Hopelessly torn
Between love and suicide
Darkness turns on
Drowns out the brightest light
It's not hard to decide
But she's caught in routine

Loving and losing
All things fall away
Shallow breaths
Die off eventually
It's become a new day
But she's caught in routine

Tired and lost
Closing eyes with hope to see
Jumping off
Intending to land on her feet
It's so cold on the street
But she's caught in routine

Battered and bruised
Kissing pavements, last goodbyes
Gather around
Watch life drain from blue eyes
Tear stains from the skies
As she ends her routine

This is what happens when you're sick and listening to Ed Sheeran songs at 2 in the morning. I don't write poetry much (which you are probably able to tell) so I'm sorry if it isn't up to par. Constructive criticism is always welcome!

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed it or have any questions, leave a review! I'd appreciate it if you did. (: