The Night

Never fear the darkness of the night,
For the darkness is the beauty of the world.
The night is your friend,
Far more than the day.

The night lets you cry
Without judging you.

It lets you dream
Without laughing at you.

The night lets you think
Without disturbing you.

It lets you feel
Without controlling you.

The night lets you hurt
Without criticizing you.

It lets you sing
Without silencing you.

And the night never lies;
The stars speak only the truth
For those brave enough to look,
Strong enough to listen,
And smart enough to understand.

The night will only comfort you,
It will never hurt you.

The night will listen
And never judge.

The night will reach out to you
And hold you tight as you cry.

The night will watch over you,
Until you have healed your scars.

The night will let you cry your tears,
And it will wipe those tears away,
Whether they are tears of water
Or tears made of blood.

The night will comfort you with dreams
And give you courage for tomorrow.

Never fear the night.
For only in the darkness
Can we find true beauty.

Look to the moon for comfort,
Look to the stars for truths,
And finally, look to the night
For a friend who will stay true.