Galilia was a mid sized country about three hundred years ago, but that all changed when the Sinclaire family took over one hundred, twenty years ago. Ernest Di Sinclaire III was the one who began to really expand the country into a vast empire. By the time Ernest's son, Edward Li Sinclaire became Emperor, the country had become ten times it's original size. Edward continued in his father's path; continually expanding the empire.

The Emperor divided the empire into 5 classes called sectors. Each class received their own section of the empire. They could do whatever they wanted to do with this sector, as long as they abided by the rules decreed by the Emperor. The sectors were called; Meridiem, Occidentem, Orientem, Divesnem, and Pauperem. The Divesnem was the wealthiest of the classes, the noblemen lived here and had the largest section of land. Next came the Meridiem, which had a high standard of living only less land, the Occidentem came after, then the Orientem.

Then lastly was the Pauperem, which was basically the slums. The residents in the Pauperem had their necessities, such as food and water, rationed considerably. Along with minimal food and water supplies, they also were restricted in their education. After the age of sixteen all Pauperem residents had to stop schooling. In fact a little less then half of the boys were forced to quit school and join the military as young as twelve. Many times parents had to sell their children to work as servants or slaves, for the residents of Divesnem, to pay for themselves to eat a few more meals.

Ten percent of the Galilia's population had some variation of supernatural abilities. They ranged from being able to predict the future occurrences through dreams, to having heightened senses. The Galilia empire feared that these people may have the power to start a revolution. Intern the Emperor decided to have all the people with supernatural abilities hunted down and exterminated.

The strategy worked out fine, until Edward found out that his sole heir, Mikhail Vi Sinclaire, was one of the twenty percent with supernatural abilities. According to the records Mikhail died two months after he was found to have the abilities. The records also say that his death was not intentional, but occurred when a fire started in his bedroom, due to the maid who hadn't blown out his bedroom candles. The maid was executed for her ignorance a few months later.