Okay. This takes place on the same timeline as my other zombie fic, Deadman's Wonderland. So keep in mind while this is happening here, Clive and the other's are fighting for their lives in Milwaukee.

This is a collab fic between me and my good friend Freddyburn. This chapter was written by him.

Chapter 1: 100,000 thumbs DOWN


Well, my loyal readers, it's day one on my vacation, and I have to say I'm having a great time. Well, other than blowing $500 at a casino and another $100 in singles at a strip club, but that's beside the point. I'm going to have to keep this brief because I have to go out for dinner in about an hour and I need to get ready.

My first thought when my plane landed was: People are right; Las Vegas at night puts the Mona Lisa to shame. Since the sun was going down, I was able to get my first impression the second I walked out of the plane. Bright lights everywhere, flashy neon signs as far as the eye can see, even waitresses in bunny suits walking down the street. It was a beautiful sight.

The next thing I did, skipping the boring taxi ride, was check into my hotel. 4 stars, bitches! I'm living the dream! The hotel itself is nice, and even has a hot tub in my suite. So if I find a hooker on a corner…I'm not going to finish that sentence…

Even though my time here has been all fun and games, there was one bizarre thing that happened. When I was walking back from my trip to the strip club, I came face to face with a hobo. He looked weird, like REALLY weird. I mean, his eyes were empty, well not the eye SOCKETS. I'm talking like they had no emotion; they just stared blankly at me. And what's even stranger was that the bastard tried to bite me, but I was able to get past him without him even touching me. I didn't want to catch anything he had, if he had anything. It was probably a bad case of the rabies, I guess. If you guys have any suggestions on what this was, just email me at Lokiman666 .

So guys, I have to go get ready for my dinner, so I have to end this. Until next time, share an apple with a friend, hug your mother, and don't take a piss on somebody's property.

Loki out…


Dante Abernathy sat on the plushy bed of his hotel room, a laptop in his lap. He re-read what he had written, then grinned. He hit the 'post' button, and then shut down his computer. He couldn't believe his luck. He was in Vegas. He laughed a little and rolled of the bed, laptop clutched in his hand. Grinning like a maniac, he slipped it into its case and started rooting out clean clothes from his luggage, but stopped himself. He looked up to where the only suit he owned hung in the closet. Yes, he would wear that. At least let the person he was meeting think he was making an effort.

Usually, when you think of a successful internet blogger; you think of a fat, hairy guy in his early thirties. Dante was the exact opposite, in fact. Since had failed to shower yet, his short black hair messy was casually tucked under a baseball cap that had the logo of his favorite band: Celldweller. The cap shadowed his eyes, which actually was Asian. Surprising because he not one person from his blog knew he was Asian, they all thought he was Caucasian with a thick beard. His clothes consisted of a black muscle shirt and blue jeans, the latter being torn up from overuse. He stood 5'10", being on par with some professional basketball players. His body wasn't really thick; in fact it was rather thin. So thin that he looked like just flicking his body would make him shatter into a million pieces.

Twenty minutes later, Dante had showered and shaved. He stood in the bathroom with a towel tied around his narrow waist and a somber look on his face. He was looking at the scars that crisscrossed his chest. Mementoes of the car accident that had left him bedridden for months. At the time, Dante had thought that the car accident was the worst thing that had happened to him, but not now.

In those months he had been lying in a hospital bed with nothing but a laptop and his own thoughts, he had started blogging. Some guy at a big magazine company had seen his work and the company had approached him. They were looking for a blogger for a website they were starting up—someone to share their views on the world and on "human interest stories." What was more human interest than a guy who had managed to stagger away from a massive car crash? The company didn't really care what he wrote, so long as he stuck to some simple rules. One, nothing too slanderous. Two, he had to include some serious news in his blog every so often- any news story would do. The third rule was that every few months, he had to meet a company rep. That's what he was doing in Vegas- a holiday on the companies tab. Dante shook his head. Enough of that. Time for him to meet his rep. As he pulled on his suit, Dante kept an eye on the news.

"To recap on that story, the CDC has confirmed that there have been several serious flu outbreaks in New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Milwaukee and here in Las Vegas itself. Residents have been assured that there is nothing to worry about. The CDC and FEMA have deployed personnel to these cities. It is believed that it is the same flu virus that has plagued the Midwest for the past two weeks."

Hmm. Maybe that was worth a look. Dante rummaged for a notebook and started taking quick notes. He spent another twenty minutes jotting down notes before he realised he would be late for dinner. He jogged down the hall, passing a man who was coughing so hard, he was bent double.

"You ok man?" Dante asked. The man looked up at him, his eyes were vacant. They reminded Dante of the homeless guy that had attacked him earlier on.

"What?" the man slurred, looking confused. "I'm hungry man. Do you have anything to eat?"

"Um," Dante said. "There is a restaurant downstairs, just across from the front desk."

"No good," the man moaned, and then he coughed. "Won't serve meat. I want my meat near raw. Soooo hungry."

Dante began backing away. "OK dude. Whatever. I'm late."

Dante entered the restaurant with two minutes to spare. His rep was sitting at a table in a corner, swirling a glass of red wine. He took a generous mouthful, then he spotted Dante and waved him over. Almost immediately, he began talking about the blog, Dante's contract, the rules they had laid out- basically, all the boring stuff. Dante's mind was more focused on the busty waitress who was serving them. She had long, chestnut brown hair, deep brown eyes and porcelain skin. Her teeth were a blinding white. Dante enjoyed the fact that she was flirting with him continuously, and the fact that the staff uniform she wore left nothing to the imagination.

"So, Mr. Abernathy," the rep said, "you are one lucky young man. Your blog was has garnered the most searches on the internet. You are a celebrity in your own right. Not bad for a twenty-two year old who was near dead six months ago."

"Yeah, cool," Dante said, winking at the waitress as he slipped her his room key wrapped in a five dollar bill.

"So, I can come to your room tomorrow and we can sign the new contract then?" the rep asked.

"Yeah, tomorrow. About twelve?"

"That's fine. I'll see you then." The rep paid the waitress, got up and staggered off. The second bottle of wine hadn't done him any favors.

"I get off work in twenty minutes," the waitress said, smiling.

"Room 408. See you then."



Well, my loyal readers, day one of my vacation almost over. Remember I wouldn't finish my sentence about a hooker? Well, no need to revisit THAT. I bagged myself a beautiful waitress named Alexandra. Talk about gorgeous. She's twenty four and everything I want in a woman. She looks fabulous, she doesn't mind my blogging, isn't put off by my scars and she did things to me that I thought were physically impossible. But get this: she has a son. His names Jet and he's nine. Dirty minks, having a kid so young. But I want to see her again, so we are meeting up tomorrow as she has the day off. Apparently, I have to pass some sort of "test." Whatever. For someone like Alexandra, she could have ten kids and I'd still go for her.

Out of curiosity, did anyone see the news? You know, that flu epidemic thing that's plaguing a few major cities, including Vegas? Yeah, well, bumped into someone I think had it when I was on my way down to dinner. He was coughing in the hall, talking about how he is hungry. The dude looked ill- he was sweating; coughing, shaking and he couldn't stand up properly. When I came back up from dinner, he was passed out in the doorway of his room. His wife/girlfriend was trying to pull him into the room. I called an ambulance for him, but the line was jammed. It was like everyone was calling the emergency services all at once.

Anyway, time to sign off. Chat later my loyal fans.

Loki out…

Dante sighed, and posted the latest update. He absently scratched at his scars before shutting down the computer and slipping it into its case. He stretched out on the bed, waiting. A minute. Two. Then Alexandra came back from the bathroom and slipped under the covers beside him. She gave him a long, deep kiss.

"I'm not complaining, but don't you have to get home?" Dante asked.

"Jet is out camping with his grandfather. He won't be back until tomorrow morning. Can't a girl have a night off?" Alexandra purred, straddling him.

"Mmmm, I suppose she can."