Plotbunny, My Fluffly Little Plotbunny

A/N: Okay, so this is just a little poem in honor of our dear little faceless friends, going by the name of plotbunny. Thank you, all plotbunnies. No reviews required, but I could use a few words of advice…~

Little nameless, faceless plotbunny,
Sometimes weird, crazy or sweet as honey.
All of them have one thing in mind:
To make us write a story others will find.
They set up house in our brains,
Filling it with visions of rainbows, darkness, faeries or planes.
Sometimes the plotbunny is demanding and complex,
Then again, there's nothing a good keyboard and ready fingers can't fix.
I know I have several yelling at me right now,
So, I'm going to finish this up and let the bunnies control the flow…
Of my fingers as they dance across the keys.