That first night felt like it lasted forever, I couldn't sleep and when I sat at the window sill to watch the moon and starts all I could see were eyes watching me from all angles. Like I was an exhibit in a zoo. I could hear the howling of other wolfs through out the night which also kept me awake.

Around midnight I decided to explore my room. First I took the wardrobe, I opened the door, flicked the light switch and walked straight in. Then stopped.

One side had row upon row of extravagant gowns arranged in colour, the next row had simple dresses, then there was the summer dresses. Next was jackets arranged by length – shortest at the front and longest at the back – then came the suits arranged by colour again. I clung to the door frame as I looked at two racks of jeans and other trousers arranged by style, then came the T-shirts arranged by style and then in those groups they were arranged by colour aswell. Then a last half row of mini skirts and short shorts which were followed by the final half of that row being long draping flowing skirts that looked absolutely gorgeous. The whole collection was stunning. Massive.

"Unbelievable" I whispered to myself. I was awe struck.

"And it's all yours." It was a male voice and it came from the door to my room. I spun to find a slightly scarred face and semi-muscular body clothed in suit trousers and a black collared T-shirt.

"You are . . . ?" I raised an eyebrow at him and stood with one hand on my hip and the other by my side.

"Your cloths designer and maker, hairdresser, personal body guard, medic, loyal servant, etcetera etcetera. Your going to have to get used to me, cause I'm not going to be too far away. Ever." He smiled and started to walk forwards towards me.

"I killed the last person to try kidnapping me and try to rape me, it seems like just last week. Back off!" I started to growl slowly.

"Don't growl, them outside already don't like me. You're making it worse for me."

"What did you do? The truth and no bull shit." I stopped growling, for now. I didn't move from the doorway though.

"I had a little falling out with a girl that doesn't come here any more, she left and everybody blames me."

"Kiana?" It was supposed to be only a mental thought but I spoke it by accident.

"How did you know?" his eyes changed colour, they tuned darker and mistier.

"Took a guess, are you a werewolf?" I stood straight so that both hands were by my side, I leaned forwards slightly also. To keep my balance if an attack came.

"In a sense. Lets just go with yes but a different kind of wolf." Before I could ask anything we was leaning forwards and his muscles, bones and whole structure changed entirely. He became a misty, grey shadow colour with a number of bald patches and a scarred face and muzzle. His eyes glowed crimson and saliva drooled from his mouth. My stomach dropped.

"Shit on a cracker!" I chanced a glance out the window, still dark. I swallowed hard. Stood up straight and laughed. A hysterical, scared laugh but it was still a laugh.

He started to growl, quietly at first but then becoming louder and stronger. My laughter died.

"It always results in violence doesn't it?" in half a second I was down on all four and snarling and spitting right back at him. Only now did I realise that he was bigger than normal wolfs. I stalked forward ready to pounce at the last second if needed. I gave out a warning bark, telling him to back off and leave. But nooo he wanted to stay.

He jumped at my back and I scuttled out the way to watch as he slid into the door frame, I laughed again, this just infuriated him even more. His next attack was charging at me but I jumped onto the bed and over to the other side. He ran into the wall with a satisfying thump. I heard a lot of grumbling and growling from outside, from the woodland. I watched as the half bald wolf picked itself up and shook it's head to get rid of the dizziness. He paced back and forth as I stood under the window and watched. His first two attacks had completely failed, he didn't know what to do. But then again it was difficult to distinguish emotions and thoughts on a scarred face.

He stopped and studied me for a few minutes while I watched him in return. He had stopped growling but I hadn't and I wasn't going to either. Not any time soon anyway. He started to pace, but at a steady stroll, as if he was planning something or deep in thought. I didn't like it.

After a while he stopped and looked behind me at the window, he could see something that I couldn't. But I could see him and that is all that matters. I crouched down low, ready for his next attack, but nothing happened. Instead he became human. I stayed wolf.

"This is pointless, can we stop?" I gave him a laugh that finished with a growl.

"Well I have to leave soon before I get found, so if you don't mind I'm going to go now." I barked and curled back my lips.

"Great, goodbye." he walked towards the door, I followed in a half crouched walk – ready to run but ready to pounce.

He walked through the house, I followed behind him. Cautiously. When we came to the double sided stairs he turned around to face me.

"Well this has been pleasant. See you soon." I snarled and barked a few times to show he was unwanted.

"Soot yourself." He walked/ran down the stairs taking them a few at a time. He reached half way down before I started following slowly, I had never handled stairs on all fours, especially not going down. He reached the bottom and turned into a 'wolf' before pouncing back upstairs. So this was his plan.

Instead of getting caught on the stairs I jumped over the railing before I noticed how far down it actually was. In mid-air I jumped with shock as I noticed the distance going down, it wasn't as short as it should have been. I landed on a front paw first and the rest of me tumbled untidily afterwords, crashing to the floor with a loud thump.

I struggled to get to my feet with hazy vision and a searing pain in my front legs, the left being worse than the right. I stood up, shook my head and attempted to stand with pride and dignity. I could hear baldy laughing as he poked his snout through the banisters. I was panting from the shock of falling and probably breaking a bone. He strolled down the stairs as easily as if he were walking on a flat surface. I watched him every second of the way.

I heard the front door close softly, clearly baldy didn't hear it since nothing in his appearance changed. He didn't even look up or twitch his ears. I kept as still as possible, and just watched until he came to the bottom of the stairs and started towards me. I started with a low, patchy growl that became stronger with every step he took towards me. He started to circle me but I didn't flinch, I didn't move. I didn't want to try. I did keep growling. I could feel my strength vanishing, I didn't have a lot of energy and now most of it had gone.

I was grateful and so very scared when I heard another growl join my own. I sighed in relief as the bald ones attention was taken elsewhere. As soon as he was gone, I collapsed to the ground in a heap. He turned and seen this, then came prowling back over. As soon as he was within reach, I pushed up with my hind legs and my front right leg to clasp my teeth around his throat. It took the last of my energy and strength but it took him by surprise and I managed to hand on until he clawed my shoulder an made me let go.

The new wolf took advantage of the bald guys shock and started an attack. From the corridor two more wolfs came, one advanced on the fight and the other pranced towards me. I growled, she put he tail down and quickly rolled over once in submission before advancing again. I lay down on the floor and she stood beside me to look over my shoulder wounds and my paws. I don't know what she was doing, I just took a guess. Then she ran away.

She came back with another wolf and the both quickly turned human before dropping to their knees. The first one to have seen me was a few years younger than myself and the other was a lot older, older than my mum. They ran their hand through my fur next to my scratches, when I yelped they started whispering in hushed voices but most of the conversation revolved around my wounds, whether or not I could change back and who I was. The older one then turned to me.

"Change back, I need a closer look without being bitten." I groaned and changed back to my human form before rolling over to my back and sighing. Again.

"Who are you two?" I asked them through a rough voice, it was sore from growling and barking so much.

"Pack healers." the older one seemed to be the only one that would speak to me.

"Your names."

"Katrina and this is my daughter Demi. You?"

"Jasmine. My first night here."

"Where is your room, Jasmine?" I shook my head, I didn't know my way around here.

"Demi, go find the room that smells of her and tell me where it is." Two wolf appeared as Demi disappeared. They were bloody and scratched. They changed into middle-aged scruffy men.

"He's gone for now. I want a full perimeter set up around the house and a few cleaner wolfs patrolling the inside. What did he want?" He aimed the last part at me.

"I don't know."

"Do you know anything?"

"No, I haven't been conscious for the past year!"

"I see. Kat? I need to talk to you." She stood up and they walked to a corner a little distance away. I could just hear them arguing over what to do with me, he knew exactly who I was and what I had been through. it scared me. After a few minutes they came back.

"Jasmine? Who kidnapped you?"

"A guy from my school, he's dead now so it doesn't matter." tears started to streak down my face.

"Leave the poor girl alone, she's scared, she just got attacked, and your supposed to be keeping an eye on her!"

"Mum," Demi had returned. "She's in the one with the massive wardrobe and double bed. Should I take her up?"

"Go ahead, be careful. Jasmine? You wont be meeting everyone today, another time maybe."

"Thank you." it was a whisper as I struggled to sit up, then standing wasn't as difficult. Demi put one arm around my waste to keep me standing and together we slowly hobbled towards my room. The sun started to peak through the windows.