The abnormal things I wonder about

Chapter four: Movies and votes and a few showers

Let's start with movies. I don't have many problems with movies. There are very few movies where I go: well, someone is scrounging for an idea. Like (not that I have a problem with this author) What. Gave. You. The. Idea. To. turn. A famous. President. Into. A Vampire Hunter? Are vampires really so popular that you have to turn the presidents into a vampire hunter? I have a document on my computer that is 14 pages long that is just ideas for books. No. joke. And apparently an Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is SUCH A GOOD IDEA!

I mean really; you want to see a vampire hunter? Stick me in a Twilight movie. I don't have anything against Twilight; but people have taken It to a new level with the whole Team Jacob and Team Edward. You know what I say: Team guy-who-hit-bella-with-his-car. But I don't have anything against the books. Just the movies and fans went to a new level.

Another thing that I was asked to talk about was the reason that Madge wasn't put in the Hunger Games movie. Me being a die-hard Hunger Games fan (not the Team Gale Team Peeta stuff though) I wondered about that too. Was she such a hard character to get? I don't know if this is just me, and people who haven't read the books won't know why but I thought that Madge was a very important character and I really hate it when movies take characters out that I love. Mainly because I always fall in love with the insignificant character but that's not the point.

Or when a movie changes things about the main character that are really important or something that makes them not seem like their age. For example: in Lord of the Rings, FRODO IS A 50 YEAR OLD MAN THAT IS 3'4! *cough* when I saw the movies a couple of years ago I was like, woa, they really went all out on this, him being 20 years old. I don't have a problem with him being 20 years old but I was really looking forward to seeing a 50 year old fight off a giant spider.

But that has nothing to do with what I'm saying. Basically, sometimes the movies have a good reason for changing things. And sometimes you have to wonder. And then in other movies you just go: this is a stupid movie whether or not you change anything. Like, Madge (I really hoped to see her) I know that Suzan Collins helped write the script so I know she must have had a reason but I just don't know what it is! Which bugs me.

Does anyone else know any movies that bug them? I think for me it's just Lord of the Rings and all the things they changed in HG but I can't think of anymore on the spot. So someone tell me a few.

Also, this part was inspired by: Malishluv

Part two: very short summary of the usage of towels

This will be short because I just thought it up a second ago. How does a towel get dirty if you use it to try off when you get out of the shower? I mean, you're all wet and clean, and use the towel just to take the water off you. How can it get dirty?

Well, that was short so I will continue.

Part three: votes

So, I normally don't get into politics (unless it's on gay marriage then I'll get up in your face about it because I have a very strong opinion on why gays should be able to get married and other people shouldn't decide for them) but EatUrFace wanted me to talk about it and I do love to talk so I thought, why not?

Basically it was about why the media talks bad about canidates. I think this was centered around why Mitt Romney strapped his dog to the roof of his car; which I couldn't believe when I read, did he just not have enough room in his car? Then don't take the dog! That was off point, but still.

I'm not really concerned in politics because everything about it just makes my head spin but I found this interesting: why do people fight so much about what politicians do? Because they don't want a bad president. But sometimes I think it's just because people are very critical about democrats (donkeys) and republicans (elephants) and they just don't like the other side.

People take these things I bit too far sometimes and when news reporters talk about the bad things that the other side did sometimes it looks pretty personal. No joke. Sometimes I wonder if they might walk up to each other and start hitting each other with those foam mics. It would be a lot more interesting than talking about what seven other channels are talking about.

So when it comes down to it; the more that the news reporters talk about things the more it looks like the reporters are just talking about the same thing over and over and then; has anyone else noticed they barely ever talk about the good things that happen. It's all about the bad things! so really, I think they should just let us vote.

I have a theory: in the end when the elephant faces off the donkey the American Eagle will swoop down and blind the elephant and he will fall on the donkey and the eagle will stand triumphant above everything.

I already said that I don't like to talk about politics too much. But sometimes; news reporters kill…

So, leave comments or PM me about something if you want it to be a surprise. Or I'll think of something. I always find something to wonder about!