The sky above was a deep shade of lavender, and the scent of pine hung in the air. Sweeping branches hung placidly above the open campsite, freshly trimmed since the last group of campers left. My eyes scanned the horizon as the sun began to set, the colors streaming across the sky in a soft glow. I reached for my pocket, hoping to document the poetic moment with a steno or perhaps my camera, but only met the soft cotton of my jeans.

A sigh bubbled to my lips and I moved a strand of auburn hair out of my face. It hadn't been my idea to go camping, as I was much more suited to the indoors, but my group of friends wanted to celebrate the ending of the school year in a memorable way - and this was it. Though, as far as my friends went, they hadn't honestly paid much attention to me over the course of these few weeks. Observation, being in the background; those were my strong suits anyway. Around friends, at least.

Despite the pressing matter of exam week looming just ahead, they had seemed distant, more focused on recreation rather than schoolwork. Nevertheless, they managed to complete and pass their exams, and now here we were at the campsite nearest our small town. The actual location was a few hours away from home, hours I spent in a cramped SUV with eleven other people, but in the end it turned out to be worth it.

During the ride to North Carolina, I came to the conclusion that I would probably be the most levelheaded of the group. Untainted by the mangled tentacles of popularity, much different than most of my friends, exhibiting perseverance and intelligence, it was only natural that I saw myself as the leader. Not necessarily the leader of the pack, popularity wise of course, but in spirit, the leader neverless.

The scenery was absolutely remarkable; I felt inspired the moment my eyes came upon the lake, the looming pines. My steno was steadily becoming full of strange scraps of various poems, stanzas and verses, descriptions yet to be finished. The complaints of my fellow "campers" though made me tear my concentration away from the flowing words, closing it like a tap. Placing the steno on the provided wooden table and sticking the black pen in its familiar spot behind my ear, I turned to the big black van Aaron had been able to come up with for the trip. The trunk was filled to the brim with supplies, suitcases, tents, and camping items galore.
Laughing silently to myself, I wondered how we were all going to survive the next few weeks.

Oh, what a miracle that would be.