J.J. lay in a deep sleep that night, as usual in a weird position in her bed. She dreamt of being with her friends when suddenly the police came. They ran. The police took their guns out.
J.J. jerked up from bed in a cold sweat.
Oh God! J.J. thought in her head as she took a breath of relief. It was only a dream.
J.J. jerked up again. She wasn't still dreaming was she? She was awake right? She pinched herself in the skin.
Oh yeah she was awake for sure.
Screams came. More gun shots came. Voices of people came from the downstairs. She could hear running footsteps in the hallway. She could hear the voices of the killers.
"Time's up Nigger!"
Another shot rang across the whole hotel finally scaring J.J. out of her wits.
J.J. ran out of the bed and slid into the doorway and opened the door running into the bannister in the hallway. She then ran into her parents knocking them all to the floor.
"J.J. what the heck is going on?!"
"Didn't people hear it?! There are shooters in the hotel! People were screaming! Killers are in the hotel!" J.J. said very scared.
Paul flew down the stairs and grabbed the phone. "Hi, this is Paul Burke of room 209. My daughter just said that she heard gun shots! ... Okay... You'll check... Thank." Paul put the phone down and turned the lights on. Teresa and J.J. came down the stairs.
"J.J. are you sure that you heard gun shots because it could have been something else." Teresa said holding her daughter by the shoulders. "Mom I heard what I heard! They were gun shots and people screaming. And I could hear the gunmen laughing! I heard one of them say 'Time's up Nigger' and then a gun went off!"
Minutes passed. An hour seemed to have passed by. J.J. was nervous. She never heard real gun shots before. Nobody spoke. J.J. sat on the couch as Paul walked in circles while Teresa sat at the table nervously drinking her tea.
A knock came at the door making everybody jump. Paul ran to the door meeting a man in his robe. He was old and had a tired look in his eyes and he looked as if he found nothing.
"What's the news?"
"Nothing. Nobody's hurt. We searched rooms that were open, no weapons. We asked other people but nobody heard anything."
"J.J. heard the noises and she seemed pretty freaked out." Teresa said. "Well I suggest that the young lady was either have a dream or making up a trick to trick us."
J.J. looked at her parents. Their faces suddenly turned to realization that their daughter once again played a trick on them. They both folded their arms and looked at J.J. with serious cross looks.
J.J. pulled so many tricks on her parents that they were getting out of hand. One trick she made was when she tricked her parwsnts into going to the park to see a Bruce Springstenn show but when they got there all their was at the park was a Paparazzi band. They waited four hours until they came home drenched from the pouring rain. They grounded J.J. big time.
"This was no trick and no dream! I heard the whole thing, I was not asleep!"
The three adults just looked at J.J. with looks that meant they were unsurprised.
"Sir are there any black families here?"
"Yes there are ten families her who are black. We checked them all and nobody is wounded in any way." the man said.
"But I heard a man's voice from like downstairs kill a black person and then he shot them! Did you even check around in the downstairs area?"
The man thought for a while. "No as a matter of fact we didn't."
J.J. thought about it. She heard the last voice and gun shot from the lobby. "The only person who is in the lobby at the moment is..."
J.J. ran out from the room and down the halls. Her parents followed behind in bewilderment at where the heck she was going. She flew down the stairs like a bird. Sweat dripped off from her face. She was on the last staircase to the lobby.
He has to be alive! He just has to!
Danny was sitting in his chair with his feet on the desk with a magazine over his head. She was relieved to see that his chest was moving. Her parents and the other man followed coming down the stairs right behind her.
"Ms. Burke I can see that Mr. Morrison is okay. I think you were only dreaming. Now go back to your room. All of you. Good night."
Paul and Teresa both took J.J. by her shirt straps and dragged her up the stairs. They both steamed with anger for the trick that J.J. played. It was 3:30 in the morning now and it was no time to play an awful trick in the early morning.
"Bed." they both said when they got in the room.
J.J. was angry and confused at the same time. She didn't know if she was dreaming or not. She didn't knew if she was dreaming or not. She swore on her life that she was awake and listening. She was angry that nobody believed her.
"I seriously..."
She got a look from her parents while heading into their room that they didn't want to hear anymore and had enough. They weren't going to believe her no matter what she said.
She tricked them too many times.
They weren't going to believe her anymore.
It was real! She knew it! Someone had to believe her.
But who?