Alexis Johnston sat at her usual lunch table in complete boredom. She sighed as she studied the half-cooked pizza and frozen peaches on her lunch tray. She unfolded her napkin and gently laid it over the food that she wouldn't consume anyway. Her eyes scanned around the cafeteria in search of her best friend, Mariska Karofski. Her eyes warily skipped over the popular kids table, the gamers, and the goths with no such luck. She sadly looked down at her tray in disappointment. She was all alone at a huge table like such a loser. Suddenly, Mariska's laugh made its way across the lunch room. Alexis picked her head up in hopes that she was making her way over to the table. She inwardly groaned when she saw that Mariska was not only NOT coming towards the table, but she was also flirting with someone.

Mariska was the kind of girl that everyone wanted. Her long, curly light brown hair stopped at the small of her back. Her ample bosoms always seemed to pop out of the too tight shirts that she always wore. Her tight tennis skirt showed off her tiny waist, but it barely covered her ass cheeks. Her makeup and nails were always perfectly done, even if was just taking a trip to Walmart. She smelled perfect, looked perfect and even breathed perfectly.

Some people seemed to have all the luck.

Alexis watched on in amazement at the display. Mariska was flirting with August Fuentes, the school's most prized quarterback. Alexis didn't know much about football, but apparently he was the top in the nation. She tried to tear her eyes from the scene with no such luck. She couldn't help but stare at the brazen way that Mariska whispered in August's ear while running her perfectly tan hands all over his chest. She could only imagine the things she was saying in her slight Russian accent. Alexis's stomach lurched at the thought of it. Silently picking up her tray, she threw it away and made her way to the exit. She spared another glance at Mariska in hopes that she noticed her exiting the cafeteria.

She didn't.

Alexis glanced down at her watch and calculated that she had approximately 34 minutes to kill before her last class of the day. She usually left school at around 12:25 unlike the underclassmen. Being a senior had its perks. She sought out her favorite bench between the main office window and the cafeteria. She smiled slightly when she saw that no one had taken her bench. She sat down and looked up at the cloudless sky. Some people would think she was crazy for sitting outside in 80 degree weather. They were probably right.

"Hello." A small voice caught her off guard.

"Hi." Alexis answered back before she looked up. It wasn't until she looked around that she saw that the "hello" wasn't for her. Luckily, the girl completely ignored her and hugged some guy that looked like her boyfriend. "That could have been embarrassing." Alexis mumbled to no one in particular. She watched the couple briefly in sadness. They kissed and stared at each other by the cafeteria doors as if they were the only people in the world. She looked down in sadness that she had no one to love her like that. 'Why would they anyway?'

Alexis wasn't the smallest girl in the world. Her thighs were big and her stomach was a little too pudgy. Her chest was kind of small, yet her butt was the exact opposite. She hated nearly everything about herself. Her shoulder length black hair didn't glisten like the other girls, and she wasn't small and petite like the others either. She didn't dress in anything fancy nor did she wear makeup. Most of all she wasn't tan and white. Her milk chocolate skin was totally different than Mariska's. She didn't necessarily hate being black, but she hated feeling like she was being judged for it. No guy ever paid her attention in her entire life. They always went for her white friends without so much as a second glance in her direction. Sometimes she would wish that she could be white and skinny also.

Alexis sighed again as she spared another glance towards her watch. 26 minutes left. She pulled out her journal and began to write to pass the time.

About three quarters down the page, the cafeteria doors slammed open. Startled, she nearly dropped her journal. Loud bursts of laughter caused her to look up in curiosity. About six football players were shoving and laughing at each other's expense. She silently returned to her journal entry.

"Yo, August! Tell us what she said to you again!" Alexis froze at the name. She didn't want to look up, but her eyes didn't get the memo. She recognized the one that shouted. Marcus Hempstead was another one of the prized jocks around school.

"She was telling me how hot I am over and over." August laughed. "You would think that I'm a model or something."

"Yooouuurr so hawt!" The whole group laughed at Marcus's poor imitation of Mariska's accent. "I vant yooouu!"

The immaturity that these guys displayed was sickening. Alexis tried returned to her journal yet again. Unfortunately, one of the jocks noticed her presence.

"Isn't that her friend?" Alexis's heart thudded extra loud in her chest. Of all the days to be ridiculed, please don't be today! Her breath shortened and her eyes closed in an attempt to wish herself invisible.

"I think so." Alexis quickly grabbed her shoulder bag. 'Escape now!' She stood up and walked in the opposite direction not even noticing that she dropped her journal.

"Wait!" A distant voice called to her. 'Never!'

When she got to a safe distance, she let out the breath she didn't know she was holding. She looked around and noticed that she was at the east wing near the art room of her high school. A vibration from her back pocket frenzied her already rattled nerves. Her phone! She pulled out her scratched Droid phone and saw that she had a text...from her mother. 'Make sure to pick up TJ!' She huffed in disappointment that she hadn't received a text from her so called best friend.

A distant bell sounded reminding her to get to class. Hopefully, she wouldn't be late.

About one minute before the bell rang again, Alexis stumbled her way into class. Mariska smiled at her as she removed her purse from the desk next to her.

"Thanks, Mari."

"No problem, bestie. Sorry, I didn't sit with you today. Did you have a good lunch?" Her tone was a tad bit too jubilant for Alexis at the moment.

'Hell no! It was terrible. You just left me for some damn jock!'

"It was fine." Alexis said quietly. She never understood why she was so afraid to say what was on her mind.

"Good." Mariska practically sang receiving an eye roll. A silence fell between the two of them as the other students tried to finish their conversations before the bell. "He's here."

Alexis looked confused at her friend's statement until she followed her eyes to the door. August seemed to glide into the room right before the bell. He locked eyes with Alexis for a brief moment. She then decided to get well acquainted with her desk.

"He's looking over here." Oh great. Mariska set her sights on yet another future lay. "He's so delicious. Isn't he?" The vulgarity nearly caused Alexis to gag.

"I-I guess." Alexis muttered. She heard her friend hum dreamily. Sickening.

"Class!" An unfamiliar voice caught the attention of everyone in the room. A strange old woman in a blue dress and lipstick on her teeth smiled back at us. "Unfortunately, Mr. Wickson couldn't be here today. He left the physics assignment on the board. After I call role, I'm going to allow you to work together as long as you don't get too loud."

After role, everyone seemed to break into groups. She turned to Mariska. "We can do this book work easy. It's only ten problems."

"Yes, but let's invite August." Without another word she waved him over to their area. He reluctantly got up and joined them. Pulling a random chair over he sat down right in front of them.
"August, you know Alexis, right?"

He raked his eyes over Alexis as if silently criticizing her. "Not really." For some reason, she felt like slamming her face into the desk. 'Why would he know me? I'm a nobody who happens to have a hot friend.'

Mariska giggled. "Of course. She is plain. I tell her to dress up to no avail." Alexis cringed. Her best friend's comment kind of stung.

"What problems are we supposed to do?" August flipped through the book loudly. Alexis wanted to thank him for taking the spotlight off of her.

"The even numbers on page 294."

The bell rung releasing them from class. "Mari, we need to swing by and pick up TJ."

"Um..." Alexis narrowed her eyes at the brown haired beauty.


"I kind of already got plans." Mariska gestured with her eyes towards August. "I'm sor-"

"Forget it." She ground out. "It's fine. I'll just get home and use my dad's car." Alexis weaved through the other students in order to get to the door.

"Sorry Alex!"

Only a few more houses to go and she would be at her house. Alexis quickly looked at her watch that read 12:36. She had to pick up TJ at one.

Alexis ran up the steps to the front door and unlocked it. She dropped her bag on the floor to stretch. Her dad was most likely asleep, so she grabbed the keys from the bowl by the door and backed out of the house again. Before she locked the door, she decided to grab her journal in case TJ was late getting out of daycare again. She grabbed her bag and probed through it to find her beloved journal. She didn't feel the cloth fabric anywhere in her bag. She frantically flicked on the light and checked again to be sure.

Where did it go? Did she drop it on the way home? Where did she last have it? She racked her brain thinking about its whereabouts. Suddenly, she remembered the bench. She put her face in her hands when she realized that she most likely dropped it during her escape. One of those jocks had her innermost thoughts in their hands!

With no time to waste, she flicked off the lights and locked the door. TJ wasn't going to get himself home. She would just have to cry about her life later.