Chapter 5

A deafening scream of a woman triggered the shadow to attack Rancet, which caught her off guard. The shadow, was in fact a demon with yellow eyes that had black slits like that of a cat's, a body covered with hard dark red scales and a tail twice the size of its length with a spike at the end. In the dark, it would seem like a normal animal, except that it had a multiple of legs attached to its body. It had a snout like that of a crocodile.

Rancet fell on her back when the demon, which weighed more than it looked, leaped on her. The snout of the demon, oozing with poisonous and acidic saliva, was on top of her face. The demon was wiggling wildly on top of her; its legs with razor sharp claws were scratching her arms and body. Then, it showed its piercing fangs, still with fresh blood, at her.

Fortunately, Rancet had not drop the gas lamp she was holding and tried to hit the demon on the head with it. The glass of the gas lamp shattered, some of the pieces cutting Rancet's skin at the same time penetrating the demon's skin on the head not covered with hard scales. The demon let out an irritating wail. Seeing it as a chance, Rancet pushed the demon away from her where it landed on its back. The demon being only able to crawl, found it hard to right itself up again. It was twisting on the ground; its multiple short legs do not do any good to help it either.

Not wasting any time, Rancet ran outside to call for help only to find another demon – a greater demon. A few feet in front of her, one demon that looked human enough except that it had a pair of wings – bones making up the wings instead of feathers - was holding the neck of a woman – the woman that screamed a while ago – depriving her of air.

The demon held the woman up, her feet dangling on mid air, scrutinizing her . The woman was wriggling to set herself free, but with a twist of the demon's hand, the woman went limp. Losing interest on its victim, the demon threw the woman on the ground as if she were a rag.

Seeing what had happened, Rancet quickly hid behind a bricked fence. Heart hammering and her knees trembling, Rancet stayed behind the fence. Genovian demons are here. It was the first time she encountered Genovian demons and this first time turned out to be that they were actually looking for her.

Rancet peeked to see if the demons were still there since nobody in this area of the village was alive, except her. Upon looking, she saw the demon with the bone wings staring towards the sky in the same position she last saw him. The demon was clearly human enough. No, he looked human enough unlike those lesser demons. He had the same face and body of a human – a normal human – if only not for those wings. The wings were like a framework of what real wings should be. There were no skins, feathers or sinew attached to it, just a skeleton.

The demon turned his head to the opposite way where Rancet was, and there another demon came. This time, the demon also looked human but had no wings or anything like it. Having the same skin like the first one, ash brown hair and what looks like tribal marks on his left arm. Does every holy blood and demon blood have the same pale skin?

The only feature that made him not look completely human was his eyes. Pitch black eyes - where the whites should be - with orange irises.

Then it walked towards the winged one. "Nothing?" The dark eyed demon asked, indifference on his voice.

Hearing that these demons could even speak – especially the human language – Rancet was astonished by how greater this demons were, though it is not a good thing to think about.

The winged one shook his head letting his hair cover his eyes. " there even a healer in this forsaken place?" The demon acted as if he pities the village for not having a healer.

"Patience, Greyjoy. There is a healer here. Near enough that I can feel presence of it." The dark eyed broke into a grin then walked past Greyjoy, towards the direction of Rancet.

Greyjoy was looking at the ground; he looked mournful. Could a demon even feel this kind of emotion? Then, he grabbed the dark eyed one on the arm as he passed by in front him. "Raleigh.."

Raleigh, the dark eyed one, turned and looked at Greyjoy returning to his indifferent demeanour. "You need not to come if you do not have the will to do it. It does not matter if I go alone. I will savour this village all on my own."

Greyjoy let go of Raleigh's arm, took a deep breath and sighed. Then, just like that, his skeletal wings turned into dark smoke and vanished, dispersing in the air. "If we were to enter the center, better if you make yourself look more human." He suggested.

Now, he looked completely human, no difference at all. Raven hair, pale skin and even a normal color blue for his slightly slanted eyes. However, as you look at him, there was still this nagging feeling that there is something odd about him. A normal human wouldn't be that beautiful, Rancet thought. Beautiful? Rancet, he's a demon for God's sake!

Rancet made a low noise, but it was perceptible enough that Raleigh, the demon with the dark eyes, turned and looked at her direction.

"Is there someone else here?" Raleigh asked looking over his shoulder to Greyjoy.

This time, it was Greyjoy's turn to look where Rancet was hiding. He had squinted his eyes to see better if there was someone hiding from them. "One of the lesser demons you've sent maybe?" Greyjoy suggested with an uninterested look on his face then started to walk toward the Village Center.

"Wait." Raleigh ordered. "There is a different aura in here. Not a demon, I can sense." Then, he started walking toward Rancet. After a few steps, he stopped and looked back at Greyjoy. He wore a malicious grin on his face. "Found it."

Rancet was gasping behind the bricked fence, not because she was breathless but because she had that bad feeling that the Genovian demon had finally seen, sensed her. Looking sideways, she hoped that there was a way out, an escape route maybe. None. To her right, was their house where she fought the lesser demon and to her left, was a pen where some of their neighbor's livestock where kept. The only way back to the village was to where the two Genovian demons were. I can't run on vast open fields. I'd only give myself away.

Her heart stammered, beating faster and faster as the dark eyed demon advances toward her. Closing her eyes, she wished that she would just vanish right where she was.

Rancet had not really fought a real demon before, well dim witted ones maybe. It took all her strength to kill one lesser demon that time, how much more a Genovian demon? She clenched her hands into fists and shut her eyes so tight it must have hurt her. If only I had any weapon with me now. A sword. A dagger. Anything. Behind all that, she still knew she had no chance even if she did have weapons with her. She had her back to the bricked fence, her mind racing whether she should run forward to the forest in front of her.

Then, the air around her started to get colder. Some of the leaves on the ground started to swirl with the air. Lightning, then the sound of thunder that sent shiver all over her body. She felt a gloomy presence behind her, felt as if it was sucking all the happiness and hope out of her. This is it.

Swallowing hard, she turned her head slowly, expecting to see the Genovian demon. She was right. Standing behind her, with a grin so menacing was the dark eyed Genovian demon – Raleigh.

"There you are." Raleigh said grinning at Rancet.

Rancet backed away, slumping to the ground filled with mud. A Genovian demon was in front of her, talking to her. Raleigh, as Rancet could see, was not unlike any other human from afar. But up this close, she could see clearly his eyes – black where the whites should be with orange. His skin, without a doubt has no flaws and no pores either, like a porcelain doll.

Raleigh stretched out his hand covered with what looks like tribal marks, covering his whole left arm, and with razor sharp nails to Rancet. He's offering to help me stand up. Rancet looked to Raleigh's outstretched hand then to his face, still grinning at her and looking with those cold eerie eyes.

"Raleigh." Greyjoy spoke with such melancholy in his voice, capturing the complete attention of Rancet. He was looking at the ground, head bowed down, his raven hair covering his eyes and both his arms on his sides. Why is he acting that way?

"Oh, yes I forgot." Raleigh looked over his shoulders to Greyjoy. Remembering what Greyjoy had said about making his own self look more human, he turn to look back at Rancet and excused himself before turning his back to her. A few seconds had passed and Rancet was still frozen on the ground, confused and even curious about what these two demons were doing.

"There, much better I think. What do you say, miss?" Raleigh turned back to Rancet wearing a lopsided smile that you would think suited him perfectly, only if you did not know that he was a demon, a twisted and wicked being.

Rancet was dumbfounded, staring at her were eyes with amber colored irises instead of the dark and orange ones. His ash brown hair, pale skin, tribal marks on his arm and now those amber irises, brought a feeling of familiarity to Rancet. Seeing him – Raleigh – an unwanted memory occurred to her.

"Please, let my child go! Let us go!" A woman with cuts and bruises almost bleeding to death was screaming and crying. The woman, Rancet knew was a friend of their mother. She had seen their mother talking to her once, a usual chatter filled with laughter and smiles.

"Do you think she's one?" A young man asked ignoring the woman begging for their lives. Ash brown hair and those amber irises, how could Rancet forget? He was wearing a grin, that devious grin of his, and was pointing a dagger at the girl's neck.

The girl was crying but still clenching her doll to her chest, aware of the blade that could end her life. The girl, having the same black hair and pallor with Rancet, was of the same age with her as well at that time.

A young man, suppose he is human, with white blonde hair, white skin like that of an albino and expressionless blue eyes came closer to view the girl. "No," he simply said.

"Let's go back L. This is no fun at all. The whole village is burning and almost everyone is dead, well except for those two I guess."The brown haired one shrugged then pushed the girl to her mother. The girl had a cut on her throat where the dagger was pointed. Blood was dripping from the cut but the girl remained silent, no tears or any hint of fear from her. The girl was just staring at her doll while her mother was shaking and sobbing so loudly, that it was so irritating.

The brown haired one licked his dagger that was dripping with the girl's blood before belting it to himself. "Hmm..Human, yep she's not one."L, as what brown haired had called him, glared at him.

"What?" Brown haired asked."It's not like you don't do what I do – sometimes."

"Leigh, stop calling me L and silence that woman. I don't care how you do it, just do it." L said with such straightforwardness that the woman had to contain her weeping. "Please..let us go." The woman croaked.

Leigh arched his brow and was about to argue but decided not to, instead all he said was "Okay. Leviathan.", his voice accompanied by such sarcasm. Leigh stood in front of the woman and her daughter. He looked at them with pity and said "Orders are orders.", before releasing a long sword that seems to be glowing red – blood red. He looked at the sword and then swiftly buried it into the woman's chest, straight through her heart.

Rancet was shifted back to the present as Raleigh spoke to her. "Hey miss, don't let yourself fall for my good looks." He said still wearing that never vanishing grin of his. That smile.

"You." Rancet exclaimed with so much disgust. "You were him."