Prologue - Broken

Dressed in black sweatpants, a black tank top, a grey hoodie and white sneakers, seventeen year old Karly Kain stepped into the pharmacy, keeping her head low and her emerald gaze downward.

With slow, deliberate steps, she scanned the aisles, desperately searching for what she needed. With a shuddering sigh, she located the aisle. 'I can't believe I'm doing this. Please let no-one see me doing this,' she whimpered, as she halted her movement.

Reaching out to the shelf before her, she grabbed five different pregnancy test brands, not bothering to check the prices. 'I just want to get out of here, before someone that might know me sees me buying these 'things'.'

With quickened steps she reached the cashier and dumped the boxes on the counter, not daring to meet the cashier's gaze. 'Just don't say anything. Please just don't say anything,' she silently pleaded, fighting to control the tears that threatened.

"Cash or credit?" the cashier queried, looking at Karly expectantly.

"Cash," she mumbled in response, pulling out her purse and gathering the bills she needed. 'Please just hurry,' she thought, nervously and subconsciously messing with her red locks that she had untidy pulled into a bun.

"Thank you for shopping with us," the cashier stated as she handed Karly a packet filled with her purchases. With a curt and mumbled 'thank you' Karly exited the store, her house now her destination.

"Please wait three minutes for result," the red haired teen read aloud from the box's instructions. 'Three minutes? Aren't these things supposed to be faster these days?' she frustratedly asked herself, allowing a sigh to escape her tinted pink lips.

With another sigh, she exited the bathroom, stepping into her elaborately blue-decorated bedroom. 'What can I say? Blue is just my colour ' she stated to herself, shrugging the general blueness off. 'Oh how I wish I could just shrug this off!'

Flopping onto her bed, she stared up at the ceiling, which, for once, was not blue. Replacing it was a gentle white. 'For once I'm glad my mother works on Sundays ' she allowed her thoughts to drift, anything to remove her thoughts from the eternal wait.

'I'm praying that this is just a scare. I mean, I've missed before haven't I? Also just because I puked that one morning does not mean that I had morning sickness. Right?' she was beginning to doubt herself, it was only natural after all.

'How long has it been now?' tilting her head to the side, she glanced up at the flower wall-clock. 'Only one and a half minutes?' Groaning she went back to her previous task, staring at the ceiling.

'I've got to believe that this is just a scare. This isn't really happening. This is all just a scare. Just one big scare,' closing her eyes, she wistfully tried to believe her own words.

'I'm sure that in thirty seconds time I'll go into the bathroom and every single one of those tests will be negative. Utterly negative,' with a nod she pushed herself from bed and tentatively stepped into the bathroom.

'There they are,' she gulped, 'It looks like they are just 'daring' me to pick them up.' She retreated a few steps before shaking her head, sending her loose red strands flying.

'I have to do this,' with a determined nod she stepped, somewhat confidentially, towards the counter. Reaching out, she lifted the first test and she was greeted by a smiley face, indicating that she was pregnant.

'No!' Karly mentally screamed before violently throwing the test towards the ground, hearing it land with a dull thud. 'The next will be negative.'

Reaching for the next test she felt her knees buckle as it too indicated she was pregnant.

It didn't help that the remaining three had the same result...

With a helpless whimper Karly fell to the ground, knees finally submitting to the numbness. Wetness streamed down her cheeks, soaking the tiles that made the floor of her bathroom.

"My life is officially over," she whimpered before submitting to the emotion, pain and exhaustion that immediately took control.