Random things I wonder about

Chapter one: censorship

I don't mind censorship. I prefer not to see some things. Really. I don't.

But some censorship doesn't make sense. And bad words. Like, I curse some times. But really, it's not hurting anyone. How is a word, which is really just a sound, hurting anyone. It's not. What hurts is the meaning behind the word. And we (society), put the meaning behind the words. So really, it's not me cursing, but you.

Another thing is that when you were little and you cried it wasn't because someone said a really bad word; it was because someone said "stupid" or "hate" I know when I was in second grade it was the worst thing ever to say "Oh My God" and now, it's fine to say: THAT'S SUCH A RETARDED PENCIL!... I heard someone say that the other day and it looked like a regular pencil to me…

My point being that when your parents say "sticks and stones may hurt my bones but words may never hurt us" really what that's saying is that it's fine to say "F*** You!" because "words may never hurt me". also, why are we allowed to play with those sticks and stones? And when we get all muddy your mom will probably say: OH MY GOD YOU'RE SO FILTHY! And I know when people say you're filthy; it hurts. So, my point being: PICK ONE! IF IT'S OK TO PLAY WITH STICKS AND STONES, WHY IS IT BAD TO SAY A CURSE WORD!

And why in some movies do they put that back box around your mouth when they curse. It's not like your mouth is something that you're not supposed to see. And it's not like you can see the words coming out of your mouth, so why the box? You don't need it! it also disorients the face and makes you look like someone gaged you.

Also, why is it bad if you look at someone in underwear that covers the same stuff that bathing suits cover! I mean, I don't think it's pretty when anyone just walks out into the street in their tighty whites, but I have seen many many bathing suits that cover a lot less than that stuff. No joke. It's not fun either way.

Anyway, this was me rambling about random stuff that confuses me. if I get enough reviews I'll make more chapters. And if anyone has any ideas for me to complain about I'll surly do it. so please review! It makes me happy!