right handed, which was more common than it was wanted, but hey, it was hard to find good left handed pitchers these days.

In middle school, I met Natalie. At the time she had been one of the prettiest girls I had ever seen. Now, while she was still very attractive, it was a faker kind of pretty. She wore pounds of makeup and her hair was dyed a bleach blonde color. Her skin was golden tan, but mainly because she went to the tanning salon like three times a week. She was super skinny, but I was pretty sure that was because she never ate anything. Overall, she kind of looked exactly how she was… like a cheap whore.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Did this kid just call his girlfriend a cheap whore? Well… yes… yes I did. But that is only because honesty… is key.

Well, we both have our flaws. And despite this, I absolutely love her. She had been there since the first day of my eighth grade year when I felt like skipping my first day of science. Natalie didn't hesitate to skip it with me. We made out under the bleachers that day and a few weeks later she gave me my first blow job. What could I say? The girl and I had some major history together. And now I was about to leave her and all of my close friends during the last year of my high school career. Just peachy. I guess that's what slacking off in school and accidentally telling your mom you and you girlfriend had unprotected sex lands you.

I thought of all of this as I drove to Natalie's house. I kept wondering how she would react when I told her. She would probably start crying… Oh damn. I could not deal with girl tears.

I pulled up into Natalie's swirling driveway. I was beginning to feel a little sick as I drove closer to her house. What was I going to do if she started crying? No. Not if. She would start crying. She would probably start blabbering off to me about how much our relationship meant to her and how she was going to loose everything. I'm not just saying that to flatter myself. It was the way Natalie worked. She wouldn't think about the fact that I'm the one who was being forced to go to a boarding school. She would just think about how she was the one about to loose her boyfriend.

Once parking my car in her driveway, I half jogged my way up to her house. I needed to find a way to get rid of all of these nerves before going to talk to her.

"Oh hi, Mason!" Her mom, Ms. Allard, said as she opened the door. She was smiling brightly at me and it took everything I had to smile back at her.

"Hey Ms. Allard," I said. "Thank you."

"No problem," she said and started back toward the kitchen. "Natalie is in her room!" She called.

"Uh, thanks!"

It took all I had to pull myself up that winding staircase. I really didn't want to deal with a crying Natalie. But if I didn't get it over with now, I would never get it over with at all. And then she would be in even worse shape when she heard that my mother sent me to boarding school for having unprotected sex with her. Oh damn. That would be a scorcher.

I finally made it to her door and stopped, clearing my throat and letting out a sigh. What to say, what to day?

"Push harder!" The groan escaped from behind the door.

I felt myself tense up and glanced around the hall uncomfortably. Uh, what had I just head?

"Ah yes! Touch me there—"

The voice belonged to Natalie and she was cut off by an incessant moan. Oh my god.

Suddenly, I was pushing the door open. And even more suddenly, I was staring at my best friend since kindergarten, Devin Romilly; stick his penis in Natalie's vagina. Sorry for the rash description, but I only say what I see. My eyes widened and they both stopped dead and stared at me.

Slowly, I turned around and shut the door behind me. Great. And just when I thought nothing could get worse…

"Mason!" Natalie gasped, pushing open her door and holding her tiny robe together with her hands. She was breathing hard and her blonde hair was plastered to her forehead with sweat. Oh my god… I really was going to get sick.

"Uh," I said and then just stared at her. "Just go ahead and carry on. I'm going to go—"

"Mase," she whispered, grabbing my hand as I turned away from her.

A felt a shot of pain go through me and I had to practically force myself not to look back at her. I shoved my hand from her grip and kept walking.

"Mason! I'm sorry! It just happened and—"

"I'm leaving," I said again, without looking at her. If I looked at her I probably wouldn't be able to control myself. I would probably have run back into her arms and allowed myself to listen to her pleas for forgiveness. But I didn't. I was going to leave anyway. I couldn't turn back now.

I drummed my fingers against my jeans as I stepped out of her house and walked to my car. How the hell had this happened? Why the hell were Devin and Natalie having sex? How long had it been going on? Or had it really "just happened"? Maybe it was a one time thing… But even if it was… Should that matter?

I had never cheated on Natalie, so why should she have the right to cheat on me? And with my best friend no less? Oh god! What did it even matter anymore?

I was leaving and Natalie and Devin were staying behind. And why was I leaving? Because I was stupid enough to get a bunch of D's in school and blurt to my mom my sexual habits with my girlfriend. Yes. I am just that smooth.

So much for Mason Fabray's perfect life. So long perfect life. So long perfect world. So long Natalie the whore. So long Devin the backstabbing douche bag best friend.

So long…

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