A haiku narrative of loss and pain. Please comment nicely!

Mary Queen of Scots,

Robbed of her throne by treason,

Powerless young queen.

Trapped behind stone walls,

A prisoner most lonely,

Weeping royal tears.

"How can I go on?"

The tearful beauty wonders,

"Each day is the same."

No-one comes to call,

Except Sir Humphrey Babcock,

Who is old and fat.

Laughing at his jokes,

The hours seem less lonely,

Life is not so gray.

"Escape!" the queen thinks,

Leaping at the chance to ride

With old Sir Humphrey.

Far from her prison,

Lay the old Roman ruins,

From a bygone age.

Mary climbs the rocks,

Exploring and enjoying,

The taste of freedom.

"A toast to freedom!"

Old Sir Humphrey cries aloud,

When they stop for lunch.

The meal is tempting,

Roast beef, bread, and spicy cheese,

Red wine keeps flowing.

"A toast to freedom!"

Mary cries with ringing voice,

Her blue eyes shining.

She just needs to wait,

Till dear old Humphrey dozes,

And then slip away.

It should be easy,

When Sir Humphrey grows sleepy,

To run for the woods.

But to her surprise,

It seems that her own blue eyes,

Are starting to close.

She can't stay awake,

Though Mary gallantly tries,

To prop up her eyes.

Sir Humphrey meanwhile,

Talks on and on with a smile,

Of days long ago.

His voice low and deep,

Soon puts poor Mary to sleep,

And foils her escape.

So on the way home,

Mary thinks sadly of Rome,

And all that once was.