MY NOTES & INFORMATION: Akuma Ōji Kubia no kuronikuru is my own version of Demon King Daimao mashed together with Disgaea, Naruto, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, and Bleach. I swear I will do whatever I can to make it as entertaining as possible for you to enjoy. I'll admit that I've been looking the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, so some of the Demons and Angels in this story will be based off of it.





Chapter 2: Awakening Blood

Kubia and Leo looked at each other, uncertain of what to do or what to say. Leo was the most speechless out the two. He was just going to the nearest restaurant to get a quick bite of some food and before he knew it, someone just appeared out of nowhere, and by Magic no less. With the whole Mao incident going on nowadays, the only people he know that can use Magic were either Angels or Demons. He knew it was obvious the child in front of him wasn't an Angel due the clothing he was wearing. SO obviously he was a Demon. The clothes he wore were very Demon-like. But something bothered Leo about the Demon in front of him. The Demons he heard of were the kind that attack and kill others without a second thought, but the one in front of him did no such thing, and that rattled him.

'Maybe he's one of those higher level Demons. I better do something quickly before he tries to kill me.' Leo thought as he slowly moved around him, Kubia watching him with wondering eyes. But before he could make it to the gap at the fence, "Um, excuse me? Mr. Human?" Kubia spoke. Leo froze and looked at him with a startled look on his face.

'WHAT THE HELL? A DEMON IS BEING NICE TO ME, A HUMAN? IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?' Leo thought as he rapidly thought any possible reason a Demon was being polite. Kubia gently tugging on Leo's shirt, making Leo snap out of his thoughts and look at Kubia's face.

"Yes? Is there something you want?" Leo asked. Seconds later, he heard a grumbling noise and Kubia muttering, "I'm hungry. Please feed me."

Leo sweatdropped for a second there, thinking, 'Are you serious? You're just hungry? And you want ME to feed YOU?' Leo sighed and said, "Fine, I'll feed ya. But only if you don't cause any trouble around here, okay?"

Kubia nodded and said, "Okay, I'll good." Leo sweatdropped again at that. 'That's so not Demon behavior.' Leo thought as he watched Kubia him to the restaurant named McDonald's. He felt the child behind tug his shirt again, he looked back at the child, who soon said,

"I'm Kubia and you are?" He heard the Demon child behind him say. Leo looked at Kubia for a bit, uncertain at first, but seeing the look in Kubia's eyes, he can tell Kubia didn't want to hurt him. Then again, he figured it was pretty obvious. Taking in quick breath, he answered, "It's Leo. Leo Toudou, to be exact."


A young girl that appeared to be fifteen rested peacefully on a bed-sized cloud, enjoying every moment of it. The girl had flowing pink hair tied in a bushy short ponytail by a white scrunchie with two strands of hair poking out at the top of her head acting as antennas, light skin, and scarlet red eyes. She wore a white flowing silk with pink ends that stopped three inches above her thighs, a white scarf around her neck, a sky blue miniskirt with duke blue biker shorts underneath, a dark blue belt buckled around the waist holding three chocolate-brown holsters at the back of the skirt, white and pink striped socks, and white shoes with baby blue lining.

She slept soundly on the cloud, paying no sort of attention to her surroundings. She believe nothing can make her wake up. Unfortunately, she was wrong.

"Star! Wake up, Star!" Another young girl yelled. Star opened her eyes and stood up to see a the girl that woke her up. The young girl had olive skin, green eyes, and long dark brown hair with forehead fringes. She wore the same outfit as Star, but it had differences. The flowing silk gown-like coat was sky blue with gold ends, the skirt was a normal blue and the holsters were a caramel color, the sock weren't striped and were gold in color, and the shoes had gold linings. She looked down at her with a stern and focused face. Star drowsily got off the cloud while rubbing her tired eyes. She let out a yawn before putting her attention at the girl before her.

"Ah, Karin. How are ya?" She drowsily said. Karin sighed, closed her eyes, and said, "Star Eternitylion, how many times do I have to wake you for a mission? I mean really, you're an Angel and you can't focus on even the most simplest detail. As an official Angel of the Holy Realm, you should be ashamed of yourself."

She looks at Star, only to find her fast asleep, again. A large red anger vein appeared on the back of Karin's head as she started searching through her holster and pulled out a large hammer. The hammer had a dark blue and red shaft and cheek and gold twin faces with a large smiley face on each face. She took careful aim at the sleeping Star, held it high in the air, and let it fall straight on Star's face. Star's eyes suddenly fluttered opened at the last second, only to see Karin's mallet meet her face. Star's cry of pain was loud enough to echo through out the Holy Realm.

Back in the Human Realm,

"So, you're telling me that you're the son of the Mao?" Leo said, making sure he was hearing right. Kubia nod his head in agreement.

"And your old man, The Mao, sent you to get rid of Demon that been roaming around here as punishment?" Kubia nodded his head again, confirming that what Leo said was right. Leo sighed as he finished his Double Bacon Cheeseburger and moved on to his fries.

Leo and Kubia sat together at the park, enjoying the food Leo bought. Kubia took steady bites at his first Hamburger, savoring ever bit of its flavor. Leo finished the last of his French Fries and threw his bag in a nearby trashcan. Leo took a sip of his orange soda, watching Kubia finish the last of his hamburger and move on to his fries. Leo found it interesting that a Demon would be interested in Human food. In all honestly, Leo didn't even know what Demons eat, he figured they all eat anything they find, mostly meat. As Leo watched Kubia throw his bag in the trash, he noticed some the people around him looked at him with nervous and concerned looks while most of them looked at Kubia with heated glares and looks of disgust. Many of the people around were muttering something quietly among themselves. Leo became a bit concerned about Kubia's health, knowing how much the people hated demons. He know that Kubia means no harm to anyone, but he doubted they would think the same. Leo quickly jumped to his feet and linked his arm to Kubia's and hightailed it out of the park. As they walked past the crowd, Leo heard the mutters of the crowd.

"Isn't that the child of the Mao?"

"Why is he with him?"

"Hmmph, damn Demon lover."

"Why is he showing kindness to him? He's the son of the Mao! He deserves no sort of kindness at all!"

"I doubt he's doing it of his own will..."

"Is he possibly being forced to do what he says?"

"Poor guy. I hate those monsters!"

"Does anyone have any Holy water with them? There's a Demon here!"

"Why can't it just go away? They've caused enough misery here!"

"Mommy, who is that boy?"

"Don't go near him! He's a monster!"

Leo heard many of them claiming that Leo was under Kubia's control while other said he cared for Demons. Leo honestly didn't have anything against Demons. Not a single ounce of hatred towards them. Leo decided to ignore their muttering and focus more on Kubia. Kubia was too preoccupied taking the scenery of the Human Realm, seemingly unaware of the looks of malice and fear he was being given. Leo merely sighed at Kubia's naivety.

"Come on, we're going somewhere with less people, Kubia." Leo said. Kubia tilted his head and asked, "Why? Is there something wrong with where we were?"

Leo hesitated to tell him the truth at first, but he decided to twist the truth a little. "Well, people around aren't so friendly with your kind around here, so we're going to a place where we won't bother them." Leo said. Kubia looked confused for a bit before saying, "Okay. Where should we go?"

Leo simply replied, "Just somewhere less people."

The two walked out the park and towards Leo's destination. The two walked past the many people that threw glares and fearful glances at Kubia. The more people they walked past, the more Leo got irritated by it.

Their path soon got intercepted by a couple of high school students and were soon surrounded by several accomplices, adding up very much to Leo's rage. They all took out knives, determined to take Kubia's life. Leo, now pissed to no end, cracked his knuckles and readied his dukes, surprising many of the people watching. Kubia tilted his head at why people are taking out knives. Leo knew it was going to take a long time to get out of this one, knocking out the first guy that tried to attack (AN: TUH, thanks for the improved sentence!).

Back in the Demon Realm,

A lone figure stood before a black demonic gate. The gate was pitch black with spikes, sharp edges, and decorated demonic skulls at the top and sides. In the center was a ominous red and black portal. The figure appeared to be a young girl with white hair, empty silver eyes, and a pale skin complexion. She wore a white dress that reached her upper calf, ornate beads around her waist, wrists, and ankles, and wore no shoes. She stood before the gate, marveling its vile features as she waited for someone to arrive. Footsteps were heard while she waited. She didn't bother to turn as a feminine figure in a cloak approached her.

"So you've come..." She said, her voice holding no amount of emotion in it.

"I only came because you said that, you've seen him." She replied. The girl merely retorted, "You could say that. I've really been watching the world for oh so long, that it is hard to keep up with all the faces I've seen, due to the fact that Humans are merely boring beings that hold no significant interest and are best left to die."

She ignored the glare she was given by the hood woman and continued, "Oh so sorry. Are you mad at poor little me? Well, knowing how much you love Humans, despite of them being worthless, I'll tell what you want to know."

The glare lessened some as the hood woman signaled her to continue. She sighed and said, "Well, he seems to be just fine in the Human Realm. At least in his Human Heritage."

The hooded woman smiled at that, certain that he was doing fine, until the young girl continued, "Though, I'll admit I'm surprised that his 'other' heritage hasn't surfaced. Yet."

The hooded woman's smile became a frown at that. The girl merely smiled and said, "Well, we only have a bit of time left before his heritage comes in full circle. Isn't that fun?"

The woman answered her with a fierce so glare that it can turn a Vampire into dust. The girl scoffed and said, "Ah, you're no fun. I mean, come on. You have to admit it's only a matter of time before he realizes that he's actually a half-."

"DON'T YOU DARE SAY IT!" The woman screeched, "I know he shares my blood, but..."

"But?" The girl said, wanting her to continue. The woman complied as she said, "But, it's for the best that he doesn't know about it. That he just keep on leading his life till the end, never knowing the truth of what he really is."

The girl stared at her before she said, "Hmmph, how naive. Thinking it's better that your son doesn't know about his Demon blood. How gutless..."

"Grimoire, is it really gutless for me to protect him?" She asked. Grimoire merely looked at her and said,"Idiot..."

"Is it really idiotic? To keep him safe? My tribe has told me if he comes in contact with a Demon, he'll start to awaken. I plan to make sure I don't step a foot near him." The woman said.

Grimoire was about to say something until she stopped and smirked, as if finding out something. Something juicy. She looked at the cloaked woman and said, "Well, I'm afraid that little plan of yours is about to go crashing down."

"W-what do you mean by that?" She questioned, worried of what Grimoire was thinking.

"Well, I just got a telepathic message from a good friend of mine. It turns out there's a pair of Demons in the Human Realm." Grimoire said, her words making the woman pale a bit."And, I heard they're both in the same town as your little boy. And one is right NEXT to him." Those words made her face grow grim. She quickly fled past Grimoire and towards the gate, disappearing into the ominous black and red color of the portal, leaving behind a smirking and satisfied Grimoire.

"Well, she'll be able to see the reality of our worlds. I'll watch how the events unfold as soon as I tell the tribe where their leader is." Grimoire said as she walked away from the portal.

Back in the Human Realm,

Leo led Kubia to his Apartment after dealing with the mob and had him settled in. Leo had a few cuts and bruises on him and placed some rubbing alcohol on them. Kubia curiously looked around the Apartment, examining all the objects in it. Kubia walked into the living and saw the television. Kubia sat on a nearby couch, eyes glued to the television screen in curiosity, wondering what it does. Leo saw this, walked over to Kubia and asked, "What are you doing?"

"What's that strange device?" Kubia wondered. Leo looked at the television and back at Kubia, confused.

"It's a TV." Leo replied blankly.

"A strange device with a strange name..." Kubia commented. "I wonder what it does..." Leo looked around for a nearby remote and picked up the nearest one he could find.

"Here's how it work, Kubia." Leo said. He pressed a button and the television instantly came to life, surprising Kubia. It turned on to an Anime Network channel with a random anime show on. Kubia stared at the TV in awe as he watched the fight on the channel. A man with brown hair, green eyes wearing a black shirt, gold pants, and black sneakers was facing off with a man that seem to resemble a humanoid dragon.

"How is it doing that? Who are those people in there?" Kubia asked. Leo replied, "I really don't know how it works, but it's suppose to let you watch a ton things around the world. It's currently showing us an Anime TV show."

"Anime? I've read about it in a book, but I never got to see one." Kubia said. Leo watched Kubia scoot closer to the TV, watching the Anime intently.

"Rubion! This ends now!" the man on the television said as he lunged at the half Dragon man.

"IS THAT SO, JET? THEN PROVE IT, LOWER BEING! PREPARE TO MEET YOUR FATE!" Rubion said as he charged at the Jet, fireballs blazing in his hand.

Leo sighed as he watched Kubia watch the fist seven minutes of the final episode of 'Hell Slayers'. Leo muttered, "It's going to be a while..."

-23 minutes later-

Leo almost fell asleep as he watched Kubia watch the full ending of 'Hell Slayers'. Leo silently thanked God that it was over. Kubia turned his attention to Leo and asked, "That was an interesting Anime. When is it coming on again?"

"It doesn't. That was the last episode. So, no more 'Hell Slayers'. " Leo bluntly said. Leo could of sworn he saw Kubia's stoic expression fell a little.

"Oh. I see..." Kubia said. Leo could of sworn Kubia looked like he was about to cry and decided to say something to cheer him up.

"Well, 'Hell Slayers' may be over. But Anime is never over. Oh look, another Anime is coming on." Leo said as he pointed to the screen. Kubia's stoic face revived and turned his attention to the screen. A knock on the door was heard seconds later after the opening of the Anime. Leo, knowing better than to ask Kubia to get it, got up from the couch and walked towards the door. Leo opened the door to see his neighbor, Rose Marian. Rose had bright pinkish-orange shoulder length hair with a few bangs over her left eye, red eyes, and pale skin. She wore a pink shirt with white long sleeves, blue shorts, white socks, and pink and blue shoes. She looked at Leo directly in the eye, giving off a worried gaze. Leo had never seen Rose like this. He always saw her as an overconfident and lively kind of person.

"Is it true? Is it true that one of the Mao's child is here?" She asked. Leo took a couple steps back and said, "How did you know that?"

Rose gasped and muttered fearfully to herself, "So it is true..."

Leo looked at her, wondering if she believed what the crowd from earlier said. Leo started to worry about Kubia's safety even more. Kubia didn't mean any harm, but no. The people in Ikebukuro had to be paranoid, spouting crap like 'He's going to kill us all!' or 'He's going to make us his slaves!'. Honestly, Leo was getting pissed by it.

"Yeah, he is. What the hell about it? Are you going tell me the same crap those jackasses from downtown said?" Leo said in a pissed tone of voice.

Rose was taken aback at Leo's attitude. She had never seen Leo so angry. She was both scared and surprised. Mustering up some courage, she said, "N-no Leo. I'm just worried about you. Honestly I think..."

"You think what?" Leo asked, his rage diminishing a bit.

"Leo, I don't think you should be near him..." Rose said. Leo's rage raised instantly.

"So you ARE telling me the same crap, they've been saying!" Leo yelled. Rose quickly realized what she said and tried to fix it.

"N-no! I was only worried about you! I didn't mean it!"

"Liar! That was what you meant!" Leo said.

"N-no! I really didn't mean-!" She started but was interrupted by Kubia.

"Um, Leo? Is she your friend?" Kubia said as he looked at Rose from Leo. Rose looked at Kubia and froze. Kubia took this opportunity to take a closer look. Kubia circled around Rose, inspecting her from top to bottom while Rose watched him with an unreadable expression. Leo predicted she was being fearful of Kubia's presence.

"Leo, who is this boy?" Rose asked. Or be completely oblivious to the fact the Mao's son is right in front of her. Leo looked at Rose like she was a retard.

"Oh, I'm Kubia! What's your name, pretty girl?" Kubia said. Leo arched an eyebrow at Kubia's choice of words. Rose blushed a little at his choice of words.

"I'm Rose...Are you really Kubia?" She said, doubt staining her voice. Leo could understand her doubt. The first time he meet Kubia, he figured he was just a random demon child who wanted to explore until Kubia told him. Leo only met Kubia for a short time but already he felt a bond between them forming.

"Yes, yes I am." Kubia said."Why do you ask?" Rose looked at Kubia for a few moments before she muttered, "Baka..."

"Huh? Baka? What does that mean?" Kubia questioned. Leo was about to answer before Rose did something unexpected to Kubia.

"You're just so cute! It's hard to believe I was afraid of a cutie like you! You're so cute! Yes, you are! Yes, you are!" Rose said as she hugged Kubia. She was actually HUGGING Kubia, a Demon prince. Leo couldn't find the strength to put out an source of common sense due to the scene in front of him.

'Right now, I just can't find the strength to use common sense anymore.' Leo thought, starting to realize the madness was starting to consume his life.

"Leo! Is he really staying here?" Rose said, Kubia still in her grasp. Kubia really made no effort of resistance since this was the first time a HUMAN had HUGGED him.

Leo gave her a blank stare and said, "Yeah. Pretty much."

"Really! YAY!" She cried as she jumped in the air, releasing Kubia from the hug. Kubia pouted a little, feeling that the hug was too short. Leo sighed, knowing he made the biggest mistake ever as he watch Rose run to her apartment room which was three doors away from his.


"FUCK!" A young girl with short blonde hair, green eyes, and pale skin wearing the female school uniform screeched as she reached a dead end. She swiftly turned to face the person pursuing her. Well, she couldn't exactly call it a person, since he had a bit of a boost to his abilities.

"What's wrong?" A dark and hollowed voice said. The owner of the voice was a man dressed in a black turtleneck shirt, white slacks, and black boots. He had blood red hair with matching eyes and a feral and demonic grin on his face as he walked over to the cowering girl.

"G-get away!" She cried, looking for a way out. The man chuckled sadistically at her struggling and said, "There's no need to be afraid. This will be over quickly as long as you don't scream."

She didn't listen as she kept scanning the walls of the alley for a way out. The poor girl was scared out of her mind. She was merely walking home from school, which was a very peaceful walk, until HE had go and interrupted it, appearing out of nowhere and saying creepy things. She backed up against the wall, fear creeping up her spine. She could only watch as the man got closer and closer.

"I just want to rip you apart, my dear..." He said in a sadistically perverse tone as he stepped closer.

"S-stay back! I-I'll call the cops!" She cried as she took out a pink Piccolo Motorola cellphone. The man merely laughed and said, "Oh, I'm so scared! What are they going to do if they don't find a shred of you?"

"Don't screw with me, you sick bastard! The cops always find evidence and they will hunt you down!" She retorted as she pressed the first button on her cell phone. The moment she did that, she felt an unbearable pain in her hand. She fell to the ground and cried out in pain as she looked at her hand, only to find it gone. The hand had completely vanished, no, it was more sliced off by a blade, but she didn't see the blade.

"Oh, so sorry. But I didn't want the fun to end so quickly by the hands of Humans." The man replied as he held the cell phone and the girl's hand in his clawed arm. The arm was as skinny and jagged as a tree branch and was completely pitch black with red veins that resembled blood veins running on it. The claws had jagged edges and resembled miniature scythes. The girl looked in fear at the arm as she realized what the man was.

"You're a..." She trailed off in fear.

"Demon. Yes I am, dear. And it looks like...I'm having my girl...sliced." The Demon as he raised his arm in air and brought down the claws on the fearful girl, reducing her to a bloodied and sliced mess.

Back in the Holy Realm,

Star and Karin walked down a white elegant hallway, heading to the destination of their assignment. Karin held a focused face as she approached the destination, Star was preoccupied. Star rubbed her face, trying to lessen the pain her face felt. She whimpered every time it started stinging.

"Stop it, Star. It's only going to sting much more if you keep doing that." Karin said.

"But, Karin it's your fault it hurts!" Star whined.

"Well, It's your fault for falling asleep when I'm talking to you!" Karin retorted.

"Well, sorry! I had a tough job and I was tired, so I decided to take a nap! DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING AGAINST NAPS!" Star said.

"No. I just have a problem with YOU taking one when I'M talking to you. It's like, I'm talking to someone who doesn't care about the stability of the Holy Realm." Karin replied.

"Hey! I care plenty about the Holy Realm!" Star retorted.

"Then WHY do I feel like DOUBTING you whenever you say THAT?" Karin fiercely questioned.

"Oh, you're so mean~! Karin, at least be nice to me for once!"

"WELL, I'M TRYING TO! HOW ABOUT YOU TRY TO BE SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR ASSIGNMENT!" Karin screeched, earning the attention of nearby Angels.

"Can you two at least stop this childish argument? Honestly." A male voice said. The owner of the voice was a young teen around Star's age. He had brown hair, gold eyes, and pale skin. He wore a gold flowing gown-like coat with black ends, a white scarf around his neck, a black belt with gold holsters, black slacks, and matching shoes. He looked at Star and Karin with a blank face.

"EEK! Arch Angel Ilmias! W-we're so sorry!" Karin panicked as she bow. Star was pulled down by Karin in a bowing position seconds later.

Ilmias sighed and said, "Don't bow. We're Angels, so I really don't see the point in bowing to another Angel."

"B-but, you're an Arch Angel! You are our superior!" Karin exclaimed as she looked up at Ilmias in surprise.

"Well, something like rank doesn't really matter to me. I find it all too troublesome." He replied bluntly.

'Wow, he's opposite of what I thought Arch Angels are suppose to be...' Star thought as she looked at him.

"Anyway, did you two get your assignment?" Ilmias questioned.

"Y-yes w-we have. We're just on our w-way t-to fulfill it." Karin stuttered, much to Ilmias' irritation. Ilmias hated, no, LOATHED it when people stuttered whenever they talk to him. And it was all because he was an Arch Angel.

Sighing, he said, "Good. I do wish you achieve success upon it."

"W-we won't fail you, Ilmias!" Karin said. Karin and Star immediately dashed right past, leaving him in the dust as he calmly looked at the departing duo.

"Good. Because this assignment, is going to need every fiber of your effort. It won't be a easy one, since God will be watching over your progress." He said darkly before walking down the hallway.

Back with Leo,

Leo's eye twitch as he looked across the living room to see Rose and Kubia sitting in front of the TV, eyes glued on it. Leo muttered to himself how he was so unlucky. He watched Rose and Kubia watch TV, which started to irritate him more now that Rose was giving Kubia hints about Anime and their 'exciting' parts.

"Here comes the good part!" Rose said as the man on TV leapt in the air, let the lightning strike him, only for him to be completely covered in it. He then dashed towards the monster with his new lightning covered body and landed an epic headbutt on the monster's gut, causing the monster to be electrocuted.

"Wow. I didn't know that was possible." Kubia said as he looked at the TV.

"Well, anything is possible in Anime!" Rose said while she giggled at the look on Kubia's face.

Sighing, Leo immediately shot up to his feet and walked towards the door. Rose noticed Leo walking straight towards the door.

"Leo? Where are you going?" Rose asked her childhood friend.

Leo gave her a blank look and said, "Just going out for air. I'll be back in a few." Leo then continued walking towards the door, leaving a concerned Rose and an oblivious Kubia.


Leo leaned against a bridge, completely annoyed by the events that had happened in one day. He sighed, letting out the frustrations he held inside. He looked up at the night sky, gazing at the moon's white round form.

"I wish my life would be less complicated. First people know something about me I don't know, then some Demon kid pops out of nowhere and asks me to feed him, I fight off a gang trying to kill him, and now my childhood friend and the Demon prince are friends. I really wish my life wasn't as complicated as it is now." Leo muttered to himself. He stood there, leaning against the railing of the bridge, letting nothing go pass his mind as he tried to clear it due to the events today.

"Leo?" A certain voice said. Leo's eye twitched as he turned to see Kubia, walking towards him, with his Halberd on his shoulders. Kubia's face was emotionless as usual, but his eyes had showed nothing but concern. Leo raised an eyebrow at that.

"Kubia? Is something wrong?" Leo asked. Kubia was quiet for a few moments, much to Leo's discomfort.

"Leo..." Kubia started,"Are you...feeling okay?"

Leo blinked for a few moments, surprised to know Kubia was concerned about him. Sighing, Leo answered, "Not really. With all that's happened today, I don't know how I'm going to survive this summer."

"...Do those people back there hate me?" Kubia asked.

"Well, you are the son of the Mao, so obviously." Leo said bluntly.

"So they also see me that way..." Kubia trailed off.


"Everyone in the Demon World, they don't see me as Kubia, but as the son of the Mao. That's what everyone saw me as the whole time I was growing up." Kubia said. Leo was silent, listening intently as Kubia went on.

"I know my father did terrible things, but I would never. I-I love Humans. I think they're funny, kind, and wonderful people. But, they would never believe me because of who my father is and what he has done..." Kubia said as he looked down, his hair covering his eyes. Leo could of sworn he looked like he was about to cry. Leo tighten his fists in rage at the sight of Kubia.

"Kubia. Don't worry about what others think about you." Leo said. Kubia looked up and gave Leo a surprised look.

"What do you mean? I don't want people to think I care less about what they think of me." Kubia protested, feeling a bit of his Royal pride insulted.

"People will care less about what you think of them." Leo said, catching Kubia off guard." Impressions only those who WANT to know you. Almost all of the people here don't even want to know you. I mean, look at Rose. She's been scared of you for a bit until seeing what you really look like and now she wants to get to know you."

"Knows how I look? What did she thought I look like?" Kubia asked.

"She thought you were a tall, intimidating and heartless monster." Leo bluntly said, catching Kubia off guard again. Kubia then thought of a taller version of him with long hair, bulging muscles with several tattoos, and an evil and feral grin on his face, which had demonic piercings. Kubia both mentally and physically shuddered at the thought of him being like that.

"Yeah, that's basically Rose when she over exaggerated at the news that you were here." Leo said, earning chuckle from Kubia.

"Really? I thought she would be the cautious and wise kind of person." Kubia said.

"Cautious, yes. Wise, no way in hell! In fifth grade, she once thought a Hippo was a type of panda!" Leo laughed. Kubia chuckled a bit more from it.

"Leo..." Kubia started, "You' first."

"First? First what?" Leo asked.

"You're mu first Human friend I ever had in a while." Kubia said.

"Heh he. Yeah, guess I am." Leo said. Kubia then held out his Halberd and placed it between them, surprising Leo a bit.


Kubia had grasped the Halberd and looked at Leo dead in the eye.

"Leo, do you swear to be my friend? Through thick and thin, through whatever life throws at us, our bond of friendship will never be severed." Kubia said.

Leo blinked for a bit at what Kubia. Sighing, he grasped the Halberd and said, "Fo sho!"

Kubia chuckled at that in response. "Thanks Leo. For...being my friend. Huh, I never thought it sound so good."

"It always does when you get your first friend." Leo replied.

"Well, isn't that sweet?" A certain voice said. Kubia and Leo tensed up and looked to their left to see a man in black clothing with red hair and matching eyes walking towards them. Leo looked at the man for a few seconds and he noticed that his black clothes had bloodstains. Kubia instantly jumped in front of Leo and had his Halberd in position, ready to strike the man.

"Wait Kubia! This guy's probably delirious from the-!" Leo started.

"I see you decide to show yourself. How did your killing spree of those girls go?" Kubia said, alarming Leo.

'What! What the hell is Kubia talking about? This guy...can't be...' Leo thought as his gaze was on the man. The 'man' sadistically chuckled and said, "Good to see a fellow Demon roaming the Human World. It gets so~ lonely without a partner in crime. My name is Arpar and I hope we can become good friends~."

"I'm not into killing Humans." Kubia bluntly replied.

(Cue Fire Emblem - Together We Ride On, guitar version )

The Demon lost his smirk as he said, "Oh, that's too bad. Oh well, at least I have the pleasure of killing you!" Arpar then leapt in the air and brought his claws down on Kubia, who blocked with his Halberd. Kubia then gave a mighty push to his Halberd, pushing the Demon back a few feet away. Arpar landed on its feet, glaring at Kubia. Kubia dashed towards Arpar with his Demon speed and used his Demon strength to tackle the Demon a few more meters away.

He quickly recovered and struck with his claws, sending Kubia airborne. Kubia adjusted himself in the air and dived down towards his opponent. Arpar had dodged at the last second by leaping out the way. Kubia land on the ground, HARD, leaving nothing but a medium sized crater. Arpar attempted a roundhouse kick on Kubia, but Kubia ducked and upper kicked the Demon thirty feet in the air. Kubia then jumped up, zooming right Arpar, and dived down, taking Arpar with him as they both went crashing to the ground. Arpar staggered to his feet and glared at Kubia at the same. Kubia pulled his Halberd out of the ground, unaffected by the glare he was receiving.

Arpar, displeased to no end, dashed towards Kubia and perform a sweeping kick as he slid on the floor. Kubia dodged the sweep with ease, but wasn't in time to dodge the claws. As the claws sank into the flesh of his cheek, Kubia let out a small grunt of pain. Swiftly turning to face his foe, he saw that Arpar was preparing a fireball as he dismissed his claws. A magic circle had surround him.

"What the hell is that thing?" Leo screeched as he saw the fireball. Never in his life, had Leo seen a fireball except in Anime.

"Per nomen Ignis! Exaudi orationem meam! Flamma usum mihi gloriam tuam Flammae de Ignis, audi imperio meo! Contra adversarium qui me ure cinere! Saevam Flammae!" Arpar chanted, letting the fireball lose.

Kubia leapt in the air and started casting a spell of his own.

"Per nomen Sylph! Advortito Mitissimus ventis et crudelissimis uentis Exaudi vocem meam Et percussit inimicum volo obedire. Formare machinationes tuas et utor vestri crudelissimis iudicem facienda meo inimico lapsum ad genua! Canebant artificis est scriptor Typhoon!" Kubia chanted as he let the sphere of wind lose. The spells collided and the result a raging whirlwind of fire that could be seen a mile away.

It dismissed within seconds, leaving the two Demons to stare down at each other. Both Demons continued this for five minutes, before they both crouched down and in a flash, they clashed once more.

Back at Leo's apartment,

Rose tend to the pots, cooking something for both Leo and Kubia. Whenever Leo was worried or disturbed by something, she would often cheer him by cooking his favorite meal, Beef Stew Gumbo. Rose would often questioned Leo why he likes something that would fatten someone up within seconds, but Leo never gave her a satisfying answer. She left the pots alone, tending to setting the plates on the table.

'Leo. I hope I didn't infuriated you in anyway." She thought as she remember the expression on his face. The sound an explosion suddenly interrupted her train of thought. Looking outside for the source of the sound, she found nothing and decided to pay it no mind. The smell of something burning suddenly caught her nose and she suddenly grimaced, remembering what she was doing.

"Oh no! The stew!" Running to said stew, she turned off the stove, put on oven mitts, and placed the pot on the counter. She sighed as the job was complete. There was a sudden knock on the door. Rose lazily walked over to it, slowly turned the knob, and opened to see a young man at the door. The young man seem to be in his early twenties. He had shoulder length brown hair and matching brown eyes. He wore a black over-jacket with an unclosed zipper, revealing an equally black shirt underneath and dragon-shaped patterns inscribed in gold trim and had a golden dragon's wing on the back of the jacket, pants that follow the jacket's form and it had a golden line trim stamped on the sides. The pants and the shoes are very conventional compared to the jacket. His gaze on Rose had scared her. Why? Because she felt an intimidating aura around that seem to be choking her like a constrictor. The aura soon dissipated and was replaced with an aura of warmth and protection. Rose started to breath easily now.

'W-What was that! I felt like his presence was swallowing me up!' Rose thought as she desperately tried to regain as much precious oxygen as possible.

"Hey." He said with a charming smile, making Rose's cheek go beet red.

"Is there someone by the name of Kubia here?" He asked, causing her to become defensive.

"W-what do you want with Kubia?" She tried to question in a threatening tone. The man held his hands in defense as he said in casual tone, "Nothing to cause him harm. You have my word on that part."

Rose examined the young man for a bit, finding any sign of hostility. Rose then remember that she wasn't that good at finding hostility, so she reluctantly calmed down and asked, "If it's nothing that'll harm him, then why do you want to see them?"

The man looked at her dead in the eye and said, "I'm just here to give him a word of warning."

Back at the fight,

Leo only watched the whole fight form a distance, awestruck at the display of speed and strength the Demons were using against each other. The Demon relentlessly attacked each other, showing no signs of fatigue.

" the power of a Demon?" Leo thought out loud.

Arpar dashed towards Kubia, flailing his claws at the defending Royalty. Kubia only stood there, blocking everyone of Arpar's claws. Arpar, annoyed that Kubia had blocked thirteen of his blows, had kicked Kubia straight in the gut, sending the small Royal skidding against the ground. Kubia recovered and countered by throwing his Halberd at Arpar. Arpar tilted his head to the side, failing to notice something important. Kubia instantly flew over to Arpar at a surprising speed, alarming him deeply. Arpar then noticed the chain attached to the Halberd had extended, but it was to late as Kubia slammed his feet on Arpar's chin, sending him flying across the street, a trail of blood leaking from his mouth. But Kubia didn't stop there. He immediately dashed past Arpar, crouched down and uppercut the second his back was in view, causing Arpar to cough up some blood. As Arpar was in the air, Kubia immediately casted a spell.

"XI sagittariorum nox veniat ad me et custodientibus mandata mea!" As soon as Kubia said that, eleven people in dark uniforms appeared along with a magic circle, their faces shrouded darkness. They were circled around Kubia in a perfect circle. Kubia then finished the chant. "XI Sagittarii, ignis vestri XI sagittas et percutiam meo inimico ad fato!" The archer's obeyed the command and launched their arrows of pure Darkness at the airborne Arpar.

A small explosion occurred, leaving Kubia to leave the now disappearing Archers. Arpar fell to the ground hard, his clothes tattered and beaten. His body laid in a small crater, unmoving.

"It's over..." Kubia said, walking away. Kubia didn't noticed that while he was walking away from the battle scene, Arpar's body twitched. As Kubia had picked up his Halberd, the weapon imbedding a hole in a nearby wall, he felt a sudden stabbing pain in his stomach. Kubia turned to see a pleasant looking Arpar. The claws left his stomach and soon smacked him a few feet away from him, tumbling like a dropped ball.

"Kubia!" Leo called as he ran over to him.

"How do you like that, you little piece of shit?" Arpar said before he leapt high in the air and landed right before Leo. Leo stopped and looked at the Demon before him. usually Leo would be afraid, but instead courage had risen up inside him. Using his courage he said, "MOVE!"

"Hm? A puny Human thinks he can tell me to move? That's...interesting." Arpar said, examining Leo.

"I said move! Do I have to make you!" Leo said before throwing a fist at him. Arpar merely dodged at Leo's attempt. Leo then roundhouse kicked the unsuspecting Demon and send him staggering back by a few feet. Blood dripped out of Arpar's mouth and fell to the floor. Arpar moved a clawed hand and wiped it off.

"Huh, to think a Human could have this power? Very interesting. I MAY just let you live." Arpar said.

"I rather die, you sadistic bastard!" Leo shouted, charging at the disappointed Arpar. Arpar raised his hand in the air as soon as Leo got close. Leo catched wind of his plan and jumped back a few feet. Then the unexpected happened; Arpar's arm EXTENDED. The claws hit Leo's stomach sending him back quite a distance. Arpar then appeared in front of him, kicking his pierced stomach, causing him to cough up blood. His hand then slammed him to the ground, Leo bounced back from the ground in response. Arpar's hand soon extended again, but instead of stabbing Leo again, he grabbed him and slammed him to the nearest wall. Leo let out a cry of pain as he felt something in his torso crack. He figured it was his left rib-cage.

(Cue Bleach OST: Soundscape to ardor )

"L-Leo..." Kubia muttered as he slowly sat up.

"Do you see? Never mistake foolishness for courage. The difference in our strengths is a large gap. One that would rival the distance of one continent to another." Arpar said. "As you know, Humans and Demons are of different strength. My kind is superior than yours in strength, speed, and stamina. Strength like this can only obtain by either wielding my kind's blood or obtaining it through a relentless will. But since you're a Human, strength like this is impossible for you to obtain. I'll admit the power you obtain is higher than an average Human's and yet it is lower than the average Demon in the Demon Realm. Do you see where I'm getting at?"

Leo said nothing as his words had sunk into his head.

"What I'm saying is, you can't win this fight. You can't protect anyone with such mediocre strength that'll only get you so close, yet so short in the world where strength is everything. Power is everything! That is how the Demon World works. Ones without power like you...are only there to die and nothing more." Arpar said as it was nothing.

"!" Leo grunted as he realized Arpar's words had truth in them. Truth that had hurt him deeply. Everyone was to engrossed with the situation they didn't notice a certain hooded figure hiding behind a corner. Her hands were over her mouth as she saw the condition Leo was in. Rage and worry began to boil up inside of her as she watched the scene.

Arpar sighed at the sight of Leo, his stomach leaking out and staining his shirt, his left side of his ribcage broken and his head down, depressed at the facts in front of him.

"I'll admit that you gave a good amount of effort, but sadly this where you die. You should've run when you had the chance." Arpar lament, raising his claws in air.

'Damn it! I'm so weak! I would be able to beat the shit out of this bastard if I had power!I need more power, like the power of a demon…' He thought, desperate for a way to live. Then he felt his consciousness slip until all was black.

Leo's Mindscape,

Everything around Leo was completely black. No, he's not dead, just in pure darkness. Looking around, he found no trace of where he was, Arpar, or Kubia.

'Do you really desire power?' A distorted version of his voice said.

'...I do. I really want power! Power that will crush anyone that dare want to harm anyone I want to protect! Power to place in absolute submission!' Leo answered.

'I think we're going to get along just fine. Fine, I'll give you power. The power sleeping inside you. The power sleeping inside of US.' The voice answered.

(Cue Persona 4 - Awakening)

'What?' Leo said in confusion. His eyes widen as he suddenly felt something. Pain.

'GAH!' He screamed as the pain coursed through his veins. Leo fell on all fours as the pain flow through every part of his body. Sweat started to drip and tears fell out of his eyes as the pain continued. The pain was too much to handle, he couldn't neither help or avoid the urge to scream in complete pain.

'Are you starting to regret it? So weak...' The voice taunted. Leo glared at the darkness and said, "*pant* Never! I need this power! To save Kubia! To protect Rose! To protect everyone!"

'Is that so? Well in that case, YOU BETTER NOT REGRET THIS SOON AFTER, HUMAN! NEVER FORGET THOSE WORDS! I WILL MAKE SURE OF THAT, BRAT!' The voice proclaimed as Leo felt the pain increase. A flash of light appeared where he was and all was brought back to reality.

Back in Reality,

Leo's eyes shot open to see he was in the position he was in earlier. Arpar's claws were in the air, waiting to be brought down. Kubia's vacant expression held worry. Leo's ribcage had had suddenly healed, much to his confusion. Leo didn't have time to think about how they healed as Arpar brought his claws down upon him.

'Power! Use our power, kick ass and take names, brat!' The voice in his head said. Leo's free arm instantly grabbed Arpar's claws out of instinct. And just in time, the claws were just inches away. Blood trickled from his forehead as one of the claws scratched it.

"How? How did you?" Arpar questioned until he noticed a changed going on Leo. Arpar instantly back away, looking at the Human. Leo's body glowed a blue aura as his hair had gone from dark brown to a fiery shade of red, his crystal blue eyes started changing to a lighter tone, and his skin was now a lighter shade of caramel. The biggest changes of all was that Leo's canines were now fangs, and he had Earth-brown horns on top of his head. The said horns were lopsided, with the right horn being slightly larger then the other horn which seem to be at regular length.

The hooded woman was glad Leo was alright, but grimaced when he saw he had transformed.

Leo stopped glowing and looked at himself, taking every detail as he felt his horns and saw his hair had changed.

"Is this what everyone's been hiding from me?" Leo said as he examined himself, both surprised yet horror stricken at the same time. The hooded woman felt great guilt as she saw the expression on his face.

Arpar was surprised, but that didn't stop him from attacking Leo.

"So you're a Halfa, so what? I'm still going to kill you!" Arpar said as he lunged at Leo. His claws were high in the air, thanks to his extending ability, he brought them down and attempt to crush Leo. A small explosion happen as the claws fell on the spot Leo was at. Arpar smirked, thinking Leo was dead.

Crack! The sound of something cracking was heard as Arpar felt great pain in his hand.

"ARGH!" He cried in pain. He watched the smoke clear to see Leo unscathed and his newly crushed clawed hand in his.

"I'm going to break you..." Leo said.

"What?" Arpar questioned in confusion, which resulted in his hand being crushed even more. "UGH!"

"Like a Kit-Kat bar!" Leo finished.

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