"This is Georgie Mills, and I'm sitting with future rap royalty right now, The King of Kii!"

The King himself tipped his hat in the direction of the camera that sat in front of him. He flashed the camera a quick smile.

Georgie turned away from the camera and held the microphone up to his mouth. "So K.O.K. what's up with you, tell the viewers were we are at right now."

"Well right now we are in my hometown of Kansas City, and I just got done with my last show of my tour."

Georgie nodded thoughtfully, probably thinking up another question "The grind has got to be terrible, I heard you were on tour for like two to three months, how long have you actually been out on the road?"

"Well, I've been on tour for like the past three possibly four months. It's been great but tiring."

Georgie sported a look of surprise on his face. "I could never do what you do man."

Atticus laughed lightly "Anyone could do it man, I've been through worse."

"Like what?"

Atticus scratched the back of his head as he laughed awkwardly "Wrestling practice senior year of high school. Got my ass whopped everyday of the week for free."

Georgie broke into a fit of laughter. "Really man, I can't see you being a wrestler!"

Atticus nodded; a hint of embarrassment graced his features "Yah man, I wasn't very good though. I barely made it to state; then I got demolished in the first round, pinned in fifteen seconds."

Georgie shook his head; a small smirk still present. "I'm glad that isn't me, you must've really been bad."

"Thanks Georgie."

Georgie laughed loudly at the sarcastic comment."So Kii, any thoughts on the whole Cool Kids/ Kidz in the Hall beef?"

Atticus frowned slightly "I know all of them personally and I just think it's stupid. I understand were the Kidz in the Hall are coming from, you aren't going to let someone punk you like that. But The Cool Kids need to cool off and realize that when you go at somebody expect some retaliation."

Georgie smiled devilishly, Atticus eyed his smile suspiciously, he had a feeling he knew what was coming next. "Who do you think you would rather collaborate with The Cool Kids, or Kidz in the Hall?"

"No comment, not even going to get mixed up in that shit." Atticus snapped.

Georgie smiled nervously at the King whose eyes were blasting craters into Georgie's face. Atticus hated it when these stupid paparazzi and reporters tried to get him in some kind of trouble. Nothing was worse than an interviewer trying to twist your words into something that you didn't mean.

Georgie looked away from the camera and Atticus as he realized his mistake. He tried to move on with the interview with another question, this time it was low key.

"So Kii what do you think of the established younger artists in the industry, not just in your genre but across the board?

Kii smiled lightly, he was glad for the change of subject. "Well. I really do like Narrator Nuke, and Diggy Simmons you know but my guilty pleasure is Lil Atomic. A lot of people don't think he is lyrical enough but I just love how he can do whatever he wants and just not care. I listen to all kinds of hip hop you know? Different moods equal different music. However, in the whole bubble of music, I would have to say my favorite younger artists are definitely Penelope Gonzales, she has a nice laid back acoustic feel to her music, and Brand Spanking Knew is a good ambient pop rock band. And that's about it."

The reporter nodded his head in agreement and responded, "That's cool man, kind of a wide selection. However, there is one person you did not mention, I'm sorry but I have to ask. How do you feel about Lauren Grant?"

Atticus thought it over for a little bit before answering, He never spent the time to ponder on the starlet. Sure she was a cute girl with a good voice, but her lyrics were shallow and feeble-minded. Nothing about her appearance could change that, Atticus leaned back towards the interviewer adjusting his Kansas City inspired snap back.

"I don't like her at all; if she sings about being shallow, then she is shallow."

The reporter cracked up "WHAT! Dude that's harsh."

Kii joined in on the laughing session and continued with his little rant on the starlet. "I know it's harsh but it's true," he said in between laughs "She has a huge fan base in the younger crowd and she is just sending the wrong message out to them."

The reporter stopped laughing at that statement and nodded in agreement, "But, you have to admit her charity work is up there in the stars category."

Atticus answered hastily "Then why doesn't she make music about that shit then? She isn't real to me, she does charity to look good for the parents so their children can go and buy her albums."

"Alright now let's get into the down and dirty. What is the title of your debut album?"

A small smile found itself on Kii's face, "My Album is called The Fledgling Phoenix, it's finished and I'm going to release next week on November 12th."

"That's a creative name Kii, Why did you name it The Fledgling Phoenix?"

"Well, when I was younger I was really into this game called Dynasty Warriors, don't laugh man it's a good story."

Georgie shook his head while he held a hand to his mouth covering up his inevitable laugh. "Keep on going Kii."

"Dynasty Warriors is based around a novel from ancient Chinese literature called Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The three kingdoms are Shu-Han, Wei, and Wu. These kingdoms are fighting for the control of China and it is the story of their rise and fall. My favorite kingdom is Shu-Han; Shu-Han had some of the talented strategists in the Three Kingdom's period. Namely Pang Tong and Zhuge Liang, these two were both were well known for their intelligence and wisdom. Nicknamed the Fledgling Phoenix; Pang Tong, He was considered an ugly man but with potential and abilities much like how a young phoenix according to legend is ugly but grows to be a beautiful creature. That is how I wanted to portray this myself in this album. Young, ugly, but I have a bright future."

Georgie Mills smiled uncharacteristically; it threw Atticus for a loop. He was not expecting something so… warm from Georgie.

Georgie still sporting the warm and inviting smile spoke with an air of calm "That's amazing Kii, I'm didn't expect something so deep."

Atticus nodded his head in appreciation, Georgie's mellow demeanor soon switched back to his usual vibrant and joking disposition.

Georgie Mills stood up to signal the end of the interview he turned towards the camera and said "Well you heard it folks, this is MTV with Georgie Mills and King of Kii signing off."

Atticus looked into the camera one last time "Shout out to Coach Rodden Posse"

Atticus stretched to the lights as he stood. Looking tired he smiled wearily at his interviewer the infamous Georgie Mills. Georgie was famous for twisting the words of people into whatever he actually wanted them to say, he was quick on his feet and never missed a beat when it came to interviewing. Atticus and the rest of the music world thought he was a great guy, but like the rest of them he had a job to do and he did his well.

"Why do you have to mess up my questions man?" Georgie asked exasperatedly

A deep frown became carved into Atticus' face "Are you kidding me Georgie? I know how you twist words around in interviews. I'm not stupid; I'm not falling for that."

Georgie pouted jokingly as he turned away from Atticus "Everybody's got to make their way in this world, mine is by making people look bad. Plus you already made yourself look bad, what was up with those comments about Lauren man?"

He turned around at the last part, his characteristic smile playing onto his face. Atticus' eyes bugged out in realization, "I'm an idiot."

Georgie chuckled and patted Atticus on the shoulder. "You don't need to worry, those pop girls, don't beef she will probably won't even comment about it, you're going to be fine."

Atticus shook his head in disagreement "This is going to be bad; whatever I've got to go back to my dressing room."

Atticus threw up the peace sign as he turned away from the camera crew, who were starting to pack up. Atticus weaved his way through the small but intricate hallway system that sat at the back of the club.

The interview only took a couple of minutes. Tonight had been the last show in his Midwest is Best Tour to promote his new album The Fledgling Phoenix. Atticus was known to the public as the King of Kii, a new up and coming rapper from the great city of Kansas City; only getting attention recently, this tour was sponsored by his label Cave Records. Atticus spent the last three and a half months on this long tour he was away from his home city Kansas City doing a show at least every other night. He was exhausted and ready to drop dead, but he had one more thing to do before he could take a couple weeks off.

The parking lot was going to be packed if he left now. Moreover, he had two of his best friends in the rooms waiting for his return. He didn't really mind waiting about thirty minutes for the traffic to die down before heading to his apartment on the plaza in downtown KC. An introspective smile played onto his lips; he was living the life, packed clubs and theatres hanging on his every word, girls throwing themselves at him at the end of shows, people begging him for interviews. This was the good life.

The smile soon drooped as he heard a loud crash followed by a couple of loud shouts; he raced the rest of the way to the door to his main dressing room. . Zach and Adam had been playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl on the Wii that they had brought from home; both of them were sitting in front of the TV screen. Which were blasting all of the battle sounds from the game.

Atticus relaxed as he realized it was just the TV that had been making the sounds, Atticus walked towards the TV and reached for the volume control on the side, both of the players looked away from the game with a hilarious pair of unbelieving stares. Atticus didn't acknowledge the two after his finished his nefarious deed. He plopped down next to his twin brother Adam who already started a new game, he handed Atticus a controller without tearing his eyes away from the game.

"Hey you were a little late on your delivery of Graduation."

Atticus shot Adam an incredulous look as his brother finished his sentence.

"Are you kidding me? I was spot on."

Adam shook his head as a chuckle escaped his mouth.

"Anyways," said Zach already sensing the escalating tension between the twins. "Are you taking us to the AMA's next week? I know you can bring both of us."

Aaron gave Zach a questioning look "Whatchu talkin bout Zach?"

Zach didn't even acknowledge the clear Diff'rent Strokes reference. He paused the game as he turned his gaze away from the TV and toward his best friend "because I saw Eminem bring like twenty people on stage last year when he won Musician of the Year."

Atticus gritted his teeth "Damn you Eminem."

It's not that he didn't want his friends to come. He just hated bringing Adam and Zach around some of the starlets that were surely going to be there. Atticus grimaced as the thought of last year's Woodie's Award Show after party came to his mind.

"I can't believe they had to drag Zach out of there, Selena wasn't even into him."

Atticus laughed loudly as he remembered his worst experience with an after party, now that he looked back on it though the terrible experience had turned into a priceless story retold repeatedly between friends. Nothing could be better than watching an impromptu security force made of Donald Glover, Tyler the Creator, and all of the members of NeverShoutNever throw Zach out of the venue.

"Maybe, I haven't decided yet. Last time I brought you to an awards show you got us thrown out of the after party."

Zach jumped to his feet and pointed accusingly at Atticus "You can't blame me for that and you know it, Selena was all over me!" he screamed at the top of his lungs. Zach's face was turning a bright shade of red as he ranted on and on about how Selena Gomez had been into him that night.

Adam got off the couch and walked into the bathroom, completely ignoring his crazed best friend and his twin burst into a fit of laughter.

"Zach just because of how stupid you just sounded you guys can come."

"I knew a quick freak out would work." A large goofy grin soon spread across his face.


On the East Coast of America, Lauren Grant had been sitting in front of the TV with a pint of cookie dough ice cream, watching MTV. She was watching MTV News; it was a nice show with all the latest gossip, news and interviews of the celebrities.

She wasn't really paying attention though; she was busier with her cell phone texting back and forth with her friends and two guys she had been talking to. She was smiling at what one of the guys that had texted her,

"The grind has got to be terrible; I heard you were on tour for like two to three months, how long have you actually been out on the road?"

Lauren rolled her eyes she really hated Georgie Mills he was the worst kind of person. His entire career is just him taking advantage of people who had their guards down. She felt sick knowing that people like him were always sitting around the corner waiting to make a quick buck off anyone with seven figures.

She began to watch the interview more closely, she did not know who this person was; she had never seen him before the interview. His hat hung low over his head so you could barely see his face. She stopped paying attention as her phone began to buzz again.

"Another text from one of your suitors," She thought happily. Her attention moved back onto her phone as she texted furiously with many different people. She sat idly waiting for texts playing games on her phone, not even bothering to look up at her TV.

"That's cool man, kind of a wide selection. But there is one person you did not mention, I'm sorry but I have to ask. How do you feel about Lauren Grant?"

Lauren's ears pricked up at her name. She turned her attention away from her phone as the young fellow across from Georgie thought over the question. A pang of worry shot up through her spine.

"What if he doesn't like me?" She leaned slightly towards the TV, waiting for the answer seemed like forever. Ten, twenty seconds went by before the person opened his mouth to say something. She sat on the edge of her seat, as time seemed to slow down; she gripped the couch cushions tightly as the man began to speak.

"I don't like her at all; if she sings about being shallow, then she is shallow."

"WHAT THE F*&$!" she screamed at the top her lungs.

She rewound the interview quickly, her eyes furrowed in anger. She heard the entire interview; she set her jaw as he controversial statement played over the TV again. "He is cute." A voice quipped in her mind. She looked away from the TV shyly as he turned his gaze towards the camera to sign off.

"Shout out to Coach Rodden Posse."

She rolled her tongue around the edges of her mouth. Her eyes narrowed in disgust as the interview ended. She laid back on the couch propping her head up on one of the many white pillows that sat on the matching couch.

"Just sleep on it Lauren, you will feel better in the morning."

Lauren did as her mind told her, she tried to go to sleep, but not all the pillow shifting and sheep counting could lull her into sweet embrace that she so desperately needed. After three hours of constantly shifting and turning on and off her ceiling fan, she gave up and made her way to her in house studio. She opened the door to her small sanctuary away from all the critics, protestors, and her jealous peers. Stepping inside the bare walls and plain décor, she let loose a small sigh of relief. Instantly a distinct calm began to spread its way across her being.

She sat down in front of her large mixers and soundboards and grabbed for her precariously sitting on the edge of a small end table. Grabbing a random pencil, she set it behind her ear as she read over last week's entries.

She went to work in the early hours of the morning as ideas began to pop into her mind.