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Chapter 22

My eyes snapped open with the feeling of being watched. I sat up abruptly, twisting away from the window towards the rest of the room. I breathed out a sigh when I spotted Logan and Frankie sitting in an overstuffed armchair by the door. Frankie was curled up on Logan's lap, seemingly asleep, whilst Logan ran a soft hand through his fur on his back.

I couldn't meet his gaze, I felt suddenly insecure and unsure on how I looked after my nap, running a hand through my hair in a failed attempt to keep my curls in a respectable manner.

"How do you feel?" came Logan's deep booming voice, causing me to jump slightly at the suddenness of the sound.

"Okay I guess. Much better than I did before at any rate." I murmured in response, curling my legs up to my chest under the blanket.

"Good." Was his reply.

I suddenly had the urge to fill the awkward silence, knowing that Logan wouldn't be the one to break his rule on less is more, when it came to speech.

"So, um. Where did you get to before?" I asked the vampire quietly, running my fingers through my curls once more in an effort to tame them.

His response was to blink, and a small smile spread over his face.

I went from unsure to straight out uncomfortable at that smile, and bought my knees in close, hugging them tight. Breaking eye contact with this vampire was the hardest thing in the world to do, but with great effort I dragged my eyes to inspect the hem of my blouse.

"I needed some time to think." He finally answered, sensing my unease when I began picking at a stray thread on my top.

"Oh okay. Do you feel better now?" I continued sincerely, fighting the desire to make eye contact once more.

"I'm not sure." Was his terse response.

I could feel my brow furrow in confusion, but everything was forgotten when I looked up, searching his beautiful eyes for an explanation. Just like that, I was instantly sent back to the feeling I had when I first met his eyes in the parlor, what felt like a lifetime ago. I could see his eyes were guarded, but I could still see the sliver of emotion that he was unable to block out.

The more I stared, the more they seemed to open to me and the more emotions I was unable to distinguish between. Logan blinked, and his cool, guarded eyes were back in place.

"Christian told me you had a little chat." He started, his fingers stopped tracing patterns on Frankie, his body stiffening slightly.

Jealousy? I thought to myself, and instantly dismissed it. Logan didn't like 'chatting', so there was no reason for him to become upset over a conversation me and Christian had several hours ago.

"Yes we did."

"May I ask what you were talking about? He seemed a little out of it when he came downstairs." He pried, pushing for as much information as he could get.

Maybe he was jealous, but of what, was the real question. "It's not my place to be speaking about Christian's business, but I was talking about my family and how much I miss them." Was my awkward response, suddenly wishing I had the strength to break eye contact with him for the second time.

He nodded his understanding, his hand resuming the patterns on Frankie's back softly. "Did he explain to you how we first met?" he asked distantly, breaking my gaze to look down at the pudgy squirrel in his lap.

From the little I had discovered of his personality, I knew that Logan was shamed by what had happened.

"Yes." I whispered, pain for Christian's loss making my throat burn with unshed tears.

His eyes never left Frankie, head nodding softly.

"Logan, I did have some questions. I don't expect you to answer them if you do not wish too."

He raised his gaze to look at me. His eyes had lost their shine, just deep empty blackness like the abyss, so raw and full of pain. I jumped up from the bed and walked swiftly to his side, desperate with the need to comfort him.

Kneeling at his feet I began reaching for him, his hand recoiled from my touch. "I don't need your sympathy." Was his chilly response, but his voice was laced with pain as much as anger.

"I am not here for sympathy, Logan. I am just here to give you strength and comfort." I managed to growl back stubbornly, grabbing his hand and squeezing it tight. His hand was icy cold, and seemed to radiate coolness in dark waves into my flesh where it met with his. Closing my eyes and concentrating, I could see the energy roiling off of him, originating from his chest in deep blue bursts of power, almost as if in time with a beating heart.

Blue. That was a colour I was unfamiliar with sensing from a person. Was it a vampire thing?

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