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The gunmen

Chapter 2

Michael had just arrived in a town named Kirwood, a decent sized town with good people and three saloons. Michael could tell that this was a well traveled town so he shouldn't stay for long, but he needed some supplies. Mainly cigars which he ran out of a few days ago.

He spied a department store near the saloon which he planned to go to next. He quickly hit the store where he bought around 200 bullets for his pistols along with a box of fifty cigars. After a short conversation with the clerk he went to the saloon.

After he had taken a seat at the bar the door opened, a tall decent looking women walked in and sat down next Michael. She looked about 25, definitely wary of her surroundings; she calmly ordered a quick glass of water. Michael could tell she was not a helpless woman.

He ordered a quick beer which was delivered almost immediately which told a lot about the bartender and the company around him. He knew that the woman might be in danger. As if on cue a man walked up and put his hand on her shoulder and put his lips near her ear.

Michael was about to punch the guy in the face when the woman suddenly grabbed the man and shoved his face to the bar. She then proceeded to grab Michael's bottle and smash it on his face. The man teetered a little and then fell down. The other men were about to get up when she flashed a marshal's badge.

The men immediately sat down as they knew it would not end well. Well all except one a man who had a look in his eye. The marshal sat down and was sipping her water when the man came stomping up. He seized her hair and pulled a knife. He would have killed her when he a strange sensation in his chest. He looked down and saw a hole about as big as a quarter in his chest.

Michael eased his gun back into its holster making sure to show his other gun in the process. Most of the men got the message. The marshal looked at him and spoke

"What was that? You didn't need to do that I had it under control."

Michael replied back "hey I can't help it. I hate men who try to take things by force. Besides you shouldn't be complaining. I just saved your life."

The marshal was about to reply when a big man suddenly grabbed them both in a neck lock. He started to choke them when suddenly he fell down. Michael immediately pulled out his guns and looked at the corpse. When he saw what killed them he smiled.

He heard a voice that said "why can't I leave you for a second?"

He replied back "hey I just get into trouble. Besides I saved your ass plenty of times. How about you come out and share a drink."

A man appeared near him "I told you I don't drink."

"A mystery to me actually." Replied Michael with a grin.

So they both walked up to the bar. The marshal got up and sat down next to them both. She looked back at the corpse which had a knife sticking out of it. She was wondering who could have this kind of damage without her knowing he was there. The knife was not a usual knife, more designed for throwing than close quarters. So it had to be thrown. But the knifes placement was so precise that it had to be thrown with precision only known to one person.

She suddenly relished who threw the knife. She immediately jumped out of her chair and pulled a gun on the stranger, who saw it and merely shrugged.

"You… are Stephen. The knifemen. The third gunmen." She said on a shaky voice.

The stranger looked at her and spoke "i'm sorry. But you can't go telling this to everybody so sorry." He said as he pulled out a knife. He would have thrown it but suddenly it wasn't in his hand. He had heard the shot ring out so he knew what had happened. He turned to Michael whose gun was smoking.

"Why?" said Stephen who was definitely annoyed at this.

"She looks like her." Michael replied

At this comment Stephens face fell.

"Well alright then." Stephen answered "well I have to go."

And with this he walked away leavening the saloon. The marshal turned to Michael and asked

"I always thought that the gunmen Michael and Stephen were major rivals."

Michael chuckled at this "well that's a funny story; you see a hundred years ago I was getting the gunmen started so me and the first gunmen, Jordan, ran through the system looking for candidates. As we looked for extraordinary feats we cam across this guy Stephen who could throw a knife and hit practically anything. So we decided that he was a candidate. But when I first met him… we got of on the wrong foot."

"I cut off his cigar." Said josh, scaring the living daylights out of the marshal, "I learned that was not a good idea."

"Very, yeah so we got into a fight. This was when I decided that this man was the right man. I mean this man can throw knives and block bullets. I was half the time shooting his knives out of the air. But after a hard fight we finally calmed down to the point to be we could talk. But before that we kinda destroyed a saloon in the process. So after that the rumor spread that we were rivals." Michael said finally.

With this josh turned and chuckled "well it was nice meeting you marshal but I must take my leave." And with this he disappeared. The marshal turned to Michael who said "I don't know. But I also must take my leave. Happy trails." And with this he walked out to his steed and rode off.

The marshal also walked out to a horse tied up near the saloon there was a young woman tending to the horses. She had a badge on that said deputy. She looked and saw the marshal who had a look on her face.

"What?" she asked to the wide eyed marshal

"Mount up," the marshal ordered "we have a man who we're tracking."

"Who?" said the deputy?

"Michael the second gunmen." She said

Soon they were off a look in determination in her eyes. She would catch him and bring him to justice.

all right that is the second chapter thanks for all the views but please reveiw i cant get better without critique. also speceal thanks to angie howe for reveiwing this story and giving the new guy a name (and i apologize if i spell your name wrong) anyway i will keep writing on this one and the other story so keep watchin