To Be a Ghost

Oh, it's fun to be a ghost!

To float across the floors and walk through the walls!

But that isn't the best of all!

To scare kids 'til they wet their beds,

To terrify adults out of their heads

Just because I'm dead!

Oh, it's thrilling to be a ghost!

When they hear my groans, what a funny face they make!

But I use my other powers, too, for sanity's sake.

To slip off covers and tickle toes

And see eyes widen like a frightened doe's.

All because I'm dead!

Oh, it's lonely to be a ghost.

To see people run in fear, when all I say is hi.

They must think I mean bye.

To only be able to moan and float

I'm hardly better than an old goat!

Sadly, because I'm dead.

Oh, I'd rather not be a ghost

But I'm doubtful that I'll just jump out of my grave.

I suppose I'm stuck with my lot

And I'll have to enjoy the fear I wrought.