i'm a thousand miles from the sea
though my heart swells with the tide
that watches over you.
draped in white, dress short
so you can wander into infinite blue
and sink your feet into the sand.
he's smartly dressed, a bright dahlia
pinned to his lapel.
his hands know where to sit on your hips
how to massage the kink from your back
and with practiced ease, you dance together
nothing like the smouldering rhythm we once held.
when the sun winks behind him
do you picture me in his place?
when you first caught sight of him
did the flower proud on his chest
remind you of my tattooed wrist?

i carry your words
the way you believe that great loves
are seldom the long-lived ones;
that you'd be content sitting quietly
with him 'til the sun's final fade.
i remember it all - the grip of your thighs
the tiny scars scattered across alabaster skin
and the way you pull your hair over your shoulder
a silent plea to my lips.
on countless black nights we laid, electric,
begging the moon to remain with us
for another moment cradled together
one last breathy cry into settled quiet.

on your name, i still linger
and promise each time to forget
as you say, my heart,
your great love is rarely your last.