God, the creator of the world. The land created by his skin, the water by his blood. After the world has been created, God decided that the first man would be his left hand, the strength, the will to grow even stronger. His right hand would be the first woman, the will to never give up, the intelligence. When his hands united, he placed his hands on the floor as the first ever man and woman walked upon his land. God smiled upon his creation and all the work he done. As he closed his eyes, his body slowly began to fall backwards as he began turning into white light. The man and woman looked around their surroundings as they noticed the light embracing them. Both stared at each other, smiling as they held their hands together. The light around them continued to shine as both man and woman embraced each other. They kissed as the light dispersed and spread throughout the world, finally creating the first man and wife, and sun. Finally, the world was created...


After decades passed, the world began going through a change that not even God would have expected. The first ever war happened upon the world, causing the first casualties of death. Both man and woman dying from each other's hands. Children experiencing painful loss of their parents. The feeling of madness, of pain spread throughout the world. The first time blood touched the land of which God created. In response to this tragedy, the first time when the first man and woman separated. Both, man and woman created a barrier to completely isolate their children from one another in order to stop the war. They were able to keep a small portion of the land that was never touched by blood inside the barrier, however, in order to stop the war, they can never be in each other's arms ever again, and will forever be bound to be the guardians of the barrier.

Due to this action, the children separated from their father and mother's roots, and began to create their own world within their lands. Little by little, their children forgot about their mother and father... and was doomed to repeat a similar tragedy withing their lands. As the endless cycle continued, hope began to fade as fear began to rise.

Is there a way to save humanity?

Will the war ever end?

Is this world destined to ruin?

Only time can tell within a new tale. A tale in which is the light at the end of the tunnel. The light that can save humanity from repeating history. The light from a new rising sun, the light of the dawn. This... is the Tale of a new dawn.


The forest of demise. It has the appearance of an average looking forests. It was said in legends that the forest was created by the God of Life, Izanagi and his wife, Izanami. They both loved their forest creation as much as they both loved each other. Until that fated day. Izanami was taken away from her lover from a sickness. Izanagi, sick from loneliness, decided to go to Yomi to bring his lover back. He went to the ruler of the Yomi and asked if he can bring Izanami back with him. The ruler replied that his lover will not be the same as he last saw her. Izanagi, focused on getting his lover back said it did not matter and went to bring Izanami back. When Izanagi found his lover sitting by a dying tree, he walked up to her. Izanami in response turned around to reveal her pitch-black eyes, maggots crawling all over her face. Her lips now wrinkled, her skin pale, and her once beautiful hair, now gray. Izanagi shocked by her appearance, ran away. Izanami shocked by his action, chased after her lover in rage. Izanagi ran through the entrance of Yomi and began closing it. Izanami grabbed her lover's hand, and asked why was he scared. Izanagi pulled his hand away as he responded, "You're not Izanami." Shocked by his response, Izanami tried to claw at her former lover, but only to be pulled back by the darkness of Yomi. Her eyes meet his as she swore vengeance to him. "For this act of insolence, I will kill a thousand of your creations!" Izanagi stared at his former lover as he replied. "Then I will give life to a thousand and five-hundred!" Before the gate of Yomi closed, Izanami cursed their forest that they both cared for. Thus giving the forest the nickname of The forest of demise. Whoever stepped in the forest, will see their fears in the shadows of the trees. If one managed to overcome their fears and continue to walk through the forest will forever be lost within the forest.

"Haa...Haa..." Two figures ran through a forest, followed by a single figure. "Damn it... She won't give up!" The sunlight hit one of the figure, revealing his short light blue hair, strands of hairs covering his forehead. His dark-blue eyes looking ahead as he had his hand holding onto the hilt of his katana on his side. Light brown lamellar armor covered his red kimono. He looked behind as he noticed the figure getting closer to them. "Damn it!" He sighed as he looked ahead. "She won't stop! What do we do now Balf-" He looked to his right and noticed his partner standing still behind him. "What the hell are you doing Balfour!" He stopped and began walked towards his partner. "She's going to catch up to us if we don't move-"He stopped as the woman figure stopped between him and his partner. A sickle pointed underneath both their necks. "...Shit."

"Tempest and Gale, Otherwise known as Ryo and Balfour Gale, by the order of the organization, you two are under arrest for disrupting the peace of numerous villages." The sunlight hit the woman, revealing her long black hair, and her crimson eyes. Black lamellar armor covered her green kimono. Her eyes focused on the light-blue headed man. "Ryo Gale... You on the other hand are charged for stealing equipment from the organization."

"Eh?" Ryo sighed. "Is that really the only reason why I'm going to be arrested?"

"No one is allowed to steal equipment from the Organization, especially to criminal scum like yourself-"

"Ah, ah." Ryo placed his finger on her sickle. "You got it wrong there flatty. I didn't steal this armor... I borrowed it from a dead body that just HAPPENED to be in front of me. So as the nice man i am... I couldn't leave perfectly good conditioned armor... so..." His eyes focused on her. "I borrowed it."

Balfour rest his face on his hand. "That idiot..."

The woman's eye twitched slightly as she tightened the grip of her sickle. "Really...?"

"Yup." Ryo nodded with a smile on his face. "So... am I... free to go-" His eyes widened as he felt a sharp pain underneath his waist. "Ugh!" He fell on his back as he placed his hands on his groin area. "What the hell you crazy woman!" He closed his eyes tightly as he cringed in pain. "My precious... Gales..."

The woman shook her leg. "Ouch... that kick hurt my foot..." She said as she walked up to Ryo as she placed her foot on his chest. "I really don't care about the equipment anymore... as a matter of fact..." She grinned. "This has nothing to do with that... I was going to let you get a small charge of jail for 10 years... but calling me... Flat...?" Her eyes focused on his. "I'm still growing!" She growled. "That's when you deserve death..."

Ryo felt a small chill going down his spine as he looked over at his partner. "B-Balfour...?"

Balfour shook his head. "I got nothing to say..." He said as he turned around. "Except... keep her busy for me won't you?"

The woman looked over at him. "What the hell are you saying-" Her eyes widened as she noticed a small army surrounded them. "What the hell...?" She stepped away from Ryo as she noticed the soldiers wearing similar armor as her and Ryo's. "The organization?"

Ryo slowly stood up as he placed one of his hand on his hilt and the other still holding his groin. "Huh... why not tell your buddies to step off lady?" He asked as he looked at her. "You already 'captured' us."

The woman bit her lip as she looked down.

"Hello?" Ryo walked up to her. "Tell your buddies to back off-"

"Ryo!" Balfour called out as he finished placing on his gauntlets. "Let them be." He said with a smirk on his face. "I need something to punch anyways." He said as he walked into the sunlight revealing his long raven colored hair as two bangs covered his forehead. A silver chest plate covered his long blue kimono with golden outlines. He punched both of his fists together. "So..." He stopped in the middle of the small army. "Who's first?"

Ryo sighed as he grabbed the woman's arm and dragged her away from Balfour. "Come on... we don't want to ruin his fun-"

The woman pulled back. "How can you be so calm!" She asked. "Don't you see he's outnumbered!"

"Yeah, but... it's Balfour we're talking about... He can do this without breaking a sweat-"

"But he's only one man!" She responded. "We need to go help him-"

"Wait a second lady..." Ryo kept his eyes on her. "What is this 'We'? If I recall... you're chasing us down to bring us to the Organization-"

"It doesn't matter! We need to-" She felt Ryo's grip tighten.

"You seem to be forgetting something here Lady... It's Tempest and Gale. The most wanted criminals by the Organization... How in the hell do you think we made it this far without being captured?" Ryo asked with a serious look on his face. "We both made it this far because we're both equally strong." He sighed as he let go of her. "And... well... We got the looks... and- wait... actually, I'm the one with the looks, and Balfour is the one with the brains- wait... don't tell him I said that alright?" He asked with a chuckle.

"I don't know how you two can do this..." The woman sighed as she turned around and noticed Balfour walking towards them. "Don't tell me you already-"

"They were small fries." Balfour said as he walked past her. "Weak. All of them." He then walked up to Ryo.

"Balfour!" Ryo placed his hand on his shoulder. "Nice to see that you weren't harmed by the-Ugh!" He felt a sharp pain on his stomach as he fell on his knees. "W-why...?" He asked as he placed his hands against his stomach. "Why did you punch me you son of a-" He stopped as Balfour's eyes glared at him. "...Eep."

"I heard what you said." He said coldly as grabbed Ryo's arm and made him stand on his feet. "Don't be a baby. You went through worst." He said as he began walking off.

Ryo sighed as he began following him. "Hey... doesn't give you permission to make me your punching bag now does it?" He asked. "Hey! are you listening to me!-"

"Where do you two think you're going!" The woman asked.

Balfour continued walking. "Away from this place. I don't like the smell of dead bodies." Ryo nodded in agreement.

"You seem to have forgotten someone..." She replied as she went into a battle stance. "Come at me!"

Ryo stopped as he tilted his head slightly. "Are you sure that's wise?"

"Don't screw around!" She called out. "I'm not as weak as them! I'll take you both on!"

Balfour stopped as he looked other at Ryo. "Come on. Let's go."

"Don't ignore me you bastard!" The woman growled as she charged towards Balfour. "Don't ignore me!" She screamed as she swung her sickle down at him.

"Pathetic." In a blink of an eye she felt a sharp pain at her gut. She looked down and noticed Balfour's fist against her stomach. "You're the same as the others... Weak." His raven colored eyes focused on hers as she dropped down her sickles. "It's better for you to die." He said as he pulled his fist back.

"Damn it..." She felt her knees giving out as she began falling down, only to be caught by Balfour's hand. "What the hell are you...?"

Balfour raised the woman to his face by her hair. "You should already know by now." He replied. "I'll make sure to make this quick." He said as he raised his other fist as it gets engulfed with light and darkness. "Die." He let go of her hair as her body slowly fell down and pulled in his fist towards her head.

The woman closed her eyes. "I'm going to die here...? Damn it... I'm still weak as always... damn it..!"

Balfour quickly pushed the woman's body away as he caught a bullet with his hand. "Come on out." He said as the darkness and light slowly faded away from his hand and dropped the bullet. Another woman walked out from the trees, wearing similar clothing as the other woman, but with a red kimono. "Who are you?" Balfour asked.

"My name is Suki Nihara." The woman replied as she revealed her short blood-red hair, and emerald eyes. She bowed down slightly. "I'm sorry for what my friend Azuza Kagushi, did." She said as she stood straight and stared into his eyes. "Please. Spare her and I'll take ehr away from you."

Azuza opened her eyes slightly as she noticed a woman figure standing in front of Balfour. "What the hell..?" She slowly clenched her fist. "Suki... why are you... here...?" She asked as she closed her eyes.

Balfour turned around and began walking. "You two should start walking, or else." He said as he grabbed Ryo's shoulder and began dragging him.

Ryo blinked in confusion. "Eh? Wait... you're just going to let them go! They're with the organization-"

"Shut up and keep walking."

"...Yes sir..." Ryo sighed as he began walking next to Balfour as he raised his hand. "Take care of flatty, Busty!"

"Thank you." Suki said with a smile as she bowed down slightly. "Azuza..." She muttered as she sat next to her. "I'm sorry for coming late..." She said with a sigh as she began tending to her wounds. "You went through a battle earlier huh...?" She clenched her fists. "You're always so-"

"Reckless." A figure stood behind Suki, holding a staff with one hand and a piece of paper with the other.

Suki's eyes widened slightly as she looked over at him. "...It's you. How long have you been watching?"

"For a while, just watching the show." He shrugged. "It's been a while huh Suki?" The figure asked with a smile on his face. "And you have flatty with you." He said with a chuckle. "Nice to know that you two are still like sisters." He sighed as he handed the paper to her. "It's nice seeing you two after three years, but... it has to get cut short."

Suki looked at the paper with a small smile on her face. "...You're here to..."

"That's right." The man said with a sigh. "I'm here to arrest Suki Nihara and Azuza Kagushi for the crime of betraying the organization and for the crime of stealing the organization's weaponry... dead or alive."

-To Be continued. -

Another story I'm making. I hope you all enjoy this story! It's been in my head for a long time, and now I actually had the mahooneys to write it =.=... hope you guys enjoy! :3