A Smile and a Little Hope

One may have their problems, and their worries,

But for every problem there is a wind to blow it away.

For every worry there is a sun to brighten your day.

It may seem hard to believe, but it's there, just look,

You may find it on TV, a picture, or even a book.

The options are forever open for you to find,

But once you've found it, you'll know, 'cause you'll feel happy once more.

It may not seem much, but it can mean a lot.

Because for every happy feeling becomes a memory that you can't ignore,

Eventually every happy memory you recall, you laugh and smile.

Smile after smile can turn into hope that piles and piles.

Hope can turn into a happy ending, something everyone loves.

In the end you may look back and realize what made you this way.

It may have started with a pair of red gloves,

A little thing so simple yet touching, which made you smile.