Unmagical Bystander

Chapter 1

I'm having the same dream again. The same one I've been having every night for the past six months.

It's almost the same every time….Just a little different

I open a door to investigate the sound of an explosion.

To my surprise, I see a magical girl undergoing her transformation.

Now she's fighting a monster, one not even remotely resembling a human.

There's no way she can win… she's fighting a hopeless battle.

She's just sustained heavy damage, now she's unable to hold her weapon, much less fight.

My sense of justice kicks in and that's where I spring into action.

I save her, but a little differently each time.

Sometimes I find a way to kill the monster, others I talk it out of fighting, sometimes I grab the girl's weapon, or just grab the girl and hightail it out of there.

But one thing is always the same in this dream-

Whether or not I try to romance her; she won't be sharing gratitude.

Instead, she gets angry, but not in the cute, tsundere kind of way.

No, she gets mad and starts insulting me. A few times the insults were dumb, like "Dummy" or "Idiot."

But this time, like most of the others, the insults are sexist remarks and personal attacks, pointing out why I shouldn't exist, how I ruined everything for her, and why I should just die.

At this moment, I regret everything I've ever done, even the good things.

That's where she attacks me, to add injury to insult, instead of the other way around.

Whether through magic or physical attacks, she always knocks me down.

This time it's a mix of both. She brings out a sword and shouts something I can't possibly understand. Her sword goes ablaze as she slashes at me mercilessly, continuing the insults as I fall. This time seems longer than all the other dreams combined

Everything is so painfully real. I can't help but cry.

Flashing a cruel smile, she begins to tell me that I'm so lucky that I only have to die and how I should suffer a worse fate as she points the tip of her blazing sword at me.

Will I be lucky enough to wake up from this dream?

Would that even be considered lucky? I would have to suffer this again when I go back to sleep anyways.

As I get burned by the flames, I feel my neck being cut by the sword.








Nothing? Nothing at all?

Am I already dead?

Reluctantly I open my eyes…and I see the familiar ceiling of my room.

Once again, I find myself on the floor.

The sound of the house's front door opens, and my father calls out

"Keith! I'm heading to work now! Take your meds and be careful not to get in trouble!"

It seems he's already adjusted to the thrashing I do in my sleep. And my strange condition as well.

But it doesn't make me feel any better. Not one bit.

As I gather my bearings, I look at the clock.

"5:58 in the evening."

I won't lie, I got scared, and I dived under my bed. I should've been alone, yet there was some other voice in my house. It sounded low, rough and coarse. Kind of like a guy who hadn't spoken for a while.

…no criminal would willingly reveal themselves like that, could I be-

…eventually, I gathered my courage and spoke, "Is…anyone there?"

…I'm an idiot. That rough voice belonged to no other than me.

How could I have been so dumb?

Looking outside the window, I see many groups of people.

…I wonder how many of them have met for the first time? People can adapt so easily.

Except me.

The idea of a complete stranger, getting anywhere near 6 feet of me just seems so alien. When I try, I just feel all sick in the stomach, get migraines, and finally develop asthma-like symptoms before passing out.

I want to socialize with others…I just can't.

Especially not with girls.





Author's note:

I'm going for a more serious story here, in case you didn't notice.

I'll try to update this once a month, so that way the chapters can be longer, I'll have more time to work on them, and readers will have more time to get into it.

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