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Emily sighed as she tapped a finger on the counter of the bakery. She was the only worker tonight at Cinnamon Cynthia's and would have to close up by herself. With only an hour left till closing, the bakery was empty. She was incredibly bored, plus she wasn't allowed to play with her phone because the security cameras were always on. Ms. Cynthia did not tolerate technological devices to be used during work time. Personally, Emily thought it was because Ms. Cynthia was just jealous. She didn't know how to work phones and found them confusing, not that Emily would ever say it to Ms. Cynthia's face.

Emily giggled dryly, as she twirled a brunette strand of her hair. Ms. Cynthia was truly nice, she wouldn't tra-

Oh dear lord, was the only thought that ran through Emily's head as she watched someone in a black hoodie, with a beanie and sunglasses run into the bakery. She immediately ducked behind the counter, she gasped for her breath as she felt an adrenaline rush. Oh my god, Emily thought repeatedly, she crossed her fingers hoping that the creepy person didn't see her.

"I know you're here, there's no point of hiding…" His voice was manly, and almost soothing to her ears.

Goddesses please protect me from the creepy ninja guy, Emily prayed not-so-silently.

The creepy ninja guy chuckled. Boy, did Emily's heart jump, his laugh was so beautiful! It was melodious, harmonizing even.

"I said that out loud didn't I?" Emily squeaked. She closed eyes tight, hoping this was some kind of nightmare.

"What part? About me being a ninja? Or how beautiful my laugh was?" His voice was so velvety and husky, music to my ears, Emily dreamily thought.

Determined to take a look at this creepy ninja guy, Emily took a peek over the counter.

Have you ever seen one of those transformation thingy, when, for example, a nerd turns into a hottie? That's what happened, except he went from creepy ninja guy to an extremely hottie, Emily concluded happily. And she was not talking about the hot tea that she accidentally spilled on herself when she was ducking behind the counter. She was talking about an absolutely gorgeous hunk.

He had brown, curly hair that looked a little tousled from the beanie. His stormy grey eyes were friendly, and crinkled with amusement. His perfectly pink lips shaped an equally perfect smile. His slightly tanned, and defined face looked like it came from a magazine. In fact, he seemed really familiar, as in 'Totally-In-A-Magazine-Familiar'. Then it hit her.

"Oh my god. You're Aidenn Henderson! Oh my god. Oh my god. OH MY GOD. AIDENN HENDERSON IS AT MY WORKPLACE!" Emily exclaimed whilst waving her arms dramatically in the air.

"Did you hear that? I think I heard his name!"

Aidenn swore profusely, "The press is coming!"

With the speed of a jaguar and the grace of a gazelle, Aidenn ran over to the counter. Hopping over, he landed gracefully. He pinned Emily to the ground forcibly, and covered her mouth with his hand. His voice spoke of urgency, "Don't move a muscle!"

Shocked with being so close to a superstar, Emily obediently stayed quiet.

The sound of the doors opening filled the silence. Emily held her breath fearfully, if the press saw her and Aidenn now, a scandal will surely arise.

"Man, this place is empty!"

"No duh. Hey, do you think I can steal a scone?"

"No! We need to find Aidenn!"

"Fine, fine, fine."

Footsteps echoed and the door slammed shut. Aidenn and Emily stayed frozen in place. Aidenn because he was worried that the paparazzi was still out there, and Emily because she was simply overwhelmed! One moment she was bored out of her mind, and the next a superstar was holding her down!

A superstar was holding her down. Somebody was holding her down.

"EEP!" she shrieked as she attempted to wriggle out of his hold. She was successful seeing as Aidenn was shocked with the sudden movements. Emily managed to kick his shin, making him collapse against her. Quickly, she pushed him off of her and gave him a nice big slap across the face.

"You pervert!"


"Get out of here before I-"

"Let me explain-"

"-call the cops!"

"Did you hear that?" someone shouted frantically.


Aidenn leaned in and let his lips touch hers, he left it there and watched as emotions play through Emily's expressive, brown eyes.

First she was embarrassed, then shocked, and lastly, her eyes were vacant. Her lips were unresponsive against his. He idly wondered if this was her first kiss, if it was, he was such a jerk to steal a girl's first kiss. He slowly backed away.

Emily's emotions were going haywire. She was indeed embarrassed and shocked, for this was her first kiss! What if she wasn't a good kisser? Was there some type of technique to kissing? Wait, why the heck am I think these things? This dude is taking my first kiss! Oh my goodness gracious. Aidenn Henderson stole my first kiss. Aidenn Henderson. Mega billion superstar. She began to stare off in the distance and prayed to Buddha or any god or goddesses out there that this wasn't a dream.

"I know I heard his voice this time, I'm positive!"

"I dunno man, you've been downing awfully a lot of coffee lately…"

Hissing, the other man replied, "Well it doesn't matter anyways, I can already imagine the headlines. Aidenn Henderson: Rendezvous to Cinnamon Cynthia's with Fegan Mox!"

"Woah, woah, woah, Fegan Mox? She was here?"

"No, you idiot!"

"Then why 'with Fegan Mox'?"

"Duh, to create a scandal! Imagine how much money we would make!"

"How are we suppose to get a picture of it?"

"You have so much to learn little one. Obviously, we're going to come again tomorrow, and just take a photo of a fake couple!"

"Ohhhh, you're a genius!"

Together they laughed and walked out.

"Thank god Tweedledee and Tweedledum are gone," Aidenn murmured under his breath. They were really getting on his nerve with all the talk about scandals. He would need to call his manager to warn her about the press.

Emily stayed taciturn.

"Well," Aidenn said, his voice trailing off.

"Let me explain why I'm here."

Emily merely stared at him, her intense gaze meeting his eyes.

Aidenn took that as a confirmation to continue, "I was doing a private concert for winners of a radio contest. No press was allowed entry, so they were all waiting the outside the doors. The moment I got out, I was chased by them. The paparazzi was everywhere, my bodyguards had to physically peel them off of me! I kept running, and accidentally got separated with them. So I was alone, but I had a disguise on, so everyone else didn't recognize me."

He took a deep breath, and carried on, "I didn't have my phone because the paparazzi managed to steal it, so I wandered the streets a little bit. The press saw me, and it was a wild goose chase once more. I came across this shop thinking it was empty. I thought it was a good hiding place, then voila."

"I-I see.." Emily acknowledged softly. It made sense, there was no loose ties about it.

"Is it alright if I hide out here for a while?" Aidenn asked pleadingly. Emily bit her lip as she pushed her bangs behind her ears.

"I don't kno-"

"I won't bother you! Please, just till the paparazzi leave this area for sure!"

Emily made her decision once she saw that hopeful smile that framed his face.

"Okay," she nodded, "But only for an hour, because I have to close the shop up."

His face lit up immediately, and dear goddesses, he was so beautiful. He looked so happy, Emily wanted to slap herself for thinking about saying no.

"Thank you so much," he says sincerely. His eyes were earnest, and the light gave him a halo-effect. She felt like an angel was smiling upon her.

"And I truly am sorry about pinning you down and kissing you…" he bit his lip adorably, and Emily wanted to just pinch his cheeks. However, it was soon forgotten as her face heated up at the mention on the kiss.

"J-J-Just don't bring up the kiss. And my name is Emily, Emily Phan," she replied smoothly, hoping that she didn't stutter too badly.

"Okay, I was just trying make you quiet anyways."

Aidenn merely shrugged his shoulders, but he was slightly relieved. It wasn't like he went around kissing random strangers! It's just, she looked so beautiful and innocent, he couldn't help but kiss her. Hopefully she would accept his excuse…

Emily began shaking a little, he made it seem so ordinary. As if it was just a kiss. It was, but it was her first kiss. The one she was saving for her lover. Ohh, she would show him. You can't just waltz in and steal a kiss from me, Emily declared viciously. She would get him back…

Placing a venomously sweet smile on her face, "Why don't I get you some refreshments? Do you have any preferences?"

Aidenn had a thoughtful look on his face, "Can I have a cup of black coffee please? And some scones? No lemon though."

"Mmkay, got it! You just wait right here and I'll go get it for you."

Almost skipping to the kitchen, Emily grinned evilly. Oohh, it's time for payback! Superstar or not, Aidenn Henderson was going to get it!

As she poured the coffee into the mug, Emily accidentally poured two tablespoons worth of sugar. "Ooopsie daisy!" she whispered with a cackle. Humming as she walked to the oven, she pulled out some scones. She had left them in the oven when they were done baking, and was lucky that Aidenn wanted scones only. Emily washed her hands and grabbed two scones of each flavor, lemon, strawberry, blueberry, and cherry. Quickly melting some chocolate to make hot chocolate for herself, she wondered if it was a good idea to take revenge on the celebrity. He does deserve it, she admitted, but she just felt so guilty.

Sighing as she added milk into the melted chocolate, she stirred dreamily. Surely nothing bad will happen, he didn't say he was allergic or anything. "Should I really go through with this? I mean, all he did was take my first kiss.." she wondered out loud.

Once the hot chocolate was done, Emily made her decision. Placing the coffee, hot chocolate, and plate of scones on a tray, she walked out, confidence oozing at every step.

Girl, you can do this! Get him back for taking your lip-ginity! she told herself. However, in the back of her mind, she couldn't help but think that it was the wrong thing to do…

"Hi! Sorry it took so long," Emily said with an exuberant smile. The mega superstar sent a smile her way, it seemed so innocent and genuine. Her smile faltered a bit with the thought of what she had done.

Passing him his cup of sweetened coffee, she watched him with concentrated eyes. She saw the cup come to his lips, he gently tilted-


Before the sweet liquid could go down his throat, Aidenn put the cup down quickly.

"Why don't we move to a table?" she asked awkwardly. She cleared her throat and took the tray off the counter and to a table.

"Huh? What's wrong Emily?" he questioned as he followed her to a table. His stormy grey eyes were worried, making Emily feel even guiltier.

"I, uh, I accidentally poured sugar in your cup because I thought it was mine?" It came out as a question, but she crossed her fingers that he would believe her.

"Ohh, that's alright! I didn't want sweetened coffee because it keeps me up later, but I reckon I'll be alright. Dear heavens, is there a phone I could use? I still haven't called my manager or bodyguards yet!"

He gave her that beautiful smile again, and all she could do was nod.



"The phone?"

"Oh!" Emily exclaimed, "Yes! Let me lead you to the phone…"

Aidenn jumped up on his feet cheerfully, "To the phone!"

Emily giggled at his antics, he was really adorable. He did not seem like the cold guy she'd seen on television or magazines, he seemed like a normal human being. Albeit an extremely good looking and talented one, but a normal human being.

With Emily leading, Aidenn got a nice look of the girls stature. She was incredibly tiny and petite, probably being as tall as his shoulders. She looked like she weighed only a third of what he did. Her hair was in a ponytail, yet really long, there seemed to be blonde streaks highlighting her dark, brown hair. Emily Phan, he concluded, was a very beautiful girl.

His thoughts were broken as Emily stopped short. She turned around and flashed a smile, showing off her pearly whites.

"Well, here we are! You can use this phone right here," she announced, "I'll head back to the table to give you some privacy."

Aidenn nodded appreciatively, "Thank you so much, if there's anything I can pay you back with, please don't hesitate to ask."

She waved her hand, "Don't worry!" With that, Emily made a beeline back to the table. He watched as she sat down on a chair next to it, and looked worriedly at the scones.

Returning his attention on the phone, Aidenn dialed a phone number he knew from heart.


"Aidenn? Is that you?"

"Yes," he replied with a sigh.

"Where have you been! Your manager is going ballistic over here! She almost fired all of your bodyguards because she thought they couldn't keep you safe!"

"Tell her not to! They are very formidable bodyguards, and it would be very tragic if some of my closest friends were fired."

A sigh was heard on the other side of the phone, "Alright, but son, where have you been?"

"Right now I'm at Cinnamon Cynthia's, but I think the paparazzi is still out there. I'm going to wait here for a little bit then call you back."

"Do you want me to send some bodyguards over?" his voice was worried.

"No no no! That would just attract attention, I'll call you when I'm sure they're gone, okay dad?"

"Okay, stay safe Aidenn."

Aidenn's dad promptly hung up on him.

Walking back to the table and Emily, Aidenn put his hands in his pockets.

"Sorry if I made you wait long."

Emily replied with a tightlipped smile. Aidenn couldn't help but smile back, she was just too cute.

Looking down at the plate of scones, he noticed that two were missing. Huh, that's odd, he thought curiously, maybe she got hungry then. He grabbed a scone for himself and took a big bite out of the pastry.

"So," Emily began as she took her mug into her hands, "Why didn't you want any lemon scones?" She took a long sip afterward.

"Oh, well I'm allergic to lemons-"

Emily began coughing and Aidenn came quickly over. He pounded her back, making it easier for her to breath.

"Sorry, choked on hot chocolate," she said weakly. He nodded slowly, but his face had disbelief written all over it. Aidenn returned back to his seat, and Emily found herself missing his warm hand on her back.

An awkward silence fell between the two.

Aidenn cleared his throat, "Ahem." This caught Emily's attention from her mug to him.

"Do you know how much a penguin weighs?"

Emily paused before responding, her face scrunched up as she pondered. Then she shook her head, "How much?"

Grinning wryly, Aidenn answered, "Not enough to break the ice, so lemme get a hammer and break it."

Looking at him incredulously, Emily couldn't believe that a hotshot like him was attempting to talk to her.

Amused by her facial expression, Aidenn chuckled loudly. The same melodious and harmonizing chuckle Emily couldn't help but find pleasant to her ears. She herself began to giggle.

Finding the whole situation funny, she began laughing her tinkling laughter.

Smirking suavely, Aidenn felt accomplished, he had made a beautiful girl like Emily laugh.

The rest of the night, they spent talking to each other. They talked about everything, from their favorite 'Hunger Games' character to which vegetables they do and don't like. Emily found herself enjoying the time spent with the celebrity. He was so fun and full of life, he always had a funny story to tell. Aidenn was also enjoying himself. It's been so long since he had a normal conversation, like a normal person. Emily was so easy going and carefree he found himself falling hard for her charming personality.

"You did not!" Emily squealed, she giggled loudly and threw her head back with amusement. She opened her mouth to respond, but was cut short by her phone ringing. Apologizing for the interruption, she picked it up almost breathlessly.


"Emily!" a familiar voice shouted from the other end.

"Oh hey Kristina!"

"Don't 'oh hey' me, where have you been! It's almost midnight!" exclaimed Kristina.

"Oh my god, almost midnight?" Emily cried. She took a glance at the clock on the wall, Kristina was right, it was almost 12AM!

"I'll be home soon, I promise!"

"Are you okay? Do you need to pick me up?" Kristina's voice sounded wary.

"Don't worry, I'm fine!"

"Okay," Kristina replied dubiously, "Be careful, kay?"

"I got it covered, thank you for calling though Kris," Emily said with a soft smile.

She hung up and looked back at Aidenn, he sat there looking curiously at Emily.

"I hadn't realize how time had flew!" she proclaimed with a wild wave in the air. His lips curved upwards, "Time flies when you're having fun." Emily blushed a bit, but he was right, she was having fun.

"Can I use the phone again?"

Emily nodded as she begun to clear the table. She took the mugs and the tray back into the kitchen. Strolling out, she saw that Aidenn was already done with the phone call.

Sighing solemnly, she didn't want to say goodbye. Emily knew that she would probably never meet him again, what kind of celebrity would want to date her, in fact, what kind of celebrity would even be interested in her?

With a sad smile, she said, "I guess it's time to say goodbye?"

"It's not goodbye," Aidenn decided with an afterthought, "More of a 'see ya next time'."

Emily looked at him shocked and almost silently asked, "There will be the a next time?"

Aidenn grinned, "Of course Emily! You can't get rid of me that easily! Gimme your cell phone."

Passing over her cell phone suspiciously, she watched as he punched something in. With the beautiful smile of his, he passed it back eagerly.

"Make sure to give me a call, but be warned! That is my dad's phone number," he said in a faux grave tone.

She laughed loudly as she walked him to the entrance, "See ya next time, Aidenn."

"See ya next time, Emily," he whispered into her ear as her enveloped her into a hug.

Giving her a quick peck on the cheek, Aidenn continued, "I didn't kiss you to make you quiet."

Then he was gone like the wind. Emily clutched her flaming cheek, she was embarrassed, but happy, she felt like she was floating on cloud 9. Scanning through her contact list on her phone, she didn't see his name. Her cheeks heated up with anger, but she looked through the list one more time. Sexy Singing Beast? Who was that? Sexy Sing- covering her mouth, Emily tittered at her new found revelation. Sexy Singing Beast must have been Aidenn Henderson. Shaking her head, she thought, what a cocky guy.

As she turned around, she heard a weird, familiar noise. Suddenly, it hit Emily like a ton of bricks. She knew what that sound was… It was the security camera zooming in.


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