the trees shake with the light breeze
leaves flying down in a complicated dance,
only green remains.
the sky painted of blue shades, ghostly traces of white left instead.
splashing rainbows over the blooming, vivid, colorful, flowers.
the sun blazing, a fiery enigma.
warming people cheeks,
(being kissed by the sun.)
eyes glistening with wonderment,
(wide and childlike.)
emotions fly around and around and around,
the biggest one: love
you hears laughter,
reverberating everywhere
you hear bells ringing, loud and clear.
people running and dashing,
and talking,
the chatter filling up the atmosphere.
smiles and wide grins,
happy expressions,
school is out for the year,
work still going on,
summer is here,
a splendid day it is.

i had another version two years ago.
this is new rewritten one.