The Abnormal Things I Wonder About

Chapter five: tattoos

I'm terribly sorry I haven't written much in here, but these things are written as I think things up you know, so I'm always interested in you guys's ideas.

So, the idea of tattoos became very interesting to me when I did a report on enchant Egypt and found out even then they had tattoos. I live in a pretty tattooed up place, it's hard to look anywhere without seeing some form of ink (or piercing).

Apparently, humans have always inked our skin, whether with permanent ink, or with sticks covered in mud. The earliest people estimate us inking ourselves is around 5,200 years ago.

In early times, tattoos were symbols of rebelliousness, love, status of religious belief (which I believe is still used today) and sometimes even punishment. How you could punish someone by giving them a tattoo I'm not sure, maybe just write "I love so-and-so" on their arm in big letters, or maybe just scare them with the pain? I don't know. Either way, that doesn't make much sense to me.

Through all of this, you have to wonder why the idea of sticking a needle in your skin and creating something permanent would be so appealing. Maybe just the idea of having something permanent for your whole life (and after) is why people do it? I know people get tattoos for reasons, and some are really good (I know one of my friends has a breast cancer symbol on her leg for her mother) but when you get something that means nothing, it seems a bit pointless. Do you just like the design?

As always, if you have any more questions for me, just PM them to me, or review them, and I'll try to get to all of them. Very sorry for not updating, but hopefully I'll have enough ideas in a few more days.