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Chapter 9

Alexis P.O.V

Desmond of course drove into an area that everyone at school called "Rolling Hills". It was a spot for the elite of our city to live in their own world. The students that lived here were usually the sons and daughters of politicians, athletes, and people in entertainment. Of course, the majority of the popular kids lived in this area. August and Marcus were undoubtedly no different.

We pulled up to the longest driveway I have ever seen and Desmond quickly punches in the code. The black iron wrought gate slowly slides open and Desmond pulls inside with the others close behind. There it was. His house. It looks just like a mini palace. It reminded me so much of Sebastian's aunt's home in the movieCruel Intentions. Desmond surprisingly passes the wraparound to the front of the home and drives towards the back. In his back yard is another house that's probably the size of my actual house. He stops in front and smiles at me.

"We're here." My hands instinctively start to sweat. Here I am. With a boy. At his house! Granted I'm not actually alone, but I've never been invited to a guy's house before. "Are you getting out?"

Oh great. Now he's looking at me like I'm a weirdo. "Um, yes. I'm-I'm sorry." I unbuckled myself with shaky hands and take a deep breath. Desmond and the others are already on his doorstep by the time I get out of the car. I tentatively step inside while wondering if this is a bad idea. Marisa has already thrown herself on the couch texting away as if she lived here. She's from the same economic class as me, but she seemed to fit in more with the rich.

"Take a seat anywhere, Alexis. My lap perhaps." Desmond says. Marcus bursts out laughing from the love seat he's on causing me to think twice about staying. How would I get home though? I'm literally about 20 minutes away in driving distance from home.

I look around as I seat myself on a wayward beanbag chair furthest away from the group. The house screamed bachelor pad. The sparse decorations and mismatched furniture actually brought some charm to the place. It seemed more cozy to have beanbag chairs and different colored couches in one space.
Desmond turned on the TV and sat back in his beanbag. The TV has to be 80 inches. It took up most of the wall even. My dad would be in heaven.

Surprisingly, nobody is talking. Marcus is texting away in his corner on the love seat. Mariska is snuggled on August's shoulder while they are both on the other couch punching away on their phones, and Desmond is absentmindedly scrolling through channels. This is a hang out?

"Alexis," Desmond says from his chair after a few minutes. "Are you thirsty?"

I swallow on cue realizing my throat is drier than the Sahara. "A little bit." I croak. I don't know why I'm still nervous.

"Good. Can you go get me a sprite from the kitchen?"

"Um...sure." I get up and walk through the connected dining area that may lead me to the kitchen.

"Get me a coke!" I hear Marisa call.

"Same!" Most likely from Marcus.

I go to the refrigerator and grab a bottle of water for me, a sprite, and two cokes. I rush back to the living room to distribute the drinks. Desmond has his hand out already ready to receive. I notice that August is giving him a strange look. After everybody gets theirs, I realize I forgot someone.

"Um. August?" He peels his eyes from Desmond to look at me. "Did you want a drink?"

He smiles a little. "I'm fine. Thank you."

Something about the small exchange gave me a weird gurgly feeling in my stomach. I couldn't help but smile back. Mariska gives me an odd glare pressing a small peck on August's cheek. I turn away awkwardly.

"Alright. Let's play a game." Desmond switches off the TV and stands up. He walks over to the entertainment center under the TV and pulls out a bottle. Jose Cuervo? He pushes his small coffee table out of the way and makes room in the middle of the room. The others join him sitting Indian style on the floor. "Come on, Alexis. Don't be scared."

I'm not scared. I sit in between August and Desmond. "Alright, the name of the game is truth or dare with a twist of course. Dares are not to be boring and whoever says truth takes a shot." He looks around for emphasis. "Who's first?"

I'm still freaking out about drinking on a school night (at 4 pm no less) when Mariska volunteers me first. "I feel like you need to live a little."

"Good idea. Truth or dare, Alexis?"

"Dare?" I don't want to drink. My mother would kill me.

Regular P.O.V

Alexis' selection of dare caused the sinister smile of Desmond's face. "Brave one I see." Alexis starts to rethink her decision. "I dare you to take off your shirt."

August's eyes bugged out at what his friend just said. How could he ask her that? His struggles to keep his face blank as he awaits Alexis' response. He can see her hands start to tremble slightly as they grab the hem of her shirt. She wrings it a little bit before dropping it.

"I change my mind. Truth." Mariska scoffs at the cop out while Desmond fills the shot glass to hand it to her. Alexis downs the fiery liquid.

"Are you a virgin?" Desmond seems to be staring straight through her.

"Of course she is." Marcus laughs out.

"Dude, shut up." August looks fed up with his jock friend.

"He's right." Alexis stares down at her hands. The room was silent for a second.

"Well, who's next?"

The game continued for a while with Alexis always picking truth. The dares were too outrageous, and she'd rather drink than strip. The rest of the group was in different degrees of tipsy while she was completely wasted. "Oh fuck." August announces. It's about 9 at night and everyone's lazing around Desmond's house. "I've gotta go. I forgot that I had to finish my Spanish assignment." He stands up to stretch disturbing Mariska in her sleep. She fell asleep about twenty minutes ago in a drunken stupor.

"Yeah me too. I've got someone to see." Marcus stands as well.

"Alexis, are you coming?" Marcus and Desmond both look at him with equally confused expressions.

"Nonsense. The girls are safe here. I'll take them both home." Desmond walks towards the door to let the guys out. August shifted on both feet. Everything in his being told him not to trust his friend, but he was not in the mood to argue with him.

"Fine. I'll see you tomorrow."

Alexis had no idea how she got in to Desmond's bedroom, but she did know that she felt hot. "Please turn on the air conditioner." Alexis slurred.

"It's already on." Desmond roughly sat her on his bed. "Just take off your shirt. It's like a sweater on you."

"Ok." The naive girl gladly took off her shirt exposing her bra. She was still hot, but she felt better.

"Good girl." Desmond whispered before flicking off his bedroom light. Alexis suddenly felt herself being pushed back.


"Shh." Desmond placed a finger on her lips. He placed a hand on her inner thigh and slowly slid upwards. Before getting to her womanhood, he placed a gentle kiss on her breast. "Good girl."

"What are you-" She was silenced by a kiss on the lips. Her first real kiss. Ever. She felt his lips move slowly on hers before a wet thing slid across her lip. His tongue forced her lips apart for her first French kiss. Her tongue felt awkward on his and darted a little, but he forgave her. His hand finally reached it's destination and began stroking the girl through her panties. Alexis' senses were so dulled that she didn't realize her bra was flung across the room. His mouthed moved from her lips to her nipple and he rubbed her. His hand slithered through the front of her underwear and began touching her bare. Alexis moaned a little at the sensations. She hissed when she felt one of his fingers slip into her vagina. One finger turned into two as he stretched her virgin cavity. He slid his fingers in and out while trailing kisses from her breast to her throat.

Alexis suddenly got the strangest feeling in her stomach. It felt fiery and foreign to her. She writhed underneath him as he fingered her. His mouth was back on hers again as he continued with her body. Suddenly, Alexis broke the kiss as fiery feeling got into her throat. She moaned once more before puking all over her chest.
"Oh fuck." She was all she heard before she passed out.

The morning light seemed to come from hell as she pried her eyes open. Her head was pounding and the smell of her body was making her sick. She yawned and then gagged from the taste of her breath. Her eyes were fully open and she was startled that she had no idea where she was. Memories from last night flooded back to her and she felt embarrassed. She had puked all over herself. In front of Desmond no less. She sat up and fought her fogginess as she stumbled her way into his adjoining bathroom. She emptied her stomach once more before helping herself to a shower. Once she got out, she threw on her clothes from yesterday sans panties and checked his alarm clock. 10:26. She wanted to go to school, but she was feeling worse by the second.

"Desmond!" She called. Hopefully he would take her home. She received no answer. Walking out of his room, she descended down his stairs. She remembered that Mariska stayed behind as well. "Mari!" The house was empty. Her heart fell in her stomach. She must have really made them mad. How could she have ruined everything?

Alexis grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and chugged it to get rid of her cottonmouth. She grabbed a second as well before gathering her things. The front door handle jiggled as someone tried to unlock it. Her heart swelled. "Desmond?"

Instead she was met with a woman in a maid outfit. "I came to clean. I'm sorry to disturb-"

"It's fine." Alexis interjected. She desperately forced the lump in her throat back down. "I was just leaving. I'm sorry." She rushed through the door and out into the autumn air. She had no idea how else to get home, so she began trudging down the driveway. The tears began to flow freely with each step.

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