December 30, 1957 started off like any other day in The Morrison Suites Hotel. The guests arose from their beds and enjoyed the wonderful breakfast in the dining room.

The doors banged open in the lobby of the hotel.

Gunshots were heard.

Hearts thumped as everyone put their utencils down and were about to get up when suddenly three men with guns burst into the room.

"Sit down Niggers!" One of them yelled.

They all did as they were told and sat in their seats.

"Now you all listen up. This used to be our hotel until they let you Niggers just have it. We're not going to hurt anyone but if you decide to stand up to us these guns are going to go off any minute! We're going to get what we want and have this hotel just to white people again!"

The men walked around with their guns as the guests all sat when a man pounced on one of the gunmen.

"Daddy!" A girl yelled seeing her father get tackled.

A few other men pounced on the men.

Everybody began running as the men began shooting.

A mother dragged her daughter out from under a table and ran to the doors. The girl looked back only to watch her father slump to the floor with blood on his chest. There was no time to go to him and bawl over his body as the mother pulled her screaming child and made a run for it back to their room.

"After them!" yelled one of the three men.

The two dashed up the stairs as their hearts pumped in full fear. Shots from the gun continuously rang through their ears. They got up the stairs that came into their hallway.

Another shot from the gun went off.

The girl turned seeing her mother grasp her heart as blood dripped to the floor. She fell to the floor hitting the banisters. For a while she stared in awe and was about to go to her mother's side when they appeared up the stairs.

"There's the other one!"

She ran again down the hall with the gunmen on her back as she saw her room come into view. She turned the knob to the door with her key and burst into the room.

"Come on out pretty girl. We just want to talk. Just be a good girl and open the door for us very nice men who won't hurt you." one of them said through the cracks of the door.

They thought she was dumb. She thought she was finally getting accepted by the way this hotel was opened just for black people.

A gun shot burst through the door knobs.

They burst through the door.

She ran upstairs to her room and opened the doors to the balcony.

No place to run.

No place to hide.

Her parents were gone.

She could see the people who were in the parking lot when she leaned over the railings. She was too far up for anyone to hear her.

"Times up Nigger!"
A shot rang across the hotel and she fell from the balcony.