[ What would you do if you could change the world?]

[ I want them to stop...]

[ Who do you want to stop? What's happening in this world that demands instant termination? Men that demand shares when they have not contributed to the work? Women who refuse to be the mother their children need and instead chase after selfish desires? Or maybe it's something to do with the increasing amount of children falling into dark futures? All are problems that must stop when the new world comes.]

[ I want the voices to stop...]

[ The voices? Tell me more about these voices.]

[ Shut up, I'm not going to listen to you...]

[ How about you tell me your name first? I assure you that I am not one of your voices.]

[ Shut up! I won't tell you anything!]

[ That's alright. If you listened to anyone else's opinions instead of your own, you won't be able to change the world...]

[ I want the voices to stop!]

[ If you survive, I promise you'll never hear those voices whispering in your ears again...]


Thoughts of being brutally murdered never stopped coming to mind while Sayuki walked with the Student Council President for the last thirty minutes. Having Ryou walk by her side offered a small amount of comfort but not enough for the young girl to let down her guard. Claire Dubois and her friend Desmond had appeared in the classroom they were in without alerting the experienced Ryou. They wanted to talk with Sayuki, even inviting her to the Student Council's classroom, but Sayuki suspected that they had another reason. She, however, had no choice but to follow behind the two down the dim hallway.

"How can they be so relaxed?" Sayuki asked Ryou in a whisper, noticing how careless the young man and women were. Both had their backs exposed and neither bothered to keep an eye on them while Desmond pushed Claire in her wheelchair.

"We're relaxed because neither of you are threats," Claire laughed. "Desmond is enough to take on both of you in the case one of you decides to try and stab us in the back."

Sayuki jumped when she heard the young woman answer her question. She was sure that her whisper wasn't loud enough for them to hear it but somehow, Claire had heard her whisper.

"Ryou understands," Claire said smiling. "He tried to kill me once, you know. Failed horribly too. I believe he had to ask for the Nurse's Special Treatments to help him heal the injuries I gave him."

"I'll succeed next time," Ryou growled.

"Oh, you are so cute!" Claire laughed. "Isn't he just adorable, Desmond? Thinking he can kill me..."

Ryou clenched his fists tighter while Claire continued to laugh. Sayuki trembled out of fear, expecting one of them to attack the other without warning. They continued walking, Claire not bothering to deal with the young man and Ryou knowing he had no chance he fought with the Student Council President.

"We are approaching an entrance, Miss Claire," Desmond said.

"Great," Claire responded, jumping out of the wheelchair.

Claire turned to face Sayuki, who gave a small whimper when the young woman's stare fell on her.

"Consider yourself very lucky, crybaby," Claire said grinning. "It's not everyday just anyone can enter the Student Council's private classroom."

The young girl gave their surroundings a quick look. "But there's no doors," Sayuki pointed out.

Ryou let out a loud moan after hearing her question but Claire laughed instead.

"Show her, Desmond." Claire lifted her hand and snapped her fingers at Desmond. The young man bowed and kicked the wheelchair aside as he turned to his left. His eyes focused on the hallway wall in front of him. Sayuki watched as Desmond took in a very deep breath. The young man held in his breath for over ten seconds before he was ready to release it.

"Cover your ears," Ryou warned Sayuki.

Sayuki didn't bother to question Ryou as she placed her hands over her ears.

"GET OUT OF MY SIGHT, YOU EFFING WASTE OF SPACE!" Desmond screamed at the wall.

Sayuki let out her own scream as Desmond's scream blasted through the hallway. It took the young girl a while to forget the ringing in her ears to notice that the wall Desmond screamed at, was rippling as if it were made out of liquid. It kept rippling until the wall disappeared and a sparkling white marble hallway appeared. Seeing a bright hallway appear left Sayuki a little shocked to respond when Claire spoke.

"I never get tired of seeing this," Claire laughed. The young woman slapped Desmond on the back while continuing to laugh. "Who but me can guess that someone like you can be so loud, Desmond?"

"The phrase, as well as volume of saying said phrase, to open the path to the Student Council was all set by the Student Council President," Desmond said while massaging his throat. "In other words, Miss Claire was the one who set that phrase as the key to open the path to our classroom."

Claire laughed again. "You always know how to make me laugh, Desmond," she laughed, slapping Desmond's back again. "I mean, the way you said that makes me think you are insulting me in some way and we both know what I do with someone who thinks it's smart to insult me..."

"I'm sorry if you thought I insulted you, Miss Claire," Desmond said bowing.

"I'm not sorry for calling you a crazy bitch back then..." Ryou whispered.

The Student Council President stopped laughing and took Sayuki's hand. She didn't bother to listen to Sayuki's cries while Claire dragged her towards the white door at the end of the marble hallway. Desmond and Ryou from behind and both watched as the young woman threw open the white door and tossed Sayuki into the room on the other side.

Sayuki was surprised to find herself in the brightest classroom she has ever seen. From the walls to the five desks and chairs, everything in the room was made out of the same sparkling white material. Whatever the material was, its ability to reflect light was amazing. Sayuki found herself squinting to lessen the amount of light flooding her eyes as she stood up. She watched Claire walk in front of her, the young woman not bothered a bit by the light. Claire sat down at the biggest desk in the room, threw off her shoes, and propped her feet on top of the desk while she leaned back in her chair. After seeing Desmond and Ryou take seats at different desks, Sayuki hurried to take the desk next to Ryou.

Claire looked around the room. "Ignoring the fact that my other three members aren't present, how about we start with a very simple question for our guest..."

Claire turned her eyes to Sayuki, who once again began trembling.

"What makes you so special?" she asked pointing at Sayuki with a single finger.


The question took Sayuki by surprise, mostly because she had no idea how to answer. She had no clue who deemed her special enough to throw into this nightmarish reality. All she wanted to know was any way to leave other than surviving for three years.

Sayuki looked down at the white floor. "I don't have anything that would make me special..." she whispered.

"Don't say that," Claire chuckled. "Everybody's special in their own way. All I want to know is what makes you so special that you caught the Headmaster's attention."

"Well, you're asking the wrong person," Sayuki told her. "Ask the Headmaster why he brought me into this nightmare."

"Well, you see I would if anyone could find the Headmaster," Claire told Sayuki. "Cause you see... nobody actually saw him before."

The young girl looked up at Claire with a puzzled expression. "If nobody's seen him, then how do you know he's the Headmaster?"

"The school's Staff are the reason we know the Headmaster exists," Ryou answered.

"They talk about him like he's some kind of god," Claire said. "Which would make sense, seeing how everything in this school can break the laws of physics in some way."

"Every student in this school was brought here by the Headmaster for the apparent reason that one of us are capable of changing our world," Desmond added.

"And whatever reasons he has for wanting our world to change is still in the dark," Claire said.

Claire pointed at Sayuki again. "And I'm curious to know why he brought you here after the last student came a year-"

"Three hundred and nine days ago," Desmond corrected.

Almost instantly, Claire's smile turned into a frown. "That's not a year, is it?"

"I'm afraid not, Miss Claire," he answered.

"Well, you can't blame me for rounding it up," Claire said pouting.

"It doesn't look well if our Student Council President is adding information to whatever she likes, Miss Claire," the young man said.

"I don't need to care about appearances, I'm beautiful so that means I can get away with a few errors or so," Claire laughed, flicking her hair out of her face.

"You made over a hundred different errors ever since you became the President, Miss Claire."

Although Claire scared Sayuki, she couldn't help but feel a little relieved to see such a normal argument between two hopefully sane individuals. To finally see something ordinary like an argument after seeing the terrors of this different reality, Sayuki felt a little better and wasn't trembling in terror anymore. She even smiled a little while she watched Claire and Desmond argue.

"Don't fall for it," Ryou whispered into Sayuki's ear.

"Fall for what?" she whispered back.

"You can't become the President of the Student Council without surviving every single Class for two years," he answered, not taking his eyes off Claire for a single moment. "Surviving one Class is hard enough but surviving for two years proves the President's strength. Acting like a normal person is just one of the tricks she uses to survive..."

"Hello, hello, hello! I can hear every word you say, little Ryou!" Claire yelled.

"And I don't care!" Ryou yelled back.

For less than a second, Sayuki saw a flash of anger twist Claire's expression but it was replaced by her usual smile just as fast.

"I wouldn't be acting like that around me, Ryou," Claire said smiling.

"It's almost time, Miss Claire," Desmond said checking his watch.

"I guess we can't talk any longer," Claire said turning to Sayuki and faking a sad expression. "But I guess it wouldn't matter, seeing you are one silent crybaby. I'll get more useful information by throwing you into a unknown situation and watching how you'll react."

In an instant, Ryou jumped out of his chair and readied himself for whatever he thought was coming from Claire. Sayuki stared at him, confused by his sudden action. Despite her confusion, she understood that Ryou must know something about what Claire was saying. Considering how fast he jumped out of his chair, it had to be something dangerous.

Sayuki felt her heart begin to race when Claire stood up. She tried to get out of her chair but Desmond had somehow appeared behind her and pushed her back into the chair.

"Don't hold anything against Miss Claire, she is only doing this to find out what the Headmaster is planning," Desmond whispered into Sayuki's ear.

"Doing what? What is she going to do?" Sayuki screamed struggling to get out of the chair. Every attempt to escape was quickly stopped, forcing the young girl to watch Claire walk over to her.

Claire chuckled as she slowly walked towards Sayuki. "You see, I want to know what the Headmaster is planning but seeing as how you are a useless crybaby that knows nothing, I'm not going to get anything unless I use my powers as President of the Student Council."

Sayuki turned her eyes to Ryou. Going from the look in his eyes, the young man knew exactly what was going to happen.

"She's not ready for Class, Claire!" Ryou yelled taking a step towards them.

Moving fast enough to be a blur, Claire sent a very sharp kick into Ryou's chest, sending him crashing into the wall. The young man fell on the white floor, coughing while holding his injured chest. A shiver went up Sayuki's spine when she saw blood staining the white floor underneath Ryou.

Sayuki trembled in her chair with Claire standing right in front of her, her eyes staring down at scared girl. Her terror magnified when she saw Claire grin. The young woman chuckled as she ran her hand down Sayuki's cheek.

"I see a First-year student that should be in Class," Claire said grinning wider than every other time Sayuki had seen her grin.

Claire swung her hand high into the air.

"As the President of the Student Council, I must forcibly send any delinquents to Class!"

Claire swung her hand down, slapping Sayuki...

And sending her into a world of black.


In less than a second after being slapped, Sayuki appeared in a different room. She was still sitting in a simple chair but it took the girl a while to recover enough to notice her surroundings. Once Sayuki managed to calm down a bit, she looked around to see that she was sitting down in the middle of a classroom with four other students. A single lightbulb on the ceiling swung around in a small circle, illuminating most of the classroom with its dim light. A single question came to Sayuki as she continued to look around the classroom.

"Where am I?" she asked.

"This is Class for the First-years, at least for the ones who aren't skipping anyway..."

The one who answered was a young girl sitting a desk away behind Sayuki's. The girl wore the same black uniform as every other female at the school but her clothes weren't where Sayuki had her eyes on. Tiny diamonds grew out of the girl's face like freckles and over half of her straight red hair were strands of sharp-looking diamond. Doing her best to ignore the diamonds growing out of the girl's skin, Sayuki focused her eyes on the girl's foreign yet plain face.

"My name's Esther," the girl said smiling, showing off her teeth made out of diamond. "And since you look like you don't know what's going on, you must be the new student Sayuki."

Upon hearing her name, the other students in the room all turned their eyes to Sayuki.

"She's the new student?" The student who asked the question was a blonde young man sitting in the corner of the room, his arms crossed while his left hand pulled on the scarf that covered the lower half of his face.

"Can you describe her to me?" another male student with short black hair asked. The student had taken off the jacket of his uniform and threw it onto his shoulder, choosing to show the short sleeved white shirt underneath. The young man looked around the room but looking closer, Sayuki noticed that his eyes were milky white.

"She looks like a terrified kitten, Akio," the student wearing the scarf chuckled.

The student Akio laughed with him. "It's her first time in Class, Jack, of course she's terrified," Akio laughed.

The boys laughed at Sayuki but she ignored them as she stared at the last student in the classroom. The student was a young girl with waist-long black hair, who stared back at Sayuki with eyes surrounded by dark rings. She was the tallest person in the room with such long arms and legs. Even though she was sitting down, Sayuki knew the young girl was at least a foot taller than the other four students in the room.

"I wouldn't stare at Rachel too long," Esther told Sayuki, noticing her looking at the tall girl. "She can get really emotional if you do something she doesn't like."

Sayuki took one last glance at Rachel before she and the other students heard the sound of chalk dragging across a black board. Sayuki turned her attention to the front of the classroom and let out a small cry when she saw the floating chalk move across the black board without anyone holding it. She watched as the chalk wrote on the black board, falling to the ground when it finished.

"So that's today's lesson?" Esther asked

"Really simple goal," Jack answered.

"Can you tell me what it says, Jack?" Akio asked.

Sayuki continued to tremble as she read what had been written on the black board.

Shy Teacher has entered the Classroom

Being stared at by her students makes Shy Teacher nervous.

She hides from the stares but the lesson cannot start until Shy Teacher is found.

Hurry and bring our Shy Teacher into the open.

But be warned, Shy Teacher may be nervous around her students but she will punish any student that angers her.

A loud bell echoed throughout the classroom, startling Sayuki and causing her to jump. The other four students in the room stood up after hearing the bell. Sayuki, not knowing what else to do, stood up with them.

"Hello, hello, hello, this is your beloved Student President telling you..." Claire's voice laughed louder from the classroom's speaker. "That Class starts now!"

Sounds of latches unlocking came from each corner of the classroom and to Sayuki's surprise, the four walls of the classroom fell backwards. The ceiling disappeared from existance while the walls of the classroom fell on puddles of water. Sayuki spun around, unable to process that she was now standing on a piece of wood in the middle of a vast cavern. Dozens of tunnels led the way out of the cavern and each tunnel was only a few feet away from another. Sayuki's legs felt like they would give out at any time but the young girl did her best to stay standing.

Without warning, both Jack and Akio began sprinting towards different tunnels.

"First one to find the Teacher wins!" Jack yelled at Akio.

"Loser does whatever the winner wishes!" Akio added with a laugh.

The two boys laughed at each other and disappeared into separate tunnels, leaving the three girls behind.

"Don't they ever learn?" Esther sighed as she walked over to Sayuki. "Teamwork is the best way to survive during Class."

Esther bumped her elbow into Sayuki's arm. "Don't you agree?" she asked.

"I guess..." Sayuki answered rubbing the spot on her arm where Esther bumped her.

Esther looked up at the giant Rachel behind her. "What about you? Are you on our team?"

Rachel didn't speak but gave her answer by nodding.

Esther smiled. "All right! That makes us the female team!" she laughed. "Let's hurry and find that Teacher to end this Class soon!"

When she finished laughing, Esther took the lead while Rachel followed behind her. Sayuki, not wanting to be left alone, walked with the other two students. The three girls walked into a tunnel chosen at random and continued walking for over ten minutes. The damp tunnel kept going but the three continued down the tunnel in silence. The only sound came from the water droplets falling from the ceiling into the small puddles of water that were scattered across the floor of the tunnel.

The first one to break the silence was Esther, as Rachel wouldn't speak and Sayuki was too scared to open her mouth for any reason other than to scream at any sudden noises that came from behind.

"Do you have any family, Sayuki?" Esther asked while continuing to walk.

Her question had taken Sayuki by surprise. It took the young girl a few seconds to think but she decided there wasn't any reason she shouldn't answer her question.

"... Only my mother," Sayuki answered looking down. A single tear welled up in her eye as she thought about her mother. She would give anything to simply wake up in her bed and have her mother hold her tight, telling her that she only had a bad dream.

"It must be nice to have at least one parent," Esther said tilting her head to the side. "Both of my parents died when I was just a baby. I've been by myself for most of my life. None of the other orphans felt like family and Sister Marie wasn't much of a mother figure…"

"Um, why are you telling me this?" Sayuki asked, feeling a little uncomfortable.

Esther gave a sideways glance to the huge Rachel walking a few feet behind them. "That huge mute gal there isn't going to be opening her mouth anytime soon so you're the only one I can talk with," she answered. She looked back at Sayuki and sighed. "But you're a little frightened crybaby, so I guess you aren't the best choice to make conversation with."

While Esther's words didn't bother her, being called a crybaby yet again was like a knife stabbing Sayuki in the heart. She knew the reason why she was being called a crybaby but she still didn't like being called one.

While still tearful about being called a crybaby, Sayuki noticed that the rock wall of the tunnel was starting to become glossy and slicker. It was starting to look more man-made the farther they walked. Sayuki also noticed that the floor was slick with some kind of clear liquid that stuck to her shoes as she walked. She wiped a bit of the clear liquid off her shoes and rubbed it between her fingers. The liquid felt like lotion but it started to burn her skin, causing Sayuki to swing her hand around to get it off her fingers.

"Don't let this stuff on the ground touch you, it really irritates the skin," Sayuki said wiping her still burning fingers against her skirt.

The skin on her two fingers were bright red and it still felt like someone had burned her fingertips with a lighter. She didn't want to imagine what would happen if the liquid on the floor touched something bigger than her fingers.

Sayuki, however, didn't have to imagine what would happen. She saw what would happen when the tunnel split into three different paths. A student was walking towards the three girls from the left path. The student was Jack, the male student who ran off into a different tunnel when the Class began. Jack walked into sight of the three girls. Sayuki's hand flew up to cover her mouth before she could scream.

Jack was drenched in the clear liquid that covered the floor, the liquid dripping large droplets off his body. Whatever the liquid did to Sayuki's fingers, it did far worse to Jack. Serious burns and welts popped up everywhere Jack's skin was visible. His scarf and jacket were being dissolved by the liquid, revealing that the skin of his chin and neck were fish scales instead of normal human skin. Blood from his burns mixed with the clear liquid. Jack could barely walk down the tunnel and had to lean against the tunnel's walls for support but more of the clear liquid got on him from the tunnel walls.

The three girls could see how much pain he was in from the expression on his face.

"Shy Teacher…" Jack groaned. "Don't anger… Shy Teacher…"

Esther and Sayuki ran over to Jack to help him but they didn't know what to do. They couldn't touch him, the liquid would have gotten on their skin. He was in so much pain and they had no idea how to help him.

"What do we do?" Sayuki said trying to keep herself from screaming. She kept pinching herself to stop her trembling.

"This liquid looks like some kind of acid," Esther said.

"Help…" Jack moaned. "It burns… so much pain…"

"Don't worry! We'll do something!" Sayuki was beginning to panic as she tried to figure out anyway she could help Jack. She turned to Esther. "I don't know what to do!"

"I don't know what to do if acid gets on the skin," Esther answered while starting to chew on her nails. "Wash it off, maybe? All I know is that we have to get this stuff off his body!"

Esther and Sayuki were panicking but the third member of their group knew what must be done. Rachel pushed the two girls aside and to Sayuki's surprise, grabbed both of Sayuki's sleeves and ripped it off. With one sleeve, she wrapped her hand and placed the other on the floor. Using the sleeve on the floor, she got down on her knee and placed her protected hand against Jack's cheek. The young man seemed to forget his pain as he stared into Rachel's dark eyes.

"I understand…" he whispered. "I did my best… and it wasn't enough…"

Rachel gave the young man a nod and took in a deep breath.

Sayuki looked at Rachel with confusion. "What are you-"

Rachel's fist blasted into Jack's head.

Sayuki screamed as bits of Jack's head fell into the clear liquid and began dissolving.