MY NOTES & INFORMATION: Akuma Ōji Kubia no kuronikuru is my own version of Demon King Daimao mashed together with Disgaea, Naruto, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, and Bleach. I swear I will do whatever I can to make it as entertaining as possible for you to enjoy.I'll admit that I've been looking the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, so some of the Demons and Angels in this story will be based off of it.





Aeron Ernestine Deyanira Desperados, An almighty Mao (Demon King) wielding immense power. He is a Demon with much ferocity and malice that even Demons find inhuman. He is feared by many Humans, Demon, and even by the Gods. He ruthlessly controlled the Demon world for centuries with little to no resistance. He controlled an army of over 100,000 demons at his command. He was a king so fierce, even the most wicked and cruelest of villains want him dead. He was said by many to be a man of no weakness. But he did have one weakness…

His heirs…were that weakness, especially the one named….

Chapter 1: The meeting that changed everything

"Darkness… that's all I see. That's all I ever see." A voice said. The voice belonged to a child who looked no older than ten or eleven. He had light brown hair, cerulean eyes, and light skin. He wore a leather black shirt ,that was a little big for him, with two belts as the collar, with a strange picture of a rattlesnake/dragon wrapping itself around the sun, detached long sleeves, a dark brown belt with a gold triangular buckle around his shirt, matching Hakama-like black pants, and black and gray shoes. He is well-known by humans, demons, and gods as one of the children of the all powerful Mao (Demon King/Overlord), and his name was Kubia Desperados. He is currently drifting in a sea of endless darkness. He looks around the darkness only to see more darkness. He then questions "Am I destined…just to drift in this place." He starts wondering how he got sent here, "I remember feeling sleepy, then I closed my eyes for a bit, then…"

He soon started to put the pieces of his memory together until his thoughts were interrupted by a voice," Your Majesty!" As the voice echoed throughout the darkness, he found it somewhat familiar. "Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Please awaken!" He then starts to see a light as the voice keeps on calling for this "Majesty"…"Is that voice referring to me?" He soon got his answer as the light grew and soon engulfed him.

The room is bright for a while as his eyes open until it lessened, allowing him to see the exquisite bedroom around him, one which those of Royal demonic blood sleep in. Kubia rose up from the bedroom which had gargoyle designs on the pitch black beams, blood red covers with matching bed sheets and burgundy pillows. He then looked around the room when he thought out loud, "Where…am I?" He was then interrupted by the same voice that had been calling "Your Majesty! You've awoken!" Kubia turned to the voice to see a young man with grey skin, silver hair, grey wings on his back, and red eyes. He was wearing a black baker city vest with a burgundy frock coat, a pair of trousers, and black dress shoes. He looked at the child with a look of worry on his face, which was obvious if you saw tears in his eyes. "Oh thank Sparda, Your Majesty! You're alive!" He cried out in a cheerful tone. Kubia tilted his head to his right side as he looks curiously at the 'man' who had been calling him "Majesty' for a while before politely asking, "Who the hell are you?" The 'man' instantly looked at Kubia with a look of exaggeration with his eyes the size of pancakes and completely blank and with his jaw, literally, hitting the floor while exclaiming, "Y-y-your Majesty! Y-you don't remember me! It's me! Your loyal and faithful servant, Sternson!" Kubia tilted his head to his right side again, looking deep inside his own head if he remembers him. It didn't take him long enough to find a recent memory, but not before feeling a headache the size of Asia.

-FLASHBACK: After Reredon's Betrayal-

Kubia was sitting on his personal couch in his master bedroom, looking at the dark red wall with his usual emotionless face plastered on. He was just sitting there doing nothing at all, as he usual does. His constant dazing was interrupted by a certain voice,

"Prince Kubia." Kubia turned around to see his faithful servant, Sternson, bowing down to him

"His Highness Aeron Ernestine Deyanira Desperados needs you to report to his throne room along with your siblings who are waiting for you there."

Kubia nodded and stood to walk to his destination, but stopped before, "Sternson," Kubia began, before stopping in mid-sentence, "Yes, Your Majesty?" Sternson looked up to Kubia with a concerned look on his face, wondering what Kubia was going to say.

"Do you think Reredon did the right thing, betraying his own kind for the humans? Even, if it meant having Father hating him eternally for it?" Sternson looked at Kubia with unbelievable shock on his face, 'MASTER KUBIA IS ASKING ME? ME, OF ALL DENIZENS IN THE DEMON WORLD? AND ABOUT REREDON-SAMA'S BETRAYAL, NO LESS!'

Kubia turned to Sternson, seeing the look on his face, he can't help but do THAT with a small and unnoticeable 'Joker' grin on his face before saying, "You're thinking pervy thoughts of me and Reredon doing 'IT' am I right?" Sternson suddenly looked up at Kubia, who was still making bad jokes, with his face blue with disgust when he exclaimed, "PRINCE KUBIA! I-I WOULD NEVER THINK OF SUCH THINGS! THAT WOULD ONLY PROVE ME AS AN AWFUL SERVANT, IF I DID!" Kubia decided to cut the jokes and act serious again to ask again. "Sternson, what's your answer?" Sternson looked at Kubia with a straight face before answering, "Honestly, Your Majesty, I am uncertain that I can answer that question, but if I can answer it, I'd…agreed with your answer." Kubia had let an unnoticeable smile grow on his face before he started towards his father's throne room,

"Thank you, Sternson." He focused on going to his father's throne room he didn't noticed the surprised yet grateful look on Sternson's face.


Kubia blinked for a few seconds as all of the memories started to flow back into his head, from the moment he was born up to now. He looked at the demon, now known as Sternson, and sees that he was bawling uncontrollably in the arms of another demon. He can tell the demon was female, due to her *cough*large assets (if you know what I mean)*cough*, she had shoulder length silver hair with large horns growing out her head, scarlet-red eyes with black irises, and beautiful white skin. She wore a simple maid's outfit; expect instead of black and white, it was black and blood red with a strange symbol that resembled the letter 'A' on a shield with two demonic swords forming an 'X' on the apron. He turned to Sternson, who was still bawling as he sweatdropped for a moment before stepping out bed and walked towards Sternson to apologize to him for his temporary amnesia. Kubia walked up to Sternson and the demon maid and knelled down to eye level with them.

"Sternson," Kubia started, which earn Sternson's and the maid's attention," I am sorry about earlier. I had a temporary memory loss and I hope you can forgive me, Sternson."

Before Kubia knew it, Sternson had jumped up and embraced him into a bear hug saying, "THANK YOU KUBIA-SAMA! I FORGIVE YOU FOR YOUR TEMPORARY AMNESIA!"

"That's all good and well, Sternson. But..." Kubia started.

"But what, Kubia-sama?"

"You're choking me." Kubia bluntly replied. The maid sweatdropped as Sternson quickly let go of Kubia, giving him a chance to breath precious oxygen. Kubia took that chance and breathed in all of the precious oxygen his little lungs can take in.

"I'm so sorry Kubia-sama! I'm-" Sternson exclaimed over and over until Kubia cut him."It's alright Sternson. It's alright."

"Well, now that's out of the way, I'll inform the King about your awakening. He was very worry about your condition, Kubia." The demon maid spoke up.

"My father? Why would he worry that I was asleep for only while, Cloris?" Kubia asked, remembering the maid's name. Big mistake.

Sternson and Cloris looked at each other for a bit and turned their attention back to Kubia, who was confused about the silence.

"What?" Kubia asked.

"Kubia-sama, you weren't asleep for a while, you were asleep for -" Sternson started but was interrupted by a figure in armor.

"What's with the ruckus in here! Are we being attacked!" The armor figure asked frantically. He was covered from head to toe in black armor accented in dark red and gold with a spiked skull shaped helm.

"No Fredrick, we're not being attacked." Cloris said in a annoyed tone of voice. Kubia and Sternson sweatdropped at Fredrick's frantic energy.

"Well? What is it! Don't leave in the dark, ya know!"

"It's just that Kubia-sama has-" Sternson started but Fredrick interrupted again.

"Kubia-sama? What about him? He still asleep is he-?" Fredrick started but stopped when he turned his head to see a fully awake Kubia, who was staring blankly at his now surprised face.

"...Hi." Kubia said as he weakly waved at Fredrick. Fredrick just stood there, completely frozen with surprise from top to bottom. Fredrick says nothing and suddenly dashes out the room for a few moments, surprising Kubia, Sternson, and Cloris, who looked at each other for a bit. Moments later, he returned with a small squadron of armored figures.

"What is it, Fredrick?" One of them asked.

"Is there something you want to show us?" Another asked.

"Prince K-Kubia! He's-He's!" Fredrick stuttered, but the armored knights looked at him strangely.

"Is he still asleep? What is it about Prince Kubia that is troubling you?" One of them asked.

"Did he kicked the bucket? If so, his Majesty will very depressed." Another said.

"Kicked the bucket? What does that mean?" Kubia asked. The knight replied, "It means passed on, or in short, died."

"Oh, thanks!" Kubia said.

"You're welcome, My Prince." The knight said. The knight soon let the information sink into his brain until realization dawned upon him.

"PRINCE KUBIA!" The knights screeched as they pointed fingers at him. They soon zipped out of the room, instantly telling the first person they run into the castle about Kubia, which caused them to run to the next to tell them, causing them to continue the cycle throughout the castle.

"As I was saying, your Highness," Sternson said, finally getting Kubia's attention, "You weren't asleep for a while, you were actually asleep for a full century."

"A century?" Kubia asked. Cloris spoke up seconds later, "It means, a hundred years, Your Highness."

Kubia's eyes widen in shock and surprise out of the now known fact of the length of his slumber. Kubia's mind then started wondering what had made him slumber for so long and why? Whatever it was, Kubia knew it was bad news. Kubia was too deep in thought to see the crowd of servants surrounding him, asking questions of his condition.

Ten minutes later,

Kubia wonder around, several servants on his tail, pleading him not to move around. That made Kubia move in a running motion. While running, Kubia recounted the memories that flowed back in his head. His full name was Kubia Ogirort Zapsiel Desperados, he is the Prince of the Demon Realm and one of the many children of the all powerful Mao (Demon King). He started to remember his love for Humans and how his Father always told him to stay away from them because they were filthy and inferior beings best left dead. Kubia secretly ordered Sternson to go to the Human Realm and grab some books from the Human Realm so he learn about it. he even snuck in the Human Realm to see it for himself, only to be found by one the Dark Knights and dragged home for punishment. Kubia shuddered as he remembered the punishment. While in his thoughts, he could still hear the servants behind him.

"Your Highness! You mustn't move right now!" The first servant said.

"Please, don't overexert yourself! His Majesty will displeased if you injure yourself!" The second servant said.

"Don't move so much, Your Highness! You've only just awoken from your slumber!" The third servant said.

"Please! The King will be displeased if you keep moving!" The fourth said.

Kubia suddenly stopped in the middle of his little sprint, allowing the others to catch up to him and catch a breather. Kubia remembers that Sternson mentioned this King. Kubia swiftly turned to the breath taken servants and asked them, "Where is he?"

"Where is who, Your Majesty?" The fifth servant asked.

"The King, My father. Where is he?" Kubia asked again. The five servants gasped at Kubia's question, unsure of how to answer him.

"Well? Where is he?" Kubia said, arching an eyebrow at the servants.

"The King will be seeing you soon, Prince Kubia." Kubia turned to face a two tall young women. The first woman had thick, wavy, medium-length blonde hair, deadly pale skin, and blood red eyes with silted pupils. She wore a black cloak with red ends around her shoulders, a white button-up shirt, a black corset around her hourglass build, a black waist cape with a red hue halfway at the bottom, black stockings, and small black high heeled shoes. The second woman had long flowing silver hair, a black dress with silver linings that has a center opening, which revealed a good amount of her cleavage and midriff, black thigh high stockings, and silver high heeled shoes.

Kubia gave them full attention and noticed that they gave of the aura of Royalty. He politely asked, "When do I see him, Miss?"

The silver haired woman giggled and replied, "Now now, Kubia. No need to be polite. We're all Royalty here."

Kubia nodded at that and cleared his voice a bit. "Anyways, when do I get see my father?" He asked.

"Soon, but now isn't the time." The blond haired woman said. Kubia looked at her and asked, "So sometime later today?"

She replied,"Something like that, Kubia. Now if you would excuse us..." They both walked past Kubia and the servants behind him, putting their attention to their destination, leaving an anxious and questioning Kubia. Kubia soon looked at the pitch black, red and dark violet cloudy skies of the Demon Realm and wonder how things were like in the Human Realm.

In the Human Realm,

A teen with caramel tone skin, crystal blue eyes and dark brown hair wearing a dark blazer, dark blue jeans, a dark grey shoulder bag , and white shoes watched the clouds above him, not taking note of any looks the others were giving him.

"Who's that?" A random female student asked.

"That's Leo. Don't talk to him, he's a weirdo." Another female student said.

"A weirdo? How?" A male student asked.

"I heard he watches the clouds everyday and mutters on how he wished to be a cloud." She answered.

"I guess that is weird, but not that weird." The male student replied.

"I heard he ate newts in the fourth grade." Another male student said.

"Eww! Gross!" A female student said.

"Why is he even here? Isn't he a -?" A male student asked, but was interrupted.

"Shh! Don't say that! He doesn't know about that!" A male teacher said.

Leo heard what they were saying, but he didn't pay it any mind. Honestly, he didn't really care what they said, but that didn't stopped him from wondering what they knew about him that he didn't. He wanted to ask his old man what it is, but he disappeared four years ago before he had the chance. He started to get up from the grass of the school yard and walk home.

Summer had started and Leo wanted nothing but to spend it all away, living his life he usually did. He walked through the crossing square not too far from his apartment. After passing the crowd of people, he arrived at his apartment complex. The building was five stories high and painted dark grey. He approached the red door to his apartment room, unlocked it, and walked in.

He took off his shoes and walked in the living room, which consisted of a glass fronted display case with a flat screen TV in the gap, a small wooden drawer by the window, a black leather sofa, a small coffee table, a large dark grey rug, and two cupboards on each side of the display case. He threw his shoulder bag on the couch and walked to his room to get changed for the rest of the day. He heard the TV mention about a Demon roaming the streets at night killing innocent high school girls and felt disgusted at that. He changed into a large red shirt, oxford blue jeans, and Maroon sneakers with black and white soles, and proceeded outside to spend his first day of summer.

Back in the Demon Realm,

Kubia paced back and forth in his room and started thinking of when his Father will want to see him. In all honesty, Kubia was nervous at the thought of seeing his Father after all that time sleeping. Kubia couldn't exactly remember his face, but he remembered the dark malicious aura that surrounded him. Kubia would always shiver from the feeling of said aura. Kubia didn't noticed that his arms were hugging him when thought about the how evil and vile the aura felt. In the middle of his thoughts, Sternson walked in the room and noticed his body shivering. Walking close to Kubia, He said, "The King wishes to meet you at another time."

The news snapped Kubia out of his thoughts, making sigh in relief. He soon turned his head to Sternson and asked, "Why does he wish to meet at another time?"

"Well, His Majesty wishes for you to go to the Human Realm and search for a certain demon there. Apparently, one of our Dark Knights had noticed a few Humans females were killed and their wounds was the work of a Demon. And also, he said it was punishment for letting your guard down, since you are one of the king's children and are targeted by many Demons who want to kill you." Sternson replied. Kubia nodded and decided to get his black and silver Halberd ready, its chain dangling from the edge of the blade. Kubia then grabbed a small bag and made way for the door until Sternson called out.

"Your Highness!" Kubia stopped and turned his head to face Sternson, who looked at Kubia with concern.

"Yes, Sternson?" Kubia asked. Sternson looked at Kubia for a moment, took a deep breath and exhaled it, and said, "Please come back safe."

Kubia looked at Sternson and nodded. He dashed out the door and down the hall, leaving a concerned Sternson behind. Kubia pulled out a black crystal orb from his pocket and remembered it was used for teleportation. He quickly poured some magic energy in it and the destination he last remembered going in the Human Realm and the orb let out a dark violet magic circle appeared beneath him and released a light of the same color that consumed the Demon Prince in a matter of seconds before it vanished along with the magic circle and the small Demon Prince.

Back in the Human Realm,

Leo walked through the streets of Ikebukuro, looking for the nearest restaurant he could find. It was 7:23 and he was hungry and thirsty for something to eat. He quickly took a shortcut through a construction site. He ran past several materials for the building's construction and didn't bothered to pay attention. He was almost at the other side of the construction site and was relieved when he saw a restaurant on the other side. But before he could make it to the said gap, a dark violet magic circle appeared out of nowhere in front of him, surprising him completely as he looked at the light the circle was giving off. Leo noticed a small silhouette within the light and started to wonder who was it. As if on cue, magic circle disappeared along with the light, revealing the Demon Prince Kubia. Kubia looked around the area of the construction site, not noticing a surprised Leo who looked at the curious Kubia. Kubia turned around and noticed Leo, who had his gaze set on Kubia. Their eyes meet and a they didn't spoke a word to each other, leading to a awkward silence between the two. They both wondered what was going to happen now? One thing entered Leo's mind: Whatever was going to happen, it was definitely not going to be dull.

Preview of next chapter:

"I'm Kubia and you are?"

"Isn't that the child of the Mao?"

"Leo, I don't think you should be near him..."

"I just want to rip you apart, my dear..."

"What the hell is that thing?"

"Is this what everyone's been hiding from me?"

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