Chapter 1 - Why?

Karly Kain was never one to drink until she dropped, let alone be caught in a club. Yet tonight was different. Tonight she was on the dance floor because of one person, and that person was Xavier.

Xavier Colen, the most desired boy in school.

Xavier Colen, captain of the martial arts team.

Xavier Colen, on the honor roll.

Xavier Colen, going out with Karly Kain.

'Why did he choose me over those millions of others?' Karly queried as she felt Xavier gently wrapping his arms around her waist, bringing their dancing bodies closer and closer together.

'All those other girls are so much prettier,' she thought, feeling her body respond to every sign her gave her. 'Does he want something from me?' she questioned, finding no answer as the dark haired boy spun her, moving their bodies to the beat and rhythm of the pounding music.

'Does he want me for my body or for my personality?' It was a question she had asked herself before, many times before.

She felt that it had been merely a dream when had asked her out, and she had felt on-top of cloud 9 when that one date had turned into many more.

'Then slowly, he began asking me to clubs, much like this one,' she thought as she recalled their first 'club date'. 'It was a very 'eventful' night for me Well before then I never really went to clubs.'

'I ended up drinking way too much and passing out while apparently 'wildly' dancing with Xavier. I would have found that extremely embarrassing had it not been for Xaiver pulling me to safety before I hit the floor,' she reminisced, a slightly embarrassed grin tugging at her lipstick-painted lips.

She could feel Xavier ghosting his fingers along the curves of her body, that could easily been seen through the tight-fitting shirt she wore. 'He's slightly wasted, just ignore it for now,' Karly told herself, forcing herself to ignore the slight movements.

As the song progressed, so did his movements. The ghosting had been replaced by full out touching as he traced every curve. 'Stop it Karly. Don't be paranoid. Xavier knows that you aren't ready for this type of thing,' she reminded herself as she felt goosebumps rising upon her skin.

"Hey Xavier," she muttered, knowing that he could hear.

"Mmm?" he replied, never slowing their pace.

"Do you mind if we go get something to drink? I'm slightly thirsty," she continued, praying he wouldn't take the gesture as a misunderstanding.

"Of course," he stated without hesitation as the pair left the floor, re-locating themselves at the bar.

"What so you want?" Xavier asked as the bartender reached them.

"Anything non-alcoholic," the emerald-eyed teen replied, sending the obsidian-eyed man a grateful smile in return. 'Maybe he just wants me for me,' she thought happily, removing her gaze from Xavier long enough to observe her surroundings.

'It's actually pretty decently decorated,' she nodded in approval, 'Not as sleezy as I thought.'

"Karly? Xavier?"

Karly cringed. 'Does Kora have to be here?' she inwardly groaned upon hearing the annoyingly high pitched squeal of her once best-friend Kora Craten. 'Why on tonight of all nights?'

"Hey Kora," she politely greeted as the blonde decided to seat herself on the empty stool beside Karly. Xavier merely offered a tentative wave in response.

'I know she still likes Xavier,' Karly winced at the thought, knowing she would have to be on her guard that night. 'Especially with all this drinking and dancing. Things are bound to get wild.'

With a silent groan Karly gently placed her head upon the counter, 'I shouldn't have done that, this counter is most probably filthy.'


With another silent groan, Karly removed her head from the counter and looked up at the blonde haired cheerleader. "What now Kora?"

"What are you having to drink?"

"Something non-alcoholic," Karly replied, knowing Ino was about to relapse in shock from that simple statement.

"What do you mean non-alcoholic? Wait right here, I'm so going to whip you up something!" and with that, the blue eyed cheerleader left in the direction of the other side of the bar.

"Why me?" Karly moaned, turning to face Xavier who had just taken a long gulp of the drink he had in his hands.

"She's just Kora," he replied, taking another swig of the liquid.

"What are you drinking Xavier?" Karly curiously questioned, observing the vibrant blue liquid that resided in his glass.

"Wanna try some?" Xavier asked, trademark smirk evident on his lips. With a nod, Karly gingerly lifted the liquid to her lips before swallowing some.

She recoiled in disgust. "Ew, it burns your throat," she stated, hastily placing the glass back down. "How can you even drink stuff like that Xavier?"

"Very easily," he replied, proving his point by downing the glass.

"I'm back!"

Karly turned, seeing that Ino had indeed returned. 'Why does whatever is in those glasses look like they are poisonous?' Karly asked herself, nervously eyeing the contents.

"And I added a little something special for you Karly!" Kora stated mischievously as she handed the pink haired girl the drink, a smirk crossing her lips as Karly stared suspiciously.

"Thanks I guess " and with that, Karly brought the glass to her lips and taking a sip of the contents.

The music was pounding.

The dance-floor was packed.

And Karly Stark felt as if she was going to burst from euphoria.

She snaked her arms around Xavier's neck, pulling the dark haired boy closer as she felt his arms gathering around her waist. She giggled and responded by kissing him, rough and quickly.

'Whatever that little something special thing Ino is awesome! I feel so amazing!' she thought, feelings unlimited laughter escape her mouth.

"You sure are happy," Xavier whispered, placing his lips directly by her ear.

"And you sure are sexy when you do that," she replied with yet another giggle as she felt Xavier begin to bite and nip at her earlobe.

"Really?" he queried, "I think I can be even sexier if I do this." Before she could react, he had already captured her lips in a passionate lip-lock and he wasn't willing to release anytime soon.

Yet, she found herself responding, or whatever that little something special responding to him. She felt things she had never felt before, but one thing was evident. She wanted she wanted Xavier Peters.

"Why don't we go somewhere more private?" Xavier purred, as if sensing her lustful desire.

"I though you'd never ask."

With that, Xavier grabbed her hand, leading her off the dance-floor and out the club, his house the destination.

Karly shot up from her position.

With widened eyes and harsh breathing she tried to compose herself, finding it futile as her body trembled, the sweat causing her skin to glisten.

'I remember what happened that night,' she thought, shock numbing her entire being. 'Xavier and I we we we slept together!'

With a muffled cry she let the tears fall, not caring as they soaked the thin summer sheet that blanketed her body. 'It was both of us. Not just me. Not just him. It was both of us!' with a wail she tried to control her shaking frame but to no avail, it seemed as if all bodily functions had become limp.

'Why? Why? Kora! How could you have done that to me? I thought we were '


She said the last of thought aloud, knowing no-one would be-able to hear her. 'We are on the same team aren't we? I know we both like Xavier but I thought I could trust you! Why did you drug me Kora?' she demanded within her mind, feeling as if her emotions were spinning out of control.

Her body was trembling, shaking as she composed herself, fighting the tears that still wanted to fall, the tears that needed to fall. 'Do I even have any real friends? Kora and Xavier are all I have '

'Was Xavier part of it all? Did he tell Ino to do it so he could have my body?' It was one of the many questions she asked herself that night.

'I'm praying to anyone that will hear my prayer.' She folded her hands together, initiating a stance she had seen from Christian churchgoers. 'Please let tomorrow be a better day.'

With a sigh Karly fumbled for the house-keys she had within the pockets of her bag. 'I just want to go and flop onto my bed,' she thought as she found the stray set of keys.

'School was hell. Kora was all over me, asking what had happened when Xavier and I left the club! Then I couldn't even tell Xavier about the baby. His baby.' With another sigh she closed the door behind her after stepping into her house.

'Something is wrong,' she immediately tensed, sensing a loom aura circling the house. 'Did someone break in?'

"Karly. Kitchen. Now."

'Well I'm about to find out, but mom sounds pretty angry Did I do anything wrong of late?'

With tentative steps, Karly reached the kitchen. Her mother was seated at the kitchen table and she definitely did not look calm and placid. 'Oh crap. Something is majorly wrong.'

"I'm not going to beat around the bush Karly," her mother bluntly stated, still not meeting her questioning gaze. "What is this?"

Karly stared wide-eyed at the small device in her mother's grasp. 'It's the first pregnancy test I used!' Fear and anxiety numbed her senses. 'How could I have forgotten to get rid of the damn thing?'

"Mom," she tried to formulate a sentence, but it was obviously not working.

"Don't you dare tell me you can explain Karly! Do you know what this is?" Ms. Kain demanded, slamming her clenched fist upon the seemingly-innocent kitchen table.

Karly nodded.

"No! You don't!" Ms. Kain yelled, causing her daughter to flinch violently.

"This is shame Karly! You have brought shame on my family!"

Guilt replaced the fear and anxiety as her mother's words repeated themselves. 'She's right. I have shamed the entire family,' and with that thought, she fell to her knees, hot tears soaking the ground below.

"I'm sorry," she whimpered, barely audible but she knew her mom would hear.

"I don't want excuses Karly, in fact I don't want you here Karly."

Her mother's statement numbed her. 'She doesn't want me?'

"I will not have a daughter that shames the family living with me!" Ms. Kain screamed, throwing the pregnancy test to the ground, shattering it in half. "I don't want you close to me Karly."

"But mom! You can't throw me out! Where will I live?" she managed to articulate.

"I don't know. I'll find something but for now, just get out my sight!"

Karly hurriedly obeyed, scrambling from her kneeled position and racing to the confines of her bedroom.

She could hear her mother cursing in the background, obviously making her way to the phone in order to get a place for her pregnant daughter to stay.

'I thought life would get better.'

'I thought destiny had already screwed with me, then why?'