Before I start, let me set the scene:

Me and my boyfriend are tied at either ends of a room, im being threatened to do things against my will or he dies. We're being held hostage by a boy we used to go to school with, every girl liked him but I acted like he wasn't there because I couldn't stand him and he didn't like that what-so-ever. I'm a werewolf but only I know that and I don't feel like blowing it all for one pathetic bastard. All his acquaintances are around him and cheering him on to see what's going to happen, he never had any real friends and these guys think that they are his friends but he's using them and there too stupid to realise that. My boyfriend has already been beaten and has bruising and small cuts but wont give in, really it's my choice so he shouldn't be like that and it's all my fault.

"What's wrong bitch? Like the sight of his blood?" I turned away from the bastard, and looked at my boyfriend, his face was bloody and going pale where it wasn't already purple and black. A tear escaped my eyes at this sight.

"Just let him go and you wont worry about anything, believe me." I had my own share of cuts and bruises, but people don't hit girls as much as they used to.

"I don't think so, I'm in charge here not you so don't go threatening me!" he slapped me and I fell to the ground on my side, my ginger hair hid the pain in my face but it didn't block out Jack screams saying this was unfair before he to hit the ground. I hand grabbed my shirt and pulled me to my feet, I opened my eyes to see Dale holding me up, my hands are against the wall behind my back and my shoulders are screaming at me to give in. But I wont.

"It was just a suggestion." I can't reach the fucking ground, and I'm not a small person. I put my feet against the wall and kicked out, I caught him in the groin. He dropped to the ground and I flew across the wall before hitting the door and falling onto my back.

"You think that was funny bitch! Do you?" He picked up Jack by the back of his collar, he's bairly fighting back an my instincts are fighting to take charge but I can keep them under control, for now.

"If you threaten me or him then there's less chance I'm going to co-operate with you and your servants." I looked him in the eye, and held his gaze. He dropped Jack to the floor, he just lay there like a doll.

"These are my friends," He pointed to the four guys that were standing in each corner snickering away to each other. "And your saying that if I'm nice to you then you'll do whatever I ask?" I thought this through, not likely to happen but it's worth a try.

"Only if your nice to me and Jack" I could feel my gut drop, my nails started to grow and I can feel them digging into my palms.

"You can get two. . . . wishes if you like, but be careful with them." WOW This turned out better than I thought it would. I need five minutes alone with Jack, and for him to get rid of his 'friends', but I also need to calm down and get a grip of my instincts or everything I've worked for is gone. I looked at Jack, he hadn't moved much and it killed me to see him like this.

"Okay, First I want five minutes alone with Jack to make sure he's going to be okay. After that's over, I want only you me and Jack in the room when you" my voice choked, "When you do what you want." I looked at the ground when I said this, I don't think I'll like what he's going to say. My muscles tensed as I fought against nature, I breathed slowly. Calm down. My nails receded quickly, thank fuck.

"Untie her hands but keep her feet tied, then leave." I was pushed forward and hit the floor with a thud, The rope that bonded my hands was gently removed, and whoever it was whispered 'I'm sorry' into my ear before slamming the door behind themselves.

"Thank you Dale." I sat up, and flexed my wrists.

"Five minutes from the second that door closes, no funny business or you can say goodbye to Mr nice guy."

"deal." He walked past me and out the door, I heard the lock click into place and pencil rolled towards Jack. I rolled him over to his back.

"Jack, can you hear me?" His eyelids fluttered. He groaned in reply.

"I need you to promise me that whatever happens you wont hold it against me, please!"

"I promise, but," He winced "What are you going to do?" He looked me in the eye, he looked so weak, Dale is going to pay. Big time.

"That doesn't matter but if it looks like I'm going to go. . . . . . vicious, then call my name and bring me back to reality. It just might save your life." I kissed him gently, he kissed me back.

"Do what you have to, but be careful." I looked at his bruised face and stroked it tenderly, there was already a lot of swelling. He shut his eyes tight, out of pain I guess. I picked him up in my arms as carefully as I could ,took him to the closest wall and sat him up. He gasped in pain and I died inside again. The door burst open.

"Five minutes is over ladies, ready to go darling?" He had one hand under my chin and the other on my shoulder. I looked at him with utter disgust.

"Whatever." I stood up and my knees wobbled. I looked at the mattress in the corner of the room, how many other girls had he forced like this?

"Oh cheer up, I'm being nice remember?" he smirked then picked me up bridal style and took me over to that grey, musty, dusty mattress. He started to unbutton my blouse.

"Wait! Untie my feet and let me get undressed myself." He looked me up and down, a look of lust that chilled my bones. He rolled over and sat up, he bent over and started to untie my feet. When he had finished he threw the rope to the floor beside him.

"Better make it a decent show for me then" I drew a shaky breath and got off the mattress. I walked I few steps then turned to face him again. I unbuttoned the first couple of buttons at the top of my blouse slowly and continued down to the bottom one, I positioned the blouse to give myself a little modesty. I kicked off my trainers and pushed them aside with my foot. I closed my eyes.

"Want to see something no-one has ever seen before?" I teased him by running one hand through my hair, my dark copper hair or ginger as some would say.

"Go ahead, I like a good surprise." He smiled and I smirked. I knelt down on my hands and knees then let my instincts kick in. I growled at him, low and deadly. I paced back and forth and his face went paler than a drowned corpse. He started shaking and I laughed my wolfish laugh at him.

"Please don't eat me, please. I didn't mean anything, I was just acting cool." I sighed and he started shaking uncontrollably. I shook my head and swished my tail. I slowly walked, straight towards him. He backed himself into the corner and hugged his knees.

"Jasmine! Calm down." I turned and looked at Jack, his eyes pleaded with me and won me over. I trotted over to him and lay down at his feet. I heard a metallic click, like a pistol. I turned to Dale, it was a pistol.

"Get your bitch to turn back and finish the deal or you both die!" How much more stupid can you get?

"Jazz?" He looked at me with full understanding, he was willing to die for me. No, he wont. I changed back and stood up.

"You didn't seem to like that surprise, I'm hurt." I faked a pathetic, sad expression.

"You turned into a dog! How can anyone find that good?"

"Did you just call me a dog?" Oh no he didn't.

"Yeah ya Mut." I growled at him

"This 'mut' can take your life and not care." I Am Not A Dog!

"Jack, get control of your pet." Oh now that's where I draw the line. I jumped forward and changed in mid-leap. I growled at him and backed him into the corner again. He fired two bullets, one in my shoulder the other in my left flank, I kept going. I put one paw the size of a full grown man's hand at his foot, slightly on his toes. He fired another shot into my left flank, I winced. But he doesn't realise that I'm just getting angrier all the time, I scratched at his side and opened it up with four nice neat lines roughly a centimetre wide each, I watched the blood pour out as he screamed.

"Jazz! Just end it then lets get out of here!" I needed to listen to him, I couldn't let my instincts take full control of me, or everyone will end up dead. I looked Dale in the eye, I swiped at his neck and watched his eyes bulge open and his hands run through more crimson liquid. He dropped to his knees and fell forward. The gun rolled out his hand. I turned to Jack he was already hobbling towards the door but it was locked. I ran at it and jumped through, I growled and barked. The four boys here shit themselves, either that or someone recently done a shit in the corner but I can smell it either way and it's disgusting.

"Move or get mauled!" Jack staggered out behind me, the small group backed into a corner, I spotted a roll of rope on the table. I picked it up in my mouth and dropped it at jacks feet. He picked it up and a spark lit up in his eye. He stroked the fur on my head, I wagged my tail out of good humour. He put four chairs back to back in a tight circle.

"Sit." I sat and they didn't move. "Not you, you lot sit!" They moved quickly into a chair and sat with there backs pinned as far back as they could go. Jack chucked one end of they rope to me and I sat with it in my mouth while he ran around the chairs, when he was sure the bindings were tight enough he tied both ends together in the tightest, most complicated knot I had ever seen.

"Is that door locked?" Pft fuck this. I ran at the door and it buckled under the impact, looks like it wasn't locked after all. Whoops. I stood proudly outside in the fresh air, Jack followed and sighed with relief.

"How do we get out of here?" He looked around at the woodland, there was a dirt track and a couple dirt bikes aswell as a trailer. He spotted those just after I did, I jumped up on the one with the trailer attached. It was dark red and caked in mud, when it wobbled under my weight I just ignored it. There was a push button to start, one of the handles was the throttle and there were brakes. Very basic. I looked at the side of it, there was a sticker that said '500cc' Powerful machine then. I grumbled at Jack.

"Nice, you running or going to sit in the trailer like a. . . . never mind. Running or want a ride?" was he going to say dog? I could have sworn he almost compared me to a dog!

I walked a few paces away and started trotting down the track, I heard the bike roar into life and it only sounded like a 250cc. I dived into the tree line as it screeched past me, I sprinted to keep up with it. I can feel a burning in my leg and shoulder, I slow to a stop and so I can see what's wrong. I've been shot. It started to sting like hell, like a fire raging through my blood. The drone of the bikes engine faded away, I started to cry slow painful tears.

I was alone again.