Torn worlds apart, oceans divide us

and the tide is surely high. One miracle

from Jesus brings us back together.

We breathe with our eyes wide open

and yet I remain by your side time after

time. Please never decide to committ suicide

or leave me. Broken, your departure will break my

heart and grieve my spirit. Come and be my friend,

ride out the storms of life with me. Come and be my

lover, hide out in this shelter of endless unconditional love.

Godspeed, lead me on now and forever. I am listening, go

ahead and say whatever you need to say today. I am ready for you

to plant a seed of hope within my heart. I want to go back to the start

when everything was fireproof and waterproof. Breathe me, love, take me

deeper into the depths of you. Love is a heartbeat that makes my feet move daily.

Life is less a soap opera whenever magic and music are involved. I am hanging

by a rope, the hand of the pope. The shape of the cross resembles the hope of

eternity, heaven. The shape of the cross resembles the hope of glory, an early morning

sunrise and I cope with it really well.