The Boy Who Blinked

There once was a boy, small and thin,

and all the other kids, picked on him.
Life would be easier, as he grew old,
At least, that's what he'd been told.

There'd be work, a family, friends,
He'd be popular, the fun wouldn't end.
He envied grown ups, their life was made,
It would take forever to reach their age.

The boy was impatient, life was hard,

He had a rough hand, no choice of the cards.
So he made a wish one day, to grow up fast,
to be handsome and have bags of cash.

The wish was granted, one fateful day,
The boy was shocked, didn't know what to say.
How it had come about, he dared not think,
All he knew was, to age, he had to blink.

The first time it happened, he'd aged ten years,
Eighteen years old, with nothing to fear.
He grinned at his reflection and blinked once more,
Suddenly he was looking about thirty four.

"Oh no," The boy thought, "I'll age every time."
Sure enough he blinked, and there was a jump in time.
Now he was middle aged and the boy began to cry,
It was unstoppable, his life was passing by.

The middle aged man, screamed in despair,
He had barely began his life and now he was losing his hair!
He cursed himself, how could he have been so dumb?
There were no memories, none of family or fun.

A tear rolled down his cheek and the man blinked it away,
Finding a pensioner now looking his way.
What had been a blessing, had turned out to be a curse,
The man averted his eyes, wishing time would reverse.

If only he'd known, he would have lived his life,
He'd have battled through the trouble and strife,
Just for the good times, that he'd deffinately missed.
He was on his death bed, and he hadn't even been kissed.

The man wished to be a child again,

Eight years old, a future ahead of him,
But his life had passed him and with the blink of an eye,
He found himself screaming, "I don't want to die!"

"I'm too young, let me live my life,
Let me have children, a future, a wife!"
But his wish wasn't granted and the man blinked once more,
and with a heart heavy with regret, he knocked on heaven's door.

So if you find yourself sighing, wishing to grow old,
Remember the story, you have just been told.
Live life to the full, enjoy every moment,
For if you blink, it could be over in an instant.

I have rewritten this slightly since the reviews. Hope it flows a bit better now. Thanks again for all of your advice and kind words :)

I hope you enjoyed it.

Reviews / comments appreciated. Thanks