Chapter 07: Author's Notes

What? You're still here? I figured most people would have run screaming at the end of chapter 05. "Bobbi Next Door" is a companion piece to "Flatsie" and has the same theme of fat fetishism. I would highly recommend at this point to look up the wikipedia article on "fat fetish." Yes, it really exists. It's actually common in Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and certain islands of the Pacific. If you've ever seen old European art, you also know that the feminine ideal was once very different from the thin, slight figures that are favored today.

Okay, I'm now going to assume that you have read the wikipedia article on "fat fetish." You just can't believe that it exists here. It does. Based on my own personal experiences, I would guess that about one out of every three American men is a garden variety "chubby chaser." By "chubby chaser," I mean men who have a strong preference for women who are in the size 14, 16, and 18 size range. When I say "chubby," I mean just that. I do not mean "fat." Some of the most beautiful women in the world are plus-size models. I don't think anyone would call a man a "pervert" for drooling over Victoria Lewis. Sara Rue was for a long time the favorite actress of "chubby chasers." Until Jenny Craig got hold of her.

"Bobbi Next Door" differs from "Flatsie" in that the male lead character (the narrator) is a fat admirer rather than an evil, manipulative feeder. He's actually a nice guy. He doesn't want to do any harm. When he sees Bobbi naked for the first time, however, he suddenly realizes that he likes plenty of meat on a girl. At first he seems to be merely another garden variety chubby chaser, but Bobbi senses that his preference is for more than just chubby women, and she decides to experiment. Why did she deliberately put on that first forty pounds? Bobbi explains it herself in the story. She sensed that Jerry (he was named in a deleted chapter written from Bobbi's point of view) had a thing for big women. Bobbi, having been called "fat" for so long, was also curious as to what it was like to actually be fat. It takes awhile, but by the end of freshman year, Bobbi, at 250 pounds, is genuinely fat. She has also made an amazing discovery: deliberately overeating for the express purpose of becoming fat is highly erotic and intensely pleasurable. Bobbi has become what is known as a "gainer." For Bobbi, deliberate overeating has become an almost sexual experience. All she needs now is just a little encouragement from Jerry to make the decision to become "big."

Jerry can't help himself. He's not a "feeder," but he becomes an unwitting "encourager." He gets one look at 250-pound Bobbi naked, and all that flesh drives him wild. He accepts Bobbi's offer of engagement, and the future path is set. Bobbi has all the encouragement she needs, and spends the rest of college indulging herself freely to become bigger. When she and Jerry get married, she starts gorging herself in a deliberate effort to gain weight. Previously, she has been merely indulging herself freely with food. Now she begins to deliberately overeat and finds that the intense pleasure she experienced before from overeating has become as addictive as a drug. Jerry keeps responding favorably to Bobbi's increasing size, and when Jerry declares that he "loves a belly on a woman," that's all Bobbi needs to decide to become huge.

All this time, however, Jerry is also fretting about Bobbi's health. He doesn't really like what she's doing to herself, but he can't help liking what he sees and, especially, feels when he's in bed with Bobbi. Fat on a woman's body does indeed make sex more comfortable and enjoyable. This is the reason why most men prefer average-sized women over the waifish models. Average-sized women have just enough meat on them to feel soft and cuddly to the touch. Jerry's not a villain like the feeder Rolf in "Flatsie." Unfortunately, the very fact that Jerry's a nice guy enables him to unwittingly do far more harm to Bobbi's body than Rolf managed to do to Alice's body. Feeders are creepy enough usually to send off warning vibes to all but the most unwary - or desperate - women. Jerry doesn't do anything to send Bobbi running away screaming. Instead, his awakening preference for large women, which was created by his first sexual encounter with Bobbi, sets in motion some rather wild fantasies in Bobbi's head. There's a third reason why Bobbi develops a desire to become fat.

Bobbi has spent most of high school being called "fat" even though she wasn't by any rational standard. The best description of Bobbi is "voluptuous." She has full, rounded curves of the sort that used to be considered ideal. I wouldn't mind having the figure of 210-pound Bobbi myself - fat little pot tummy included. After all that teasing, Bobbi starts to think that she'd like to throw her body in the faces of all her tormenters and piss them off by being self-confident and unashamed of her body. Bobbi rebels by becoming fat. When she reaches 350 pounds, she goes out and buys plus-sized maternity jeans and shirts that she tucks in. She struts around downtown showing off her enormous pot belly with no trace of insecurity just to piss off the "body police." I can sympathize with this to some degree myself.

I went through junior high scool and high school with "flatsie" ringing in my ears. That's where the title of the other story came from. I was short, skinny, and had no curves. I even heard the term in college, although there it was always behind my back. In college, "flatsie" morphed from a nickname to a noun. Finally, one day, I just snapped, I guess. Breast implants were out of the question because they always look ridiculous. Big breasts, no hips, and no ass make a ludicrous combination. If a flat-chested girl really wants breasts, there is really only one solution, and it is utterly taboo. I deliberately put on forty pounds in about one year and went from a size two to a size twelve. Instead of a flat chest, I now have B's. I had wanted C's, but when I saw that I was starting to look a bit plump, I quit eating extra. Instead of straight hips, I now have obvious rounded hips. Instead of no ass, I've got a plump, round butt that jiggles and even bounces a little. I'm quite proud of my backside: it's the only part of my body that men stare at. My face looks better: I have some flesh in the cheeks. I look younger. With all the curves and a prettier face came a little pot tummy that is impossible to hide. I've got a one-inch shelf below the belly button. Like Bobbi, I hated it at first, but after seeing myself in numerous pictures since then, I've realized that my little "pooch" actually looks cute in jeans or a dress. I have no desire to be skinny again. The difference in how men react to me is like night and day. I have gotten very little negative reaction from men. Women are another story. "You got fat!" they say. Really? My BMI is 26. Yes, I'm a little plump. I like my slightly plump body. Fuck 'em. I've actually selected form-fitting dresses for the express purpose of showing off my little pot tummy and healthy-sized ass. I buy blue jeans that show my one-inch shelf right below the snap. Critisize all you want, you skinny bitches. I've got three things that you don't have: boobs, hips, and an ass. I look a hell of a lot more feminine than you do. And I'm 100% all-natural. At this point, I have to say that the reports I've seen that deliberately overeating to add weight to your body is highly erotic and intensely pleasurable sure didn't apply to me. While I found gaining forty pounds to be erotic because of the changes I saw happening to my body, the task of overeating itself was no pleasure at all: it seemed more like a chore than anything else. Still, getting to see my body change from hard and angular to moderately soft and rounded over the course of a year was quite a thrill. It was almost like a sex change operation: my body changed from masculine-appearing to obviously feminine.

The primary difference between Bobbi and me is that I would never, ever, deliberately get fat. I ain't that curious. Or rebellious. I am little miss average, and I would like to stay little miss average. I don't really understand why an underweight woman deliberately gaining weight to become normal-sized would be controversial, but it is. It's taboo, and that's ridiculous. There's a lot of Bobbi in me, but I'm not her.