"Who is going to do it?" President O'Ryan said.

Senator Brady looked worried.

"We're talking about the future of our country, and even our world here. Let's think this through before we do anything drastic."

"No, we do this now. Look outside, what do you see?" O'Ryan asked.

"Uh, grass?" Congressman Kelly said.

"No, what is on the grass is what bothers me," The president sounded irritated.

"There are candy wrappers, Ice cream containers, soda bottles everywhere, and pieces of paper strewn all over the place. Pollution, people." O'Ryan said.

"Huh. So you're considering THIS for littering?" Judge Reilly asked.

"No! This is intolerable. Look at the sky. There are clouds. There are smoke clouds. I'm talking about Pollution. Look on the ground. There is dog waste ubiquitously. This is affecting our oceans, and every so often, it even gets to our drinking water! Oil spills, going into the water! Antarctica! Every year we come closer to extinction because of those melting ice caps, and that comes back to the ozone layer, which brings us back to pollution. Our populations are dying, and we are doing nothing. Look over there!"

The president pointed to a woman walking down the street. She had a stroller and the baby dropped a candy wrapper on the floor. The woman walked off, leaving the litter behind.

Across the street, an obese and greasy man with a shirt that said "My Name is Al" on it was leaned against the front door of "Al's deli". He was eating a Philly cheese steak. He checked his watch, and his eyes widened. He threw his unfinished sandwich, wrapper and all over his shoulder as he rushed into the store. The president scoffed in disbelief. "It's over, America"; the president reached out. "It's over." He pushed the red button on the table. The room's lights went out, and all over the place power went out in houses as the ground trembled and there was a deep, horrible rumbling that shook the very faces in the Oval Office. The planet dimmed, and the earth was silent.